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were can i find used low profile tires in Jacksonville fl?
Sam's club doesn't balance tires. I'd stay away from them. Go with Bridgestone or a local tire shop.
I have summer tires. When I go to work in the morning (cold) one of them thumps. After driving a bit, and the tires warm up, the thumping stops, and there is no thumping in the afternoons coming home. What could be causing this? Should I buy a new tire? I‘d hate to since the tire still has great tread. On a semi-different subject, if I do buy a new tire, should I buy 2 or all 4. Again, all the tires are in good condition. (Did the coin test with both a quarter and a penny)
you prob have a broken Belt.
I have a 2010 focus, it says I have low tire pressure?Is this a big deal? None of the tires look flat.Can I still drive in it?I tried pumping air into it but the air pump almost electrocuted me :/Lol.Help??
Low Tire Pressure
Ive done some research and found conflicting answers.a tyre manufacturer or fitter may be able to shed some light on this subject.Answers so far?1/ The lines are put on at the factory to assist identification. Ie size and compound.2/ one of the lines usually red but ive seen blue green and yellow, indicates tyre run out.3/how can you tell left hand from right hand drive tyres?
Short answer is - it doesn't matter. Those marks are used by the manufacturer during construction and will quickly disappear once the tire is in use. To a guy on the factory floor they may be fascinating. To the consumer they mean nothing.
Can you run aircraft tires on your motor vehicle?
I believe that aircraft tires are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Don't think that they would be very effective for use on a car. From the aircraft that I've seen the tread pattern is straight lines going around the circumference of the tire. They don't expel water to the sides.
Car tires have no inner tube in the appearance of how to distinguish?
There is a very long inner tube, the tubeless valve is vertical very short.
how, and where would i be able to find good long lasting tires on the cheap in dfw area or online thanks
try the junk yards and tire shops. sometimes the junk yard will get a wreck in and sell the tires pretty cheap and the tire shops some people will run a set of tires for a little while then get new ones.
tire is a michelin with 10K miles on it
Yes. You have what is called a slow puncture. You will be fine at low speeds (30 mph, etc), but get it changed ASAP. The last thing you need is a blow-out. This can happen at any time without warning and is likely at high speed, or with a lot of weight in the vehicle. Go to a back street garage and get a part worn tyre - it'll only cost you about ?20 and be a lot safer.