Passager Car Radial Tyre 235/35R20 LY566

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Size:235/35R20 LY566

Application:The tyre is used to deluxe car

Pattern Characteristic:

1,The strong rib in the middle makes sure the stabllity when runing

2,Samll lug design can reduce the nolse greatly and offer best gripperfomance on wet road conditions

3,Big block on the shoulder offer more stabllity widle turning in high speed the design can bring more fun to driver.

4,Four straight lines offer the good drainage perfomance

Q:The sticker on the car says 30 psi for each tire. The tires have printed on them max 44psi. Would it be good to put 36 or 37 lbs. in each tire?Or go by the sticker on the car door? Thanks
Go by what is on the tires. That is manufacturers inflation recommendations. Remember that is cold air pressure. Personally when it says 44psi max, I put 40psi in them. Hope this helps. If you under inflate them that increases excessive tire wear and also cuts into gas mileage.
Q:whats the tire pressure supposed to be on a 94 f150?icant read the small print on the tires.
The recommended tire pressure for your truck may be located on the driver's door jamb or on the inside of the glove box door as well as in the owner's manual if you're fortunate enough to have one. Otherwise, you'll need to call a Ford dealer parts department for this information. The recommended tire pressure does not appear anywhere on the sidewall of any tire made. The pressure indicated on the sidewalls of tires is the maximum inflation pressure and has little to do with the normal inflation temperature. As a general rule, tire pressure should normally be around 30-35 PSI for most vehicles and light trucks, but check to be sure.
Q:Just wanted to know if tires are considered aftermarket? I dont want anything special just replace old tires
All tires are considered after market to an extent. After market means a product that is made by another factory other then the original factory that first built it...... If you need tires check the yellow pages and call for estimates.. WALMART doesn't have the best deal on tires the wanted to charge almost double what firestone charged,, Their poster price is advertised cheaper but by the time they add all the other charges mounting, balancing, and valve stems they actually cost more so check around,,, If have a PEPBOYS or a Discount Tires around you check them out.
Q:I want to buy tires but don't know what all those numbers mean. This is what my tire says 205/55R16 91H What does this mean?
first number, 205, is the thread width in cm; 205 centimeters wide. 2nd number, 55, is the ratio of the sidewall to the width of the thread. The sidewall is 55% of the thread, or 112.75 cm "R" means its a radial tire "16" is the size of the rim "91" is the load index; how much weight the tire can carry, which is 1,356 pounds maximum load. "H" is the speed index; the tire is rated to travel no more than 130 mph Keep in mind that these specs are applicable only when the tire is in brand new condition. As the tire is used, it undergoes wear and tear, and the specs will go down as the tire ages.
Q:I noticed that the back tire of my Scion xA looked really low. I went to fill it up but it was very confusing. The owner‘s manual said inflate to 29 PSI. The tire said maximum inflation 44 PSI. (Quite a difference.) So here are the questions: 1) Should I trust the tire (44PSI) over the manual (29 PSI) because maybe they equipped it with a different tire?2) When they say max (same on my bike tire) do you usually fill it close to the max or far below it?Thanks
There's a lot of misguided information concerning tire pressure. The auto and tire manufacturers work closely together to determine the recommended tire pressure for any given vehicle, taking many factors into consideration, with safety being #1. The 44 psi you mention is the maximum amount the tire mfr wants to see in the tire under any circumstance. The 29 psi is the amount the car mfr has determined is the best average for safety, fuel economy, tire life, handling, etc. with the vehicle FULLY loaded. Check them COLD at least once a month.
Q:i have a 99 v6 mustang. i really need tires but i dont have that much money. so where can i get tires for a good price before the snow comes
Walmart and Sam's club.
Q:those anyone know about STRATA ZENO tires it they are anygood? getting rimes and tire pckg for 919.00 is it worth the price?
Victoria tire and wheel? I know they use those damn strata zeno tires. No they arent very good quality tires.
Q:What are some trusted tire brands that will last long and are durable.
All of them. It would help to know where you live, how you drive and most importantly what you drive.
Q:PS how to car tires do car dynamic, there are filters?
Elliptical tool to circle the tire - filter - fuzzy - radial blur (rotation, size selected 45%) - filter - style - wind (choose "wind" pay attention to the direction of the wind), edit - Fade to the wind (to reduce the line to 40% to make it more natural)
Q:Car tires that brand the best comfort

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