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Excellent traction capabilities; Long tyre life; Available with either cut-resistance or high-speed capability; High protection in harsh conditions; Designed for trucks.

Q:can i change my tyres from 185/65R14 to 205/60R15 and will the extra width increase fuel costs? and would energy saver tyres help in reducing the fuel consumption?
Many factors come into role when it comes to tire size in relation to effects on fuel consumption. I will do my best to explain the relationship. In theory, a wide tire will weigh more than a narrow one (if the tires height are the same). Combine this with addition rolling friction created by the wide track of the wider tire, and more fuel is needed to move the wide tire. In most scenarios, the added fuel consumption will be marginal, and most likely unmeasurable. Taller tires (I know this was not part of your question, but I will expand upon the issue), also suffer similar effects. A taller tire weighs more, and thus requires more fuel to get them moving. However, a taller tire also gives you a higher over all gear ratio, lowering your RPM while driving. Given this, it is hard to judge whether a taller tire will require more fuel to turn or not. The final variable to the issue of tire size vs. fuel consumption is application. For example, a 4 cylinder engine might suffer more from wider tires than a V-8, due to the difference in torque. The stronger the engine, the less likely that a small increase in load or rolling resistance is going to require more fuel to operate. For the final part of your question, energy saving tires typically refers to a tire with a tread pattern or material composition that has less rolling resistance than a typical tire. Fuel savings will be marginal at best, again depending on the application. I hope this helps answer your question.
Q:I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant with Michelin Energy Plus 190/60R/15. Max tire pressure is 44psi. Currently all tires are about 30psi which i think is kind of low. What should i set the tire pressure too? Thanks.
Tire pressure is based on manufacturer's recommendation which in your case should be found in the door or glove compartment. This is regardless of the tire. The reason is tire pressure is based on the weight of the car. Too much or too little will wear, tear or pop the tire faster.
Q:throw out the rear tires, then rotate the front tires to the rear, then put new tires on the front?
It depends. Four new tires with regular rotation is the best option. However, it doesn't do much good to spend lots of money on tires that will last longer than the car. With an older car, buying cheap tires, two at a time, and rotating the old tires to the back is a good option. The back tires wear differently than the front tires (which is the reason for rotating your tires - it evens out the wear, extending the life of your tire). Front tires with some wear on the sides (due to cornering, etc) are perfectly fine on the rear. If you're really pushing the limit on your tires, you're risking a blow out. Losing a back tire in rush hour expressway traffic is usually much less stressful than losing one of the tires you're depending on for steering (modern tires have an inner tire that usually prevents a catastrophe, but only provided you don't overreact to having a tire blow out).
Q:How long is the car tires? How long does it change?
Hello! Please refer to the instruction manual for tire transposition in the user manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer. If you do not have a vehicle manual, it is recommended that you adjust the position once every 8000 to 10,000 km.
Q:I was having some shaking while driving and braking. I was told I probably have a bad tire. They tires were rotated and I was told its 90 percent better but one of my tires is probably not good to go back to where I got them. They were put on in the last year. What does this mean, a bad tire?
Your tread is probably wearing on one of them. When this happens, it's truly best to replace all your tires. Your ride will be so much better once you're on a new set of tires. But since I'm not looking at your tires, take your car to a reliable tire center and ask them. To be safe, get a couple opinions.
Q:New for four tires, remember management fees or prepaid expenses?
Production car into the manufacturing costs, sales of cars into the operating expenses, management of vehicles into the management fees.
Q:I want to buy tires but don't know what all those numbers mean. This is what my tire says 205/55R16 91H What does this mean?
first number, 205, is the thread width in cm; 205 centimeters wide. 2nd number, 55, is the ratio of the sidewall to the width of the thread. The sidewall is 55% of the thread, or 112.75 cm "R" means its a radial tire "16" is the size of the rim "91" is the load index; how much weight the tire can carry, which is 1,356 pounds maximum load. "H" is the speed index; the tire is rated to travel no more than 130 mph Keep in mind that these specs are applicable only when the tire is in brand new condition. As the tire is used, it undergoes wear and tear, and the specs will go down as the tire ages.
Q:is it ok to use the same rim but using a 90/90-10 tire in instead of 80/90-10 tire for my vino 2004?? Do I need to adjust anything?? what is the # mean anyway??what I would like to do is to get a 1 size bigger tire, more to wideif not what will be a better choice?? and where can I get it??thank s very much
problematic aspect. seek over yahoo and bing. that will help!
Q:i just got my car aligment fix and they told me to to a rotate tires every 7000 they mean to switch your rear tire for front?and why? i dont get the meaning of this?and if i dont will anything happend to my car?
the reason is that you get even wear on all your tires your tires wear in different places and amounts i think the pattern is right rear to left front left rear to right front and both front to rear on same side nothing will happen except wear on the tires i personally dont i let the front wear put the rears on to replace them and replace the rears id rather buy two tires than four
Q:After getting off the highway I was checking my tires and noticed that one of them in the back was very hot on the inside edge. The other three felt worm. There is some ware and it came off the frount, I just had them rotated. Just half the edge is worn as you feel around and then less then half feels like a new tire. Only that worn part is very hot and the rest of the tire is worm. I drive a 2007 dodge wagon and found sites with tire issues but I am not clear if this is a tire failing. I can‘t seem to get any help. Car has 20000 miles these tires and Im told they are shot.
If the tire was on the front and the tire wore the tread of on one side then the car has serious alignment problems. Tires wear unevenly because they are being dragged by a front end which is misaligned or has bad components. The front end problems need to be resolved or you'll do the exact damage to a new set of tires.

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