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Q:1986 honda rebel 250 tire sizes?
Since the forks are fairly raked out, I suspect that the Rebel forks are too long. You could always buy 3 of them, and use the third one to lengthen the other two.
Q:Is the car tires wide or narrow?
The tire size must be the same as the original car assembly tires specifications, if necessary to change the tire specifications must go to a professional modified store for tire upgrades, or consult the car manufacturer. The
Q:Can car tires cut?
Car tires cut,improve the speed of travel.
Q:Which tire pressure to follow.?
Tire pressure recommendation changes with size, not with brand or model of tire. The air in the tire supports the weight of the vehicle. A tire is, if you will, just a very fancy air container. Different sizes of tire have different volumes of air they can contain and this influences how much inflation pressure is required to support a given load. So as long as the tire size does not change, you use the information on the Tire Load and Information Placard on the car. If your mechanic is not inflating the tires properly it is time to find a new one. What else is s/he doing wrong?
Well, 4 season tires would last a bit longer summer tires would handle a bit better since their rubber is a bit softer. Michelin and Pirelli are usually is the brand to go for, they're expensive but are high quality tires here a link
Q:Raised white lettered tires?
I have continually used VIM - bathtub tile cleanser and a just right old wire brush (use some warning around the rim). I mostly rinse the tire spray on the VIM and then wire brush and put in slightly elbow grease into the sidewalls and lettering. Then just rinse with water and they seem good as new!
Q:What should you pay attention to when using car tires?
Tire with the same vehicle should be equipped with the same specifications, structure, level and pattern tires; twins and equipment, also requires the same brand, in order to load, wear evenly; radial tire and oblique tire can not be mounted on the same axis, Can not be axle mounted radial tire, rear axle skew tire; rear axle skew tire, front axle with radial tires, will make the rear axle wear to speed up, resulting in insufficient steering or excessive steering, seriously affecting the operational stability of the vehicle , When the ground adhesion coefficient is low or the vehicle quickly turned, prone to the rear wheel from the ground or side slip and other dangerous; the same car tires to try to be consistent, different tire patterns, the performance of the vehicle have different effects; , The rear axle should use the same type of tread pattern; cargo vehicles usually use the vertical axis of the front axle, drive shaft selection of hybrid or horizontal pattern, which is conducive to the stability of the vehicle operation.
Q:How is the car tires packed and transported?
A lot of tire manufacturers are directly wrapped with a direct tire around the tire, and then paste the label on the tire surface can be. Generally were "people" shaped stacked in the container for transport, of course, there are many forms of stacking, not to hurt the tires.
Q:If the car's tires are leaking to open, how long can you open?
Look at the leak is not great, the tire is not already lying down, if not lying down and leak can be opened. If you have been lying down the best or do not open, if you have to open it ready to change the tires it.
Q:Is this tire foldable?
Unless it specifically says fold-able, I would imagine not.

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