PCR car tyre manufacturer in China with quality warranty

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Product Description:

PCR car tyre manufacturer in China with quality warranty

The size of PCR car tire

1.Passenger car tire

13’--165/65R13,165/70R13, 165/70R13C, 175/70R13,185/70R13



15’--185/60R15,185/65R15,195/50R15,195/55R15,195/60R15,195/65R15, 205/60R15,

        205/65R15, 215/65R15, 215/70R15,


       215/65R16, 225/50ZR16,  225/55ZR16,  225/60R16

2.UHP tire (Ultra High Performance Tire)







3.LTR Tire: 185R14C, 195R14C



1. Certificate of ECE, DOT, CCC ,ISO9001, GCC, EU-LABEL,Soncap,Nom etc.

2. The warranty time is within 3 years and 120000km.

3. with wide range and competitive price

4. Wide circumferential major grooves design enables excellent water drainage and side skidding-resistance at high speed

5. Smooth and lateral grooves and sipes provide super grip ability and braking ability

6. Suitable for various medium and high-level cars from home and abroad.

7. Large capacity and Large stockguarantee the fastest delivery:15-20days after deposit;

8. Best no-stop services given by our professional sales team;

9. Top 500 enterprise provide credit and quality guarantee.


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Q:What is the best car tires?
Your model, tire model
Q:are aircraft tires approved by DOT?
I believe that aircraft tires are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Don't think that they would be very effective for use on a car. From the aircraft that I've seen the tread pattern is straight lines going around the circumference of the tire. They don't expel water to the sides.
Q:saturn tires?
If you look at the side wall of your tyres you will see three numbers separated by a /. An example is 205/55/R16. The first number is the width, in millimetres. The second is the size of the side wall, again in millimetres. The last number is the size of the rim, in inches. If you tell your local car mechanic these numbers they should be able to source you four new tyres.
Q:H rated tire or V rated tire?
As a tire industry professional I always recommend sticking with tires of the same speed rating as originally installed at the factory. Tires have more to do with how a car rides, stops and handles than anything else. Put on less tire than what the car was engineered for and you do run a risk of downgrading those capabilities. And besides, you bought the car because you liked how it drove, right?
Q:What are the tires of cars?
According to the tread pattern is divided into: ① ordinary pattern tires. There are many styles of portrait, horizontal and both. Ordinary horizontal treads are suitable for use on poor and gravel pavements; longitudinal tires are suitable for use on better pavements; tires with longitudinal and horizontal tiles are suitable for use on general pavement and poor pavement. ② cross-country pattern tires. Tread has a large pattern, suitable for mining, site, desert, loose ground and snow mud road use. ③ mixed tires. Both for good pavement, but also for gravel pavement and loose road.
Q:Questions about balancing tires?
there is a mark on the tire but its a mark to keep in a certain distance from the valve and isn't critical. There is a machine that does spin the tire letting the technician know where weights need to be placed to properly balance the tire. So that being said no tires are not balanced during its manufacturing process.
Q:How does a low tire sensor work?
The tire pressure sensor doesn't actually measure the tire pressure. It uses the wheel speed sensor (part of the ABS) to measure very minute differences in rotational speed between all four tires. When it senses a difference from what a nominally good tire is, it will turn on the tire pressure light. Note that you will need to check the tire pressure in all tires, as it doesn't indicate which tire is the problem. Once the tire pressure is adjusted, reset the light according to the owner's manual. You'll also need to do this after changing to a spare.
Q:What is the prospect of tires? The
Auto parts shop, auto repair shop (shop), auto parts shop, car wash and other vehicle supplies related to the factory (shop) home, as long as the establishment of good relations, more sales of your products, sales are good. The words of the collection to see how they talk to others, the end of the season are there.
Q:Are douglas tires good?
Nitrous Single-Shot 3/8 36H Front Wheel is better. Product Features - Axle's Nuts by Eastern Bikes are a lightweight way to add some color to your ride. - CNC Machined 7075 Aluminum - Designed for 3/8 axles - For use on 26 TPI axles(most common BMX axle tread) .- 5oz each, sold individually
Q:how do you reset a gmc low tire pressure light?
This Site Might Help You. RE: how do you reset a gmc low tire pressure light? tire psi light on in dash

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