Car Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling For BMW

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Packaging Details:Usually packed by Neutro packing inside,white/colored carton outside
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Japanese car brake pads
1.Good performance of brake pads with long life time
2.No black dust residue
3.Less brake disc wear



Semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic, Non-asbestos.


ISO9001 and TS16949 approved.


-Significantly reduced dust development

-Practically noise-free

-Better rim appearance

-Greater comfort

-No brake judder

-Better environmental protection

-Lower repair costs

-Very safe

4.The price will be sent to you soon after get your OEM or Drawings.

We are trying to do our work better to improve our products so that we can make all of our customers' satisfied. All inquires will be greatly appreciated.


Product Name:  car brake pads
MATERIAL:Semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic, Non-asbestos
Life Timeabove 40000kms
PRODUCT FEATURES:1) High friction coefficient, Low noise,Wear resistant;
2) Good thermal recession and recovery;
3) Good performance of water proof;
4) Friction coefficient:0.25-0.4/0.30-0.40/0.40-0.50/0.50-0.60
5) long life time


1.Inner box Neutral box white good quality the size accords to product size.

2.Can be according to client requirement and use client brand.

picture of brake pad:

Car Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling For BMW

Car Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling For BMW

Car Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling For BMW











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Q:What is the difference between a four-wheel disc brake and a rear disc in a car brake system?
Hello and drum brakes compared to the advantages of disc brakes are: 1. Thermal stability is better. This is because the brake disc on the friction pad friction-free effect, but also because the brake friction pad size is not long, the working surface area of ​​the brake disc area is only 12% to 6%, so the heat it is good. 2. Water stability is better. Because the brake pad on the disk unit pressure is high, easy to squeeze out the water, while the role of centrifugal force after the water is also easy to get rid of, coupled with the pad on the disc wipe effect, so after the water only by One, the second brake that can return to normal; and drum brakes are required to go through more than ten times the brake can be restored to normal braking performance. 3. Good braking stability. The brake torque of the disc brake is linearly related to the piston thrust and friction coefficient of the brake cylinder, and the self-propelled force is added. Therefore, the braking torque increases more slowly during the braking process. Compared with the drum brake, Can guarantee high braking stability. 4. The braking torque is independent of the vehicle's forward and backward travel. 5. The quality and size of the disc brakes are smaller than the drum type under the condition of outputting the same braking torque. 6. Disc-type friction pad than the drum-type friction lining after wear easier to replace, the structure is also relatively simple, easy maintenance. 7. The gap between the brake disc and the friction lining is small (0.05 ~ 0.15mm), which shortens the operation time of the cylinder piston and increases the force transmission ratio of the brake drive mechanism. 8. The thermal expansion of the brake disc does not cause the brake pedal stroke loss as the thermal expansion of the brake drum, which also simplifies the design of the gap automatic adjustment device.
Q:Subway vehicles generally use what braking system
Subway vehicles generally use the hybrid braking method, divided into electric brake and air brake, electric brake is divided into regenerative braking and resistance braking. Many of the air brake using the German company can be the company's brake system, the latest is the EP2002 digital brake system, can effectively prevent the vehicle's taxi and idling phenomenon. Regenerative brake is the brake when the motor into a generator using the inertia of the train power generation and the power sent back to the contact (contact rail), in the contact (contact rail) voltage exceeds the limit when the time through the brake cut The oscillator converts the electrical energy from the motor to the braking resistor into heat energy into the air. Under normal circumstances the use of electric brake priority, the electric brake is not enough to meet the braking requirements when the use of air brake. The braking priority is: regenerative braking, resistance braking, air brake. Overall, the electric brake system in the knorr air brake system + traction system. Have the opportunity we can learn together
Q:Hzy3 brake fluid and hzy4 brake fluid which is better
Of course, HXY4 is good, but need to be based on the specific model to determine the car. The brake fluid is a liquid medium that transmits the brake pressure in the hydraulic brake system and is used in a vehicle using a hydraulic brake system. Brake fluid, also known as brake oil or forced oil, its English name Brake Fluid, is an indispensable part of the braking system brake, and in the braking system, it is as a force transmission medium, because the liquid is Can not be compressed, so the pressure from the master cylinder will be directly passed through the brake fluid to the cylinder. 2, the high boiling point, high temperature does not produce air resistance; 3, the use of small changes in the quality of the process, does not cause the metal parts (1), the quality of the brake fluid is good, And rubber parts of the corrosion and deterioration; 4, long time does not produce precipitation and particles.
Q:Question about the cars braking system?
Yes the front brakes apply first and the harder you depress the brakes than the rear start assisting. But, the master cylinder where the break fluid is stored the front storage is the rear & the rear is for the front. Hope this helps and have a great day!
Q:Inside the car brake system which contains accessories
Brake shoe, drum brake disc, drum air compressor front and rear brake chamber. Vacuum booster brake assembly hydraulic brake master cylinder, cylinder anti-lock braking system ABS
Q:Brake System Problem?
Probably losing it in the booster through the master cyl. reason for the pedal to the floor problem
Q:Flight regenerative braking system?
Probably not practical. The very high peak powers involved would require a lot of heavy generators, inverters, batteries. These would be used only for a minute or two when landing. And the heavy equipment has to be carried for the entire flight, with resulting extra fuel used, plus reduced capacity, which means a few less passengers. The few dollars of electricity recovered would be far outweighed by the (my guess) hundreds if not thousands of dollars lost in fuel costs or passenger revenue. And you would still need the regular brakes as a backup. The above assumes just regenerative braking on the ground. If you want to use some kind of regenerative braking in the air, you would need to replace the flaps with something equivalent that has small propellers running generators. I don't know how practical this is, how you would extend them into the slipstream and retract them when not needed, where they would be stored, and most important, how they affect the aerodynamics of the aircraft. Plus their reliability. Flaps are reliable and have never failed that I know of. .
Q:What are the components of the car brake system?
The simplest is: brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, brake shoe, brake tubing
Q:mercedes benz e320 sensitive brakes?
bring it to the dealer the braking system is called (sbc) sensor tronic brakes the pump is warranty for 15yr. of sale date to the car also should be service every two yr. by a dealer should be checked for update by there sds (scan tool) and have the back up brake battery checked and tested by the dealer they should help you this is system is not be done by any other shop only M.B. dealer
Q:Antilock brakes system?
Prevents the wheels from locking due to extreme braking and allows the driver to stop the car in a shorter distance whle having full control of the car. This system was pioneered in Formula 1, but it was banned along with many other electronic aids (traction control, which became legal again in 2003; launch control, active suspension etc.) at the end of the 1993 season.

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