Good quality auto brake system brake pads manufacturer in china

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Item specifice

Black,red,green,yellow or custermized
Semi-metallic, low-metallic , ceramic , NAO; 100% Asbestos-Free
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Good quality auto brake system  brake pads manufacturer in china

Good quality auto brake system  brake pads manufacturer in china


1.High quality brake pad featuring with stable friction coefficient,none noise,none-asbestos,none-dust,long using life,reasonable wearing rate.

2.Surface finished: paint, powder coat; electronic paint
3.No noise,long life .
4 Reasonable price,good quality ,prompt delivery 
5.Be able to pass the E-mark authentication.
6. Complete models for different vehicles(passenger cars,lgiht truck,heavy truck,bus)
7.Professional Perfomance Auto parts supplier ,Manufacture according to customer's requirment.

9.Strong material of stable fiction coefficient under a wide range of temperatures
10. Original: CHINA

Good quality auto brake system  brake pads manufacturer in china

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Q:which is better-DRUM BRAKE OR DISC BRAKE?
USA--- Costco or Auto zone or at your local dealer
Q:I have a ‘78 Chevy Scottsdale and I need to flush the brake system and put new fluid in. I‘m a smart girl but short on money so I‘m trying to avoid going to a mechanic at all costs. If you could explain in amateur terms (not idiotic terms, just not something too complicated) I‘m sure I could figure it out.
open all the bleeders, drain the fluid. then refill the master cylinder with fresh. keep the master cylinder filled with new fluid could take awile. usually the system will pretty much bleed itself, as the fluid gets to each wheel, close the bleed valve when fluid reaches all wheels, have somebody help pump brakes and bleed.
Q:I‘ve read that some motorcyles are this way, as opposed to having a seperate rear and front brake.
My BMW K1200LT has integrated brakes with ABS and power boost. The brakes are one of the best things about riding the big heavyweight BMW. Several other models of BMW motorcycle have partially integrated brakes, where the rear brake can be controlled separately with the pedal, or both wheels will activate with the hand brake. Honda Gold Wings and a few other bikes have ABS available as an extra-cost option, but I don't know for sure of any others with integrated brake systems.
Q:I was just wondering what I needed it to replace on my 04 Civic LX my brake system is contaminated I was told it was the master cylinder and calipers what else do I need to replace if anyone can help I really appreciate it the front are calipers and the back are disc barkes
Change mechanics. Unless the calipers and master cylinder are damaged there isn't a need to change them because of contamination. Now what are they contaminated with, if he says they can't be flushed? BTW, disc brakes are the ones with calipers. So front has calipers and rear is disc, is erroneous, the rear might have drum brakes.
Q:One can understand heavy-duty brakes for big vehicles like interstate buses or trucks,but what is the function of Anti-Brake system?
air brakes are the strongest brakes for heavy vehicles and they have added antilock control to them on all busses trucks and semi trailers to prevent skidding and help the driver maintain control when stopping on a slippery or wet road. the abs system on heavy trucks and buses has the same funtion as on cars to keep the vehicle in a straightline during a emergency stop
Q:My brakes have been squeaking everytime I come to a stop and then when I try to take off it won‘t go. Any advice?
The pads probably need to be replaced. I[Unless they've been doing thos for months.] f you let it go too long, you'll end up having to replace it all.
Q:Hafei car on its new products Hafei Chun intended to report this description: "Chun intended to carry four wheel brake system, can only appear in the high-class car, different from the traditional micro-car front plate after the drum , More than the current popularity of the front panel, this fist advantage to similar micro-car difficult to hold a candle, the same type of car. "Find some car website, did not find the four-wheel disc and the difference between the front plate.
The difference is that disc brakes and drum brakes, double disc brake refers to the front wheel and rear wheels are disc brakes, is commonly known as disc brakes, front disc after the drum refers to the front wheel with disc brakes, rear wheel Type brake. Disc brake (disc brake) brake high efficiency, more stable, modern cars are generally used ventilation-type disc brakes as front wheel brakes; rear wheel brake is the main role of parking, drum brake parking effect is better, so There are many car rear wheels using drum brakes.
Q:my bf has well had a 2004 civic and hes had brake problems since he got it in 2005 having to change them more often then you should took it to honda they didn‘t know what was wrong and no one else did either well about a week ago coming to a stop sign the brakes completely went out and ending up bumping into someone and causing a wreck. I wanna know if there has been a recall on this model he never got anything in the mail about it but anyway I also wanna know if anyone else has had this problem with their brakes Iv looked on line and seen a lot of ppl with master cylinder we don‘t know if the brake line broke or if it was the cylinder.
shame about your brake problem mate :/
Q:I just replaced the pads and the rotors and I have the same problem. I think It might be electronic. I noticed a small steel sprocket on the inside outside of the front axle right below the shock strut. My friend said that is part of the ABS brake system. That small sprocket is broken, it has a small 1/4 inch gap in it. Could that be the cause of the brake pulsation. The problem only occurs when I depress the brakes hard now
Try cleaning the sensors, it is magnetized and it collected break materials around the sensor. The sprocket you mentioned don't often go bad or break easily.
Q:What is the meaning of the dead braking system?
ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) anti-lock braking system, through the sensor mounted on the wheel issued by the wheel will be locked signal, the controller command regulator to reduce the wheel brake cylinder hydraulic pressure, reduce the brake Torque, after a certain period of time, and then restore the original oil pressure, the constant cycle (up to 5 to 10 times per second), always make the wheel in the state and the maximum braking torque.

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