Passager Car Radial Tyre 205/50ZR16 LY266

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Product Description:

Size: 205/50ZR16 LY266

Application:The tyre is used to Passager Car.

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Shark Fin Tread Pattern

2,The six horizontal steps equally distributed can effectively decomposs the pumping noise source,reduce noise,greatly promote the rigidity between the tread pattern blocks and eliminate sundries in the grooce.

3,Split Tyre Shoulder Block Design

4,Small Knurl Design on Side Wall of Groove

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Q:How long is the car tires? How long does it change?
Change time is generally not dead qualitative. According to the vehicle traffic conditions and driving habits of different wear and life is not the same. Generally do not appear drums, cracks, Mishap case can be based on the depth of the pattern to determine whether the need to replace the new tires, the general wear to the remaining two or three millimeters when you recommend that you replace the new tires, so as not to leave a security risk!
Q:how to tell my car tires need to be changed? what tires are best for corolla?
It is printed on the sidewall of the tires. The tires should be inflated to 32 to 40 PSI . The tire sales people will school you on sizes,brands,models available. The manufacturer recommended tire size is on a label in the door casing, usually in the rear door. Also in the Owners Manual.
Q:97Y What does it mean for car tires?
97 refers to the tire's load index, which corresponds to the maximum load capacity of the tire is 730 kg. Y refers to the speed level of the tire, which corresponds to the maximum speed of the tire is 300 km / h.
Q:How do I read my tires?
The 205 means the tire is 205 MM wide, the 55 means the tire from the rim to the ground is 55% of 205 or 112.75 MM tall, the R stands for radial, the 16 is the rim diamater, I don't know what the 91 is but the H is the tires speed rating, which means the tire is built to sustain 120 MPH for an extended period of time.
Q:What is the difference between snow tires?
Summer tires are like a touring tire that have a normal decent tread for regular driving. Snow tires have a more aggressive, deep tread. Some even have little metal knobs in them (like cleats in football/soccer shoes). Where I live you can get ticketed for having those tires on your car during the summer. All season is like a touring tire with a little more aggressive tread. Any type of snow tire is best in the winter verses the others. I live in the mountains and I have a pontiac grand prix and I just put all season's on my car. I usually don't drive my car if there's over three inches of snow (then we use my husband's truck since we live in the mountains) most times anyway so I don't bother with snow tires. Best to go to your favorite garage and ask what they like the best. They can give you the best advice.
Q:After the car tires are broken, what are the methods of tires? What is the principle of each?
Mainly divided into four kinds. 1. External fill: from the tire outside a bar leak into, so as to prevent leakage. 2. End: remove the tire, from the tire inside a piece of leak-proof block, better than the outside. 3. Automatic tire repair fluid: a small leak in the tire when the first aid can be carried out, but can not be used as a normal tire. 4. Fire fill: This is a tire renovation technology. The tire inside the rubber melt, thus filling the loopholes, this approach is more advanced.
Q:what is radial tyres?
In the old days tires were "Bias Ply". That means the cords in the rubber ran around the tire. Radial ply means the cords that are closest to the pavement run the radius of the tire. Radial tires roll easier and grip better in hard turns. Much better than the old tires.
Q:Why do car tires go nitrogen
Nitrogen flame retardant, eliminating the tire from the inside of the possibility of spontaneous combustion
Q:What is the life of the car tires?
May be by mileage and time two, first prevail. Mileage is about 50,000 km, according to the words of time is 5 years, but my car with less, are five years, that is no problem, so do not have to replace. The general pattern of wear out of the cordon, and must change, they look at the pattern of shallow, also changed it, anyway, is not worth much money, then it seems a lot of small cracks, and is too long must be replaced The Safety and life, more important than money, not to mention the ordinary four tires less than 2 thousand dollars.
Q:Tire Question.?
they get their worst tire wear at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, because of the track surface design. They already have the Pocono track figured out because of the track surface, and I don't think they will have that problem at all at Pocono. I don't know how thick the tread is on the tire. Pocono will be a fun race to watch. If your inspired by the technical aspect of NASCAR you'll love Pocono

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