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Q:kumho road venture at tires for 02 cadilliac escalade?
Instead of guessing get it checked out by a BMW mechanic. As already mentioned it will be expensive to look at and repair.
Q:i have a 95 Nissan 300zx and looking qfor the best bang for the buck tire 225/45/18 i dont wanna pay anymore than $180 with shipping all i need is 1 tire. I was looking at Yokohoma, Advan and BF Goodrich but i have no idea what is better. I heard from a friend these are some pretty sick tires and last a while http://www.tirerack /tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=BFGoodrichtireModel=g-Force+T%2FA+KDW+2partnum=245YR8GFTAKDW2vehicleSearch=falsefromCompare1=yes
you would be a good purchase greater secure and get particularly greater appropriate mpg in case you ran studded snow tires between the lawful era of November a million and April 15. it is going to fee you approximately $240 for 4 further wheels (rims) and you get to eliminate the toy tire spare. right this is what a good purchase of people have achieved for a good purchase of years in snow united states of america. First, the studded snow tires do no longer fee you something, by using fact 4 summers and four snows final an identical mileage as 8 summers. you like the studded snows fastened on their own wheels (rims). it fairly is by using fact snows fastened on wheels are replaced (on/off) for unfastened two times a 12 months on the tire save the place you purchase them. otherwise, the replace expenditures $15/tire X 4 tires X 2 a 12 months = $one hundred twenty. That $one hundred twenty decrease fee rates a 12 months skill the greater wheels (4 X $60 each and each = $240) are paid for in 2 years. each and every time you alter, between the come-off tires is going interior the trunk by using fact the spare and you get to throw the toy tire away. The tire save the place you purchase will additionally shop the three remaining off tires. the particularly greater appropriate mpg is from plenty greater grip and much much less slip. Snows devoid of studs are for the farmer who needs to force the deep snow interior the sphere. Get studs for the snow %. and ice on your roads. there are a number of individuals who lost their existence from merely one facet slip on a curve. possibly you need to try this.
Q:what is meant by a bad tire?
Your tread is probably wearing on one of them. When this happens, it's truly best to replace all your tires. Your ride will be so much better once you're on a new set of tires. But since I'm not looking at your tires, take your car to a reliable tire center and ask them. To be safe, get a couple opinions.
Q:What kind of tires?
Original Equipment Size: 185/70-14 OEM is Good Year Integrity at $ 53/tire or Firestone FR 690 at $ 74/tire My recommendation would be: Bridgestone Turanza EL 400 at $63/tire (touring all season) or Yokohama AVID touring (all season) at $53/tire
Q:How do you replace a bicycle tire?
Attached, yes. Permanently, no. A new engine will not usually ever come with a new transmission.
Q:I want to buy new tires what brand is the best ones that last long?
Several brands of tires are good. but Michelin are the best tires.
Q:Why did Bridgestone Firestone have a tire recall? 2000.?
They had to many of the tires blow up and they didn't want to be sued any more. I had the recalled tires on my explorer, so I went down and got them replaced, What a mistake I made. The old tires had 137,000 miles on them and they looked brand new. Put on the new ones and at 165,000 miles the tires are junk.
Q:What places patches up tires?
Many Walmart TLE centers will NOT patch a tire for you. Take it to an independent garage or auto shop. They'll dismount the tire, put a patch and plug in it, and leak-test it before sending you back out on the road. Whatever you do, if you want to save the tire, do NOT put that Slime or Fix-a-Flat in it. Just drive on the spare until you can get the tire patched.
Q:Car tires 100w 100y stands for anything
100 represents the load index, the maximum load is 800KgW and Y is the speed level W: 270Km / hY: 300Km / h
Q:How long does the car tire pressure check?
1. Daily tire maintenance, it is recommended to carry out a monthly air pressure check, adjust; 2. Every time on the highway before driving, the need for air pressure inspection, and remove the tread groove trench and other debris, to avoid failure to ensure safety; 3. When the vehicle has a deviation phenomenon, there may be caused by insufficient air pressure, it is recommended to check the air pressure;

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