My favorite deodorant contains aluminum. It smells really good and it works really well.My mom doesn't like me using it because it contains aluminum.So I got aluminum free. It doesn't smell at all (I can't seem to find fragrant aluminum free deodorant) and it doesn't work as well, for some reason.I want to keep using the one with aluminum, but will it be harmful to me in the future?
i have tom deo. and it is totally safe, it is all organic stuff that you could like grow i...
I have a muffin pan made of aluminum foil and I do not know if i can put it in the oven to cook some muffins. Many sights say it will melt but they say that about putting a sheet of foil at the bottom of the oven for a long time. I just want it to be in their for half an hour to make muffins.
Tell me. Why would they make a muffin pan (disposbale) that Cannot go into the oven? Think...
remember maybe a decade ago or so, copper used to be cheaper than aluminum. now it is the other way around, copper is more expensive. Even copper pennies cost more so I heard they are mixed with another metal to make a penny. What caused the change in value and when did it really start happening?In fact, copper has become valuble enough to steal. Some factories which have copper, have had their metals stolen, but outsiders who break into the factories to specifically take the copper. Then the factories started hiring security to prevent intruders from taking the copper.
The two metals are a long way apart on the electro-chemical scale. This means that if they...
I need ideas on soundproofing a 12' aluminum fishing boat?
Boat Soundproofing...
Is aluminum silicate roll felt the same as aluminum silicate acupuncture blanket?
No, the unit weight of aluminum silicate fiber felt is greater than that of aluminum silic...
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