Auto spare parts!ABS brake disc 3501375-KD500

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Auto spare parts HT250 casting trailer and truck brake disc brake disc for truck trailer

1.Truck brake disc nodular graphite iron casting.

2.equipped with Disa sand process line.

3.With ISO9001:2000 and ISo/TS16949:2009 certificates

4.OEM Service/Design Service/Buyer Label.

5.OEM Quality Bearing Design( FIT / FORM / FUNCTION )

6.Wide Product Range(Customers' drawing or samples are accepted)

Auto spare parts iron casting HT250 truck brake disc brake disc

uto spare parts HT250 casting iron trailer and truck brake disc

OEM parts Good quality Competitive price 
Excellent part supply system 
ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949

We will check out the raw materials as well as the finished products strictly under the international standard and the requirements of our clients depending on our various equipment and our powerful analysis capabilities.

We put both process capacities and output capacities under control, so as to guarantee the process capacities are controllable and the process index is reasonable.

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Q:What are the main parts and functions of the car brake system?
Brake pump, cylinder, brake pads (disc)
Q:Brake Calipers, Do the pistons fit flush inside the caliper ?
the piston has to go back far enough to be flush with the caliper, you can't use a c-clamp on the rear calipers to get it back in place as the piston turns in instead of pushing in, not like the front calipers, go to autozone or any auto store and buy the special tool for rear calipers to be able to get the piston pushed back in properly.
Q:1970 Dodge Charger front springs and brakes?
The master Cylinder is shot, It's is leaking because the O-ring on the piston has rotted away. There are rebuild kits avalible for these at Napa and other autoparts stores, however it may be most cost effective and worth more of your time if you where to convert at least the front of the car to front power disk. There are kits avalible, just search on the web or check out any of the sources in Mopar Muscle, or action mopar. the brake system bleeds like any other system. You just need to turn the bleed valve on the wheel cylinder. As far as the spring question, These cars use torsion bars for thier front springs. It's the long bar that runs from the wheels to the center of the front of the car. You adjust these with a large socket and a ton of pressure. Make sure you completely understand how torsion suppention works prior to doing anything with these bars as serious injury can occur. If you need more information, Check out the links I have provided.
Q:has anyone had any problems with the anti-lock brake system?
There is no doubt that riding motorcycles can be dangerous, but then so can working the night shift at the 7-11! You have to make this choice for yourself. No one else can decide if you should ride or not. Personally, I love riding, and even though I have been in one serious wreck, and 2 minor lay-downs, I still ride about 800 to 1000 miles per month on average.
Q:1990 BMW 325 hard stoping on brakes?
in lots of situations mechanics get scared whilst coping with something eu at the same time with a Bimmer. i'm shocked the $25/hr guy exchange into keen to cite as maximum see the vehicle and don't choose to debris with it because it in lots of situations calls for a definite device to retract the caliper piston on the rear and since the different fellow suggested while you at the instant are not used to engaged on ones with sensors and such, they are going to in no way attempt it I say greater perfect wager is a mechanic greater impressive in the european vehicles (albet greater costly) it relatively is going to likely be completed suited and could no longer destroy stuff or get scared and run in the midst of the activity as a fashion to communicate
Q:the brake system warning lights tell u?
It is C, also means your park brake is on.
Q:Jeep ABS Lights/ brakes?
New brake pads will make a pedal feel a bit softer or less firm because of the thicker pad material and it takes a bit of braking to set the pads. The ABS comes on? Do you mean the light or the ABS activates ? You may have an intermittent open circuit on one of the wheel speed sensors. Get the ABS system scanned so you know what's up.
Q:Brake pedal to the floor?
Most likely your brake system was improperly bled. there is probably air in the lines, and needs to be removed for the brake system to operate properly. Call Monro and let them be responsible for getting your car back to their shop for the repair at their expense.
Q:if i put 18 rims on my 1998 chevy malibu do i have to change the whole brake system?
Your braking distance will dramatically increase due to increased rotational inertia. Another poster sited a BMW - but a BMW has much better brakes than a '98 Malibu.
Q:pontiac montana brake fluid input?
Get a long funnel or a peice of hose and preferebly an extra set of eyes. Also if you are having to add fluid you might want to check your rear wheel cylinders. Very common for those to leak on gm minivans.

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