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Product Description:


Specification of Universal Windshield Wiper Blade-Stainless Steel Frame with Natural Rubber/Silicon Rubber - 590:

Inches for 590:







































- PRT4 rubber technology providing smoother and quieter wiper performance and long lifetime


- Pre-assembled connector fits most of universal cars (special, universal, multi-functional types)


- Frameless car wiper blade adaptors fit for hook wiper arm


- Super flexible rubber can reduce windlift, aerodynamic arc--shaped


- Structure design provides conformed wrap to highly curved windshield


- Heat-treated high-carbon steel tension spring can evenly transfer and distribute pressure


Packaging: Blister and Paper Card / Box as per wanting design


Delivery: 30days



Wiper Blade Zoomin



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Q:If I had the money to take it to a shop to fix I totally would. I‘ve been using Rain X which works great as long as the rain isn‘t heavy, but if it is I‘m screwed.I can hear the motor working, but the wiper blades don‘t move. What process would I have to undergo to put them back on the track?
If you live in a place that rains alot and possible flooding I'd go with the short ram to avoid water locked engine.
Q:I have a Pontiac granprix 6cyl 3.1 engine and one of my wiper arms has malfuntioned and I want to know if I can repair it myself or if it has to be taken to auto shop??? The one on driver side works fine other one either runs way too fast or not at all. What is the problem? Please help!!
In most cases yes - unless you can find the identical brand, model and size of tire whose tread depth is within 2/32 of your 3 surviving tires. AWD cars have been on the market for over 30 years so this should not be news. Even says so in your owners manual. Go had, look. Its in there.
Q:I‘ve noticed this at all the tollbooths along Interstate 95. This rule doesn‘t make sense to me.
As your wiper travels from right to left (towards the A pillar), it gathers water. As the wiper reaches it's furthest point of travel, that water is cast over the outside of the car. If you are approaching a toll booth, that water will hit the toll collector. While it's likely just a few drops, it causes the toll worker to eventually become drenched. So, simply turning your wipers off as you approach helps the toll worker keep dry.
Q:I recently moved to the UK bringing with me my American car. After adding different lights and having several other modifications it is finally legal to drive. However, a couple days later I was driving it and noticed the windshield wipers wouldn‘t turn off. They work separately but something is obviously wrong. Any ideas on what might be causing it and how to fix it?
so it is easier to roll in all situations. unless you do extreme 4wding there is no need for it.
Q:So yesterday it rained pretty badly and i was using my wipers all day on a vw golf 95 when all of a sudden my wipers went crazy and hitting each other i pulled over and reset them but then only the driver side wiper worked can someone please help me out on how to fix this problem
There is a nut at the base of the wiper under a cover. It takes a 13mm wrench and it is loose. The MK II has a small nut for a 10mm wrench not the MK III's !!!!!!!!!! ASE Cert Auto Tech, since 1978, 2003 GLI
Q:The windshield wipers don‘t work but I can hear the motor running. I have a 93 Nissan Maxima.
A fire ring is any sort of barrier that contains the campfire within a particular area, as to prevent the spread of embers. A fire ring can be constructed with rocks or other various objects impervious to a campfire flame. Make sure to clear out an adequate area of dirt and place the rocks down in a circle. Some campsites may even have preexisting fire rings, so you could just use them.
Q:where can I find a replace windshield wiper assembly for a 99 isuzu rodeo cheap? I am on a tight budget and kids in the complex I live in snaped my rear windshield wiper off and I do not think a wiper will help I think I need the whole assembly.thank you for your time and help
if the kids snapped off the wiper the assembly should be good unless they stripped the sprocket. it sounds like you need a bayonet /wiper arm look at your local junk / salvage yard first if not then the part store , it shouldn't be very expensiveinspect the sprocket and see if the ''teeth '' are in good condition . good luck
Q:wipers act erratic, sometimes they work fine, other times not at all, even when i manually coax them.
Yes, AutoZone carry the replacement circuit boards in the help section PT# 88136 for approx $30. bucks. Just had to replace the one on my '91 Silverado Z71 a couple of yrs. ago. Opps, this circuit board is located on the wiper motor and is hold on w/ three toro(sp?) screws. Remove the three screw on the cover plate and the board can be pulled right out. Where you can just place the replacement circuit board w/ the new board, in it's place. Once you dis-connect the power supply connection, feedin into the side of the board. The circuit boards in the 88-98 are known to give this problem. Once they develop the crack in the circuit(s). Good luck!
Q:How do rain-sensing windshield wipers detect rain?
wish this isn't your difficulty, yet I once made the mistakes of using Rain-x to my windshield and later washing the vehicle with Mr. sparkling no-dry vehicle wash. the subsequent time it rained I grew to develop into on the wipers and it appeared like i become spreading white paint in the course of the windshield. both products are polymers (one attempting to get water to bead up and the different attempting to get it to sheet off) so attempting to sparkling the windshield become hopeless. I were given the smearing right down to a factor the position shall we force by utilising utilising Barkeeper's buddy and an electric powered polisher for more beneficial or less 1/2 an hour. the priority lingered till the windshield had to get replaced because of a crack. Rain-x and Mr. sparkling vehicle wash at the instantaneous are banned from my storage.
Q:1990 Ford Probe
There is no timing in windshield wipers it will either be a problem with the switch itself or the location of the wiper assembly when its bolted on.
Now our products include Universal frameless wiper blades, Specific fit (Exact fit) flat wiper blades and Multifunctional soft wiper blades, and the most complete sizes of our products range from 11" to 28". Our product range is still growing. Throughout past years, we have been solely involved in the windscreen wiper blades for automotive aftermarket, with an emphasis on product quality together with a particular focus on giving first-class service to our ever-growing customer base. It is this focus on quality and service, we believe, that sets us apart from our competitors

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