Auto spare parts HT250 casting iron trailer and truck brake disc

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Auto spare parts HT250 casting trailer and truck brake disc brake disc for truck trailer

1.Truck brake disc nodular graphite iron casting.

2.equipped with Disa sand process line.

3.With ISO9001:2000 and ISo/TS16949:2009 certificates

4.OEM Service/Design Service/Buyer Label.

5.OEM Quality Bearing Design( FIT / FORM / FUNCTION )

6.Wide Product Range(Customers' drawing or samples are accepted)

Auto spare parts iron casting HT250 truck brake disc brake disc

uto spare parts HT250 casting iron trailer and truck brake disc

OEM parts Good quality Competitive price 
Excellent part supply system 
ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949

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Q:Parking brake indicator light problem
Is not a short time when the car wash water. Go to 4S shop it, this small problem is not expensive.
Q:anti-lock braking system?
Answer is A. I have had ABS since 1994. I like having them. I have driven a long time before I had a car with ABS. I believe this is a good safety feature. During the winter I mount dedicated snow and ice tires. Bridgestone Blizzaks. Offers tremendous traction on snow and ice. If car is not stopping fast enough when the brakes are applied, I put transmission into neutral. Really helps stop the car. Now if the question is about Traction Control, then I am not so enthused. Sometimes it is handy, other times it is a disadvantage.
Q:How long will the brake system be maintained?
Try to avoid emergency brake feet do not step on the brakes for a long time
Q:Clutch is a brake system or a system
Of course the latter
Q:Porsche Cayenne's Brake System?
Provide active Porsche Suspension Management System (pasm) For those who wish to experience the ultimate power performance of the driver, Porsche cayman s can be equipped with Porsche initiative is the suspension management system. The system can effectively provide two suspension settings on a car: one for comfortable cruises and daily driving, and one for Challenge and Cross-country races. Compared with the standard cayman s chassis, pasm offers a more comfortable suspension for smoother driving quality, especially on soft pavements. However, when the driver moves more rough, the suspension automatically hardens.
Q:What is the Mercedes-Benz E 300 L's adaptive braking system?
Adaptive braking system is based on S-class car's high-end technology, not only E 300 L have, the new long wheelbase E-class cars have. It contains four functions: ramp start auxiliary function: When the driver's foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal, the brake automatically delay 0.7-1.0 seconds, so as to prevent the car. Pre-braking function: the system will be the driver suddenly remove the foot from the accelerator pedal action as an emergency brake situation. In this case, the brake disc and the brake disc will reduce the gap distance, so that the driver can step on the brake pedal immediately after the tightening, shorten the driver's brake action response time, effectively shorten the braking distance. HOLD Function: When the vehicle brake is completely stopped, the driver does not need to always press the brakes to keep the car in a quiescent state, thus effectively alleviating the driver's fatigue in the congested congestion. Press the brakes again or press the throttle directly, the HOLD function is automatically released. Brake disc automatic drying function: in the rain or snow or poor road conditions, the system will automatically dodge heat, atomize the brakes attached to the water, and eventually eliminate the water on the brake disc, to the brake Dish decontamination and the purpose of drying, to improve the ability to respond to rain, to ensure driving safety. The whole system together to enhance the comfort and safety of the vehicle, I think the Mercedes-Benz brand to do this is really very nuanced.
Q:What is a anti-lock brake system?
Exactly what the name says. When you slam on the brakes, they don't lock up completely, so you don't lose control of the vehicle.
Q:Domestic Wind Turbine Braking System?
Where is the wind mill going to be located? What is the difference between the two systems? Does wind mill technology encourage one method over another?
Q:What does car brake mean?
Car brake generally refers to the performance of the car's braking system, generally 100 km -0 brake distance (often used in car sales), as well as car manufacturers often used in the test 40 km -0 brake distance And so on, NCAP there are dry road and wet slippery road braking performance, etc. Of course, if there is a professional and sometimes there are thermal recession, water recession, etc. Through the means of the car through the poor conditions of the road when the performance There is generally the angle between the straight line and the horizontal line formed by the straight line and the angle formed by the straight line and the horizontal line. The angle formed by the departure angle (the line formed between the rear suspension and the rear wheel tangent) And through the angle (the end of the wheelbase and the two lines between the line formed by the straight line and the horizontal line formed by the angle) of the point, close to the angle refers to the maximum slope can be climbed, the angle is the largest Slope, through the angle generally refers to the ability through the hump. Only so simple to introduce the
Q:Classification of Automotive Braking System
In recent years, the speed of cars has been increasing, and the total weight of trucks and buses has been increasing. In addition, the center of gravity of the car is generally reduced and the use of small diameter wide cross-section of the tire, so that the installation of the brake is limited, so the use of heavy trucks and cars with good braking heat stability can be a growing number of disc brakes. The disc brakes can be divided into clamp disc brakes and full brake two. Disc brakes, also known as disc brakes, the working principle can be used to describe a dish, you use the thumb and forefinger to hold the rotating plate, the plate will stop spinning. The disc brakes on the car are made up of brake oil pumps, a brake disc connected to the wheel and a brake calipers on the disc. Brake, the high-pressure brake oil to promote the piston within the caliper, the brake shoe will be pressed against the brake disc to produce the braking effect. Disc brakes disc brakes sometimes called disc brakes, it is divided into ordinary disc brakes and ventilated disc brakes two. Ventilated disc brakes are a gap between the two brake discs, so that the air flow through the gap, and some ventilation plate is still drilling a lot of circular vent holes in the disk, or cut out in the disk surface ventilation Or prefabricated rectangular vent holes. Ventilation disc brakes use the role of wind, the hot and cold effect better than ordinary disc brakes. The main advantage of the disc brakes is the rapid braking when the high-speed brakes, the cooling effect is better than the drum brakes, the braking performance of the constant good, easy to install like ABS as high-level electronic equipment. The main advantage of the drum brake is the brake shoe less wear, low cost, easy to repair, because the drum brake absolute braking force is much higher than the disc brakes, it is generally used for rear-wheel drive truck.

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