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Q:When you go to get your tires replaced, is balancing them something they can only do with the tire on your car? Or if you just brought in a tire could they balance it?What exactly do they do when they balance your tires?
ok balancing your tires are exactly what it says. it prevents damage on tires due to uneven. what they do is add weights to your tires to balance them out and you need to do it when you do tire rotations because tires go uneven over time.
Q:Hi, my car has 245 / 50 / 16 tires. If I get 245 / 45 / 16 tires will those work just as well? I need new tires and someone is selling rims/tires of that sizeWhat does the difference mean?
Let me break down the tire size for you: 245 the nominal width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters. It is not exactly 245mm because it is a nominal size that fits within a range of acceptable side wall flex and tire loading. 45 Aspect Ratio. It is the height of the sidewall (from rim to top of the surface tread) expressed as a percentage of the tire width. Therefore, 45% of 245mm 110.25mm For a 245/50 that means the sidewall is 122.5mm 16 wheel diameter. The tire will only fit on a 16 wheel. So, if you replace the 245/50s with 245/45s you will have a significantly shorter tire (by about 1 inch). This would significantly shorten your tire circumference which would cause an error in your speedometer. The load range of the smaller tires will be lessened as well meaning it could be less safe if the actual Gross Weight of your vehicle surpasses this range. You will experience a harsher ride. There will also be the effect of having a lower gear ratio in your car (you'll get worse gas mileage but your acceleration will be a bit better-if you care). Last but not least: It will probably look stupid. If you don't do anything like lower the suspension you will have this ugly fenderwell gap for all to see. My suggestion: Keep the original size. And if you want an upgrade change the whole wheel/tire package to what they call Plus One or Plus Two sizing.
Q:Im planning on buying tires to my whip.right now im thinking what tires to, falken,toyo, which ones i should buy and y?????im loooking for some sports tires.n what the websites where i can get tires for decent price???thx
BF Goodrich is a very good often forgotten tire for street/track use. Kumho is up and coming. Falken is good. Yokohama is very good. Try the tire rack. You can have them shipped to you and have them installed locally. Great company.
Q:i heard there are self seal able bicycle tires not the inner tube but the tire it self. place links down below thanks Brian
Hi Brian, I will offer my take on your question. Forget about the so called self seal tires. Not worth the money. I use standard tubes, no liners, and kevlar belted tires. This along with airing up the tires every day or two helps keep flats to zero to two a year. EVERY bicyclists needs to know how to deal with a flat tire. This is the most common problem a bicyclist faces. I carry tire irons, two spare tubes, patch kit, and frame mounted pump. I carry on my tandem a spare folding bead tire. One year I rode about 2,200 miles on 700 x 20 Avocet tires without a single flat. Inner tubes were thin for racing. Wore the rear tire down to the cords. I weighed about 180 pounds that summer. Good Luck
Q:Goodyear has been a dominating force in Nascar for ages. They are constantly tinkering with the compounds and they are practically guaranteed a return on investment from tire sales at the track.Would you like to see the teams have the ability to purchase and race any tire, from any manufacturer?
HECK YEAH! We race different brands of cars, we all have different sponsors, different setups for different drivers, why not! I think its a good idea, and I have thought this for a long time. The drivers could even pick what kind of tire they wanted depending on the track. Say Goodyear had the best speedway, and super-speedway tire, then Micheline had the best road racing tire. and so on. I think it would create a different variable in the Nascar. With the COT, and other issues, Nascar is going towards cars that are all equal, and then its left up to the driver. Much like restrictor plate racing. while restrictor plate racing is some of the funnest to watch if your a fan of Nascar, its very dangerous for the driver. If Nascar keeps the pace of its new regulations, this close pack of cars will be seen at every race. then it turns into a demolition derby. give them the choice to purchase whatever tire they want. what is it going to hurt.
Q:We are shopping around for a van and a friend of mine told me that SOME but not all AWD Siennas require a special tire, costing at least $800 for a set of 4. Can anyone tell me which models of Sienna AWD require these tires and what are the tires called?
The only thing I could think of is if your Sienna was equipped with V speed rated tires from the factory. The speed rating is best described as a sort of performance rating, at least here in the US. If this is what your friend is referring to, then he/she is right that V-rated tires are typically more expensive than lower-rated tires, although at least $800 for a set of 4 is simply throwing numbers out there. HOWEVER, on most vehicles that came from the factory with a V-rated tire, it is perfectly safe to drop down to an H-rated tire with no adverse effects on vehicle handling and performance. And just a reminder, AWD vehicles need to have the tires replaced in sets of 4, as putting 2 new tires on the vehicle with 2 worn tires can cause drivetrain problems.
Q:my son has a 95 honda civic, with 17 wheels and the tire size of 215/45/17 . he is buying new wheels and tires, so we thought we would buy what is on the car already, since it looks good, but the tire dealer is recommending a tire size of 205/45/17 .what is best, is there really that much differance?
For the 215 vs 205, it should not make too much of a difference but since 205 is the standard for the Civic, they will get better fuel economy.
Q:Does it really matter if you replace travel trailer tires with specifically made trailer tires or would a good quality lite truck tire work just as well. I don‘t really understand the difference and the price for trailer tires is often the same or more.
the do make radial tires now for trailer service, I just put 4 brand new ones on my 27 ft travel trailer. When you go past what the manufacturer intended on a vehicle or trailer you are askin for trouble. Those tires are egineered for the load and stresses of the trailer. You would most likely void any warranty or insurance you had by NOT using recommended tires. Just some things to think about. I got my radials at Discount Tire but I am sure other dealers carry them now.
Q:i just need to find a place where i can get the tires and maybe have them put it on for me. please help
maybe have them put on? like u got a choice,,lol start with local garage,,,get low price from chain store,,let local mechanic try to match,,, benafit is when you need a mechanic you got a guy who knows you and your car,,,
Q:Wireless devices hidden in the tires?Hidden wires somewhere?Do they have batteries that run out or do they somehow get power through the rotors?
RFID type chip transmitter devices in the valve stems with an RFID reader mounted to the vehicle by the tire. The BCM usually monitors each tire every 4 revolutions so it may take 4 revolutions for a low pressure flag to clear after you air up the tire.

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