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Clutch Bearing-90363-45013

Clutch Bearing-90363-45013

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Specification of Universal Windshield Wiper Blade-Stainless Steel Frame with Natural Rubber/Silicon Rubber - 590:

Inches for 590:







































- PRT4 rubber technology providing smoother and quieter wiper performance and long lifetime


- Pre-assembled connector fits most of universal cars (special, universal, multi-functional types)


- Frameless car wiper blade adaptors fit for hook wiper arm


- Super flexible rubber can reduce windlift, aerodynamic arc--shaped


- Structure design provides conformed wrap to highly curved windshield


- Heat-treated high-carbon steel tension spring can evenly transfer and distribute pressure


Packaging: Blister and Paper Card / Box as per wanting design


Delivery: 30days



Wiper Blade Zoomin



Q:I left my car overnight 2 nights at an airport in kansas city a couple weeks ago. When I got back the car was covered in snow and then when i got all of the snow off, the windshield wipers, front or back, wouldn‘t work. I have let them defrost a bit for a few weeks but they still don‘t work. Should I go and replace the windshield wipers? Or is it something different?
Did you try unsticking them from the windshield? Like physically lifting them up off the window? This is always a quick fix for when they are actually frozen to your window. The fact that you tried over a couple weeks makes me think that's not the case. You could try looking for which fuse your wipers work on. It could be blown, and fixing it is a simple matter of locating the correct fuse (online or your car manual) and then replacing it if is in fact blown (you can tell by looking at the little wire inside the fuse - if it's a broken wire than the fuse is broken). After that you should look into it being some type of electrical/mechanical problem. Replacing the actual wiper blades would likely do nothing. If just those need replacing it is because they aren't doing an effective job of wiping away the rain. So check the fuse.
Q:windshield wipers dont work on my 97 accord.i hear the motor but wipers dont move?
A very likely cause is that the arms are not secured to the wiper transmission linkage. I recommend attempting to tighten the nuts that attach the arms first, and if this does not correct the problem I recommend taking it to a professional repair facility.
Q:or will any size do i found them for 17 and 18 and 19 and 20
They need to be a specific size so they dont hit each other/go off the window etc. As I remember its like a 20 and a 19 or something like that, you can just take the ones off the car in, or if you go to a good parts store they should have a book hanging by the wipers that lists cars by year and what sizes they need, or you can get it from the computer at most autozones/advanced auto by asking the clerks to tell you what size wiper the car takes.
Q:Not sure what this car part is that I need. Its part of the windshield wiper transmission shaft thing.?
Looks like you're just missing the clip that holds the wiper shaft to the drive arm. Your dealer should be able to order the part for you. Don
Q:Ok, so I changed out my wiper blades, and finally after 3 weeks, we had rain. Well, I never have good luck with replacing the blades, becuz now the wipers jump when I turn them on. (even though they are new!) Does anyone have any suggestions? My wiperblades were 2 years old, so I knew they needed to be replaced, but they were just starting to get bad. Now I‘m dealing with terrible wipers. I‘d love to be able to put something on them to make them run smoothly, instead of replacing them.
Wash your car, there is dirt on the screen and / or wiper blades
Q:I have a 93 Camry - can anyone out there tell me how to re-connect the actuator arm? Or is it just best to take it to a mechanic?
Well it depends upon what you mean by the actuator arm. If you mean the connecting rod that passes between the two wiper arm mounts under the cowl, most often these are nylon press on sockets that fit on a ball on the windshield wiper motor. Sometimes they just pop off, though mostly in winter when the wiper is frozen to the windshield and the stress of trying to move but being unable to causes it to separate. In this case it can just be popped back on. In other cases the nylon bushing has worn out and then it needs to be replaced. Often you must buy the arm too, as they do not sell the bushing separately. Now if you are talking about the wiper arm iself and where it connects to the drive shaft that turns it, that has a little flip up cover and a small bolt underneath the cover that you can tighten once you have both arms situated so that they will not collide in motion or strike the windshield frame on either end of their range of motion. FInally if you are talking about the blade arm itself, and theway it hooks into a sort of sheep's hook on the end of the wiper arm, it is not very difficult simply to snap it back into place yourself. If you look at the other arm you will be able to see how it fits.
Q:Hey everyone. I have a 2002 Ford Ranger, and here lately the windshield wipers along with the power windows periodically stop working. What I mean is, if they are working when I start the truck to go somewhere, they work the whole time. However, I may cut the truck off and then when I start it to go somewhere again the windshield wipers and power windows won‘t work, usually until I get to my destination, turn the truck off, and restart it. Sometimes when I restart it they‘ll work, sometimes not. But then later, I‘ll start it again, and they‘re working again, and will work for a few days!Any ideas what it could be? Wires? Fuse? Something else? How much am I gonna have to fork over to fix this?
Ignition switch or an ignition controlled relay. Loose wiring. Bad power feed to multiple relays? The wiper relay and power window relay are separate parts. There are MANY relay controlled circuits in that vehicle although many of them are the same part number and are interchangeable. $10 should get you a spare for several. RY612 is the SMC part number. Get hold of a wiring diagram and find the common points. This sort of thing is tedious to track down but parts cost is minimal.
Q:I drive a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro and its time for new windshield wipers. When i looked my car up in the windshield wiper book, my car was not listed.
handmade soup. My all time typical is LOVe Soup. [Left Over Vegetable.] I frequently make this after the weekend, whilst i've got no longer given all the leftovers to Callie [my canine]. at times there is little of the beef left from the weekend, so as that is going in with the vegetables too.
Q:my man was replacing the windshield wiper when he lost grasp of the wiper hand, it flew back and hit the windshield, breaking the glass. Now it has 3 spidey crack from the original place, the longest is 2 cm. I called two guys and they said i need a windshield replacement. A replacement for that little damage??? i think he‘s just trying to make me go broke.what you guys think? a windshield replacement or repair? It doesn‘t interfere with driving because it‘s right by where the windshield wiper rest. If you don‘t look close enough, you wouldn‘t notice it‘s there but i just want to repair it so the crack doesn‘t grow.
call 3 to 5 of the local tire joints in your area, give them the number on the tire. example P225/55/R16, then buy from one with best price, probably between 250 and 400 dollars if you are in wisconsin
Q:they were working then stopped . it makes a noise like it wants to work but nothing happens. help they are calling for rain and i have to be at work in 2 1/2 hours
One of the arms has fallen off the wiper motor or the center pivot and you are going to have to remove the blades and the cover over the wiper transmission (cowl cover) and reinstall the transmission arm over the ball stud that it fell off of. On Monday call the Nissan dealership for the transmission arms they aren't expensive and will stay attached unlike your worn out ones.
Now our products include Universal frameless wiper blades, Specific fit (Exact fit) flat wiper blades and Multifunctional soft wiper blades, and the most complete sizes of our products range from 11" to 28". Our product range is still growing. Throughout past years, we have been solely involved in the windscreen wiper blades for automotive aftermarket, with an emphasis on product quality together with a particular focus on giving first-class service to our ever-growing customer base. It is this focus on quality and service, we believe, that sets us apart from our competitors

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Fujian,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Central America
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
South Asia
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 71% - 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size:
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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