Casting Machining Wheel Hub Uesd for Heavy Duty Truck

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Product Description:


Item: Hub Diamater from 15mm to 1060mm


Production Process: Water glass process of lost wax investment casting or model forging
Standard: ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS and JIS
Wheel Hub Max Casting ang Forging  Size: 1 meter
Wheel Hub Casting Weight: 0.2~190Kg
Wheel Hub Dimension Tolerance: CT7
Wheel Hub Surface Roughness: Ra6.4~12.5
Wheel Hub Productivity: 7500 tons per year

A world class manufacturer & supplier of lost wax investment castings forging in carbon steel and alloy steel, is one of the large-scale professional investment casting production bases in China, consisting of both casting foundry  forging and machining factory. Annually more than 15000 tons Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customers requirements..

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ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) anti-lock braking system, through the sensor mounted on the wheel issued by the wheel will be locked signal, the controller command regulator to reduce the wheel brake cylinder hydraulic pressure, reduce the brake Torque, after a certain period of time, and then restore the original oil pressure, the constant cycle (up to 5 to 10 times per second), always make the wheel in the state and the maximum braking torque.
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Brake light means, low fluid or brakes need to be replaced it sounds like you have Air in the brake system and it needsa to be bleed, also sounds like the brake needs to be drained, flushed and new fluid added. When mechanic is under have them check to see if the ABS Valve is working. NOTE: Good Shop You Can Trust!
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Q:How do you build a prototype of a brake system?
I have the warrior one and the nike bauer one too! So personally I like the warrior one way better!
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