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Q:what is a tire disposal fee?
The tire store has to pay people to take the old tires, that fee is passed on to you.
Q:Tire Workouts?!?
Intesity perhaps intensity.? Intensity of the work out? Well, I bet you guys are very creative and will come up with some great ideas. Let's stand on one side of it and run side ways in and out of it, with it lying flat for4 minutes as fast as you can and add minutes with time. You can roll it to a destiny and back. That's one heavy tire. Suspend it and pitch a baseball through it (the other person catches it with a catcher's mitt. This can help with hand eye coordination. I'm done. Have a great week.
Q:Audi q5 start moment there is a common earthquake is what the problem
Throttle valve too much dirty fuel burner too much will shake the car after driving a mileage, the throttle because the dirty will lead to throttle closed lax or idle stepping motor stuck, can cause the engine idling too high, and the engine Coke produced during the work will also cause the vehicle to shake, especially when starting the vehicle, the engine will be more powerful than normal jitter, and sometimes there can not be a start phenomenon. When the vehicle jitter occurs, first check the throttle and the nozzle. If you find the throttle too dirty or too much fuel injector, should be promptly cleaned.
Q:Anyone heard of Hankook tire?
Becoming very popular in the mid-west.I have have only owned one set which yeilded about 45,000 miles.
Q:Cheaper tires for an 04 chrysler crossfire?
if its just the tube hose that runs from the tank up to the wipers then you can just go buy that amount of hose from the auto part store and install it.
Q:Where should i get my tires?
save your money,for the most part, these intakes are little more than sewer pipe with an air filter stuck on it about the only real thing is you can hear the air sucking in the intake. This does not equate to horsepower and in most cases and engine light pops on too. If you look at the stock well engineered intake on your car now, and follow it to where it goes into the fender, this is the best cold air factory intake out there.An engine light could possibly indicate a lean condition, this is not good. Any horsepower change will be minimal at best, and no where near what the company claims, and they also don't tell you it may be at 3 4 or 5 thousand rpm, this would be completely worthless for most applications anyway. sooper dooper pooper scooper nopower power chips are another marketing gimmick, for new and newer vehicles, mostly diesels you can trade longevity and durability for some big horsepower numbers, but for the 80s the 90s and early 2000 there were no computers back then that controlled the engine as much as the new cars. Some new cars can have a hundred sensors or more, and if you build an engine to be tunable then you can tune it. small tiny engines designed for durability and longevity along with fuel mileage are making fantastic horsepower already, anything you do to change that makes it wear out faster. If you have any questions, I suggest talking to the mechanic that works on your car, that's what I did, some chips have been responsible for engines wearing out sooner and blowing up, this is not what we want or need.
Q:What are the disadvantages of car tire pressure too high?
Winter, then there is no problem in the case of the summer, then the best standard air pressure recommended to put the tire nitrogen because the summer hot tires in high-speed driving (without the use of nitrogen) pressure will slowly increase the risk of puncture
Q:Car tires speed level, who can give a detailed description?
The tire tread has the speed of the tire (also known as the speed level), the corresponding speed symbol can know the maximum speed of the tire. For example: tire specifications 195/65 R15 91V in the speed symbol is V, find the speed symbol and speed corresponding The table knows that the maximum speed of the tire is 240 km / h.
Q:Wheel and tire fitment?
18x8 rims have been an determination on your 06 MX5. yet with a 215/40-18 tire length. The 225 width tires could be somewhat too huge and reason some clearance issues. 215/40-18 may be the right determination.
Q:Where can i get Nitrogen for tires?
If the bike came equipted with turn signals they are required to pass all state laws.As far as the test your bike must pass inspection so it will need signals'

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