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Specification of Universal Windshield Wiper Blade-Stainless Steel Frame with Natural Rubber/Silicon Rubber - 590:

Inches for 590:







































- PRT4 rubber technology providing smoother and quieter wiper performance and long lifetime


- Pre-assembled connector fits most of universal cars (special, universal, multi-functional types)


- Frameless car wiper blade adaptors fit for hook wiper arm


- Super flexible rubber can reduce windlift, aerodynamic arc--shaped


- Structure design provides conformed wrap to highly curved windshield


- Heat-treated high-carbon steel tension spring can evenly transfer and distribute pressure


Packaging: Blister and Paper Card / Box as per wanting design


Delivery: 30days



Wiper Blade Zoomin



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Q:Frozen windshield wipers during snow storm?
I would take it to the dealer and pitch a fit. Wipers fall under the standards of the motor vehicle safety standards act and are supposed to be error free and last forever. But you are supposed to change the wiper blade once or twice a year
Q:What kind windshield wiper for Toyota Tacoma 2001 should I buy?
Simple fact is that windshield wipers should be replaced at least once a year anyway. And consider this - the auto shops get their wipers from the same supplier that TOYOTA does; auto shops are just less expensive. For my cars and trucks I use ANCO or TRICO blades. Don't bother with the fancy blade makers and just stay with the standard type blades.
Q:why windshield wiper malfunctions?
you have a short in the system
Q:2005 Saturn Vue Windshield Wipers?
Here is a cheap and easy thing to try. Sometimes the sheet metal screws that attach the windshield wiper to the vehicle become corroded or loose in the holes. These screws are the grounding source for the motor. Take a piece of automotive electrical wire and attach it to one of the mounting screws in the windshield wiper motor and secure it to a good ground source. This may very well solve your slow speed issues. I have repaired many GM vehicles in this manner.
Q:Haunted Windshield Wipers?
auto wipe is on most likely which a few does have
Q:How do you fix the Windshield Wipers on a 1989 Mercedes?
The first thing I'd recommend is mentioning WHICH model of '89 Benz you have. Some of the vehicles, like the 190E or the 300E have the single wiper arm with a wiper gear that extends the arm to reach into the upper corners of the windshield. Other models, like the S and SL classes, have a more traditional set-up with 2 wipers and a gear linkage connecting them. The problems, and solutions, for each design is different.
Q:Is there a fix for my windshield wiper blades missing a spot on the windshield?
Make sure the metal tips that hold the blade in place are not too close to the ends. This will cause the blade to bow instead of follow the contour of the glass. Also, pull the arms away from the glass, and bend the wiper end of the arm closer to the windshield. This will increase the pressure of the blade. Do both these things, and your wipers will not miss a single spot. Hope this helped you and good luck!
Q:Windshield wiper question. Please help!!?
try checking the wiper linkage (gotta open up the panel covering the wiper internal parts) it maybe the linkage has worn out or loose. another possibility is that wiper relay has some problem, try changing relay, could help also (coz not enough current supplied to the wiper motor). hope it helps, Merry Christmas.
Q:I have a 2001 blazer and the windshield wiper arm is stripped. What is the trick to remove it?
some have nut some have clip some just pry up on them easy type into search box how to replace wiper arm how to replace wiper arm video how to replace wiper arm chevy blazer really not hard just dont pry on the glass
Q:how do wire a windshield wiper motor to use the parking leads?
The self-parking circuit is normally open switch in series with the supply. When you start the wiper motor you are closing a switch connected across the self-parking switch, so the motor starts. Once the motor starts, a mechanical arrangement holds the parking switch closed so that the motor continues to turn if the dash or column mounted switch is opened. The motor continues to turn until the wiper arm/s return to their normally parked position, and at that point the self-parking switch is opened by the cam (or whatever operates it) and, if the dash mounted switch has been set to off, the motor stops. The motor makes many revolutions for one sweep of the wiper arm/s. If you need the motor to make only one revolution you will have to make a cam which mounts on the motor's shaft and suitably shaped so that it operates the switch after one revolution.
Now our products include Universal frameless wiper blades, Specific fit (Exact fit) flat wiper blades and Multifunctional soft wiper blades, and the most complete sizes of our products range from 11" to 28". Our product range is still growing. Throughout past years, we have been solely involved in the windscreen wiper blades for automotive aftermarket, with an emphasis on product quality together with a particular focus on giving first-class service to our ever-growing customer base. It is this focus on quality and service, we believe, that sets us apart from our competitors

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