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Packaging Details:Usually packed by Neutro packing inside,white/colored carton outside
Delivery Detail:within 30 days after deposit


Japanese car brake pads
1.Good performance of brake pads with long life time
2.No black dust residue
3.Less brake disc wear



Semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic, Non-asbestos.


ISO9001 and TS16949 approved.


-Significantly reduced dust development

-Practically noise-free

-Better rim appearance

-Greater comfort

-No brake judder

-Better environmental protection

-Lower repair costs

-Very safe

4.The price will be sent to you soon after get your OEM or Drawings.

We are trying to do our work better to improve our products so that we can make all of our customers' satisfied. All inquires will be greatly appreciated.


Product Name:  car brake pads
MATERIAL:Semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic, Non-asbestos
Life Timeabove 40000kms
PRODUCT FEATURES:1) High friction coefficient, Low noise,Wear resistant;
2) Good thermal recession and recovery;
3) Good performance of water proof;
4) Friction coefficient:0.25-0.4/0.30-0.40/0.40-0.50/0.50-0.60
5) long life time


1.Inner box Neutral box white good quality the size accords to product size.

2.Can be according to client requirement and use client brand.

picture of brake pad:

Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling

Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling

Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling











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Q:hi there, i was wondering if anyone knew what i could do here i bought a project 1970 dodge charger about 3 weeks ago and the previous owner said he installed new brake pads [drum brakes on all 4 corners] but when i push the pedal, it makes a squishy noise, goes to the floor, and just comes right back up. it is also leaking at the firewall where the pedal goes into. i‘m probably thinking this guy didn‘t bleed the system, or the master cylinder is out. how could i tell if it‘s either or? and how do you bleed a drum brake system on this car? and why is it leaking in area? [only leaks when you press the pedal down] so right now, i have no brakes on the car. the e-brake doesn‘t work either. and my last question, me and a few others were looking at the front suspension and noticed there isn‘t any springs, my father owned a ‘69 back in the late 70‘s and my friend‘s father owned a ‘68 back then too, they couldn‘t remember if it had front springs or not, theres no cupping area for a spring?
nob head i love your question but valiant runs torsion bar front end which do not use springs (torsion bar ) throw pin on brake pedal is possibly adjusted to far into the master cylinder there for allowing no pressure other wise check slave cylinders for boot leakage
Q:I have 2009 toyota Camry 4 cyclinder automatic. My abs system was stolen out of it and they cut the steel brake lines found to it instead of detaching it. From what I know the abs is like a extra support for newer cars in case they spin our of control l or something. The dealer is saying I have no brake and if u drive the car it will not stop. There saying they have to bleed the air out and all this staff.So do I NEED the abs or can I drive without it for a while. Also what is he talking about when he says he needs to bleed the brakes????
Unless you are going to do all the cutting, threading, piping, and hook ups yourself, the cost for installation of stainless steel pipe would be so high, because every piece of pipe has to be threaded and screwed together. Although the stainless steel pipe would last longer, the installation costs would be triple that of copper. I know that copper is at all time highs, right now, but the stainless pipe is still twice as expensive. I'm not sure, but I think that you need special dies to thread the stainless steel pipe. Stainless pipe comes unthreaded, therefore, every piece of pipe you will need, has to be threaded first. Back when labor prices were cheap, all residential piping was done with galvanized steel pipe. This is when plumbers made $1.00 an hour. Nowadays, plumbers average anywhere from $15-$35 an hour, so it isn't very cost effective to have this type of piping installed. I have only seen it used in commercial applications, that pass the cost on to consumers. I hope this answers your question! Good luck!
Q:Can someone give me the procedures to gravity bleed a brake system?
This Site Might Help You. RE: gravity bleeding a brake system? Can someone give me the procedures to gravity bleed a brake system?
Q:with brake cleaner pressurized and replaceing the master cylinder?
Fluid in the brake reservoir does not circulate throughout the system so the fluid you put in should still be in the reservoir empty it clean it out with rag or something and then refill. This should fix your problem. Avoid flushing because this will force contaminants into system.
Q:put in abs system now when brake, makes heavy thump sound?
The abs system works like pumping the brakes to keep wheels from sliding. Perhaps you didn't bleed the air out of the system well enough. Some part of the system may not be isolated from the car to dampen the pulsations.
Q:I like the Nissan Leaf electric cars, but the anti-lock braking system has been known to have possible problems locking up. How much would it cost to have the system removed from the car?
You can't. No shop would attempt to. If you were to get in an accident after a shop removed the ABS, then they could be found partially at fault for the accident. If it is having problems, have the dealer fix it. If it is a recall problem, then it will be fixed for free. If it is just something you heard about, then it is just a rumor.
Q:I have hayes disk brakes, and I have to pull the lever all the way in for them to lock out. How do I make it so the lever is nice and tight?
on you brake lever theres a screw type thing where the wire goes in unscrew that to tighten the wire if that doesnt help without the screw soming out then you will have to cut the wire shorter and unles you know how i would recomend taking it to a bikeshop
Q:I am looking for brand new brake parts that are as follows: drilled and slotted rotors hopefully 12 - 13 in diameter and heavy duty four piston calipers with a combination of metallic and carbon fiber brakes for a 2003 Honda CRV with four wheel drive and four wheel disc. Does any one know where you can find these parts?
My first question is why? A good brake set will set you back a few grand. You may also need new rims if your brakes are too big(13 inch brakes are huge BTW). You also drive a small SUV so those brakes would likely be overkill. Anyways the best name in that stuff is Brembo. You may want to check on a dedicated CRV forum.
Q:Or is the braking syst linked together? My bike went down on the right side and severed my brake line just below the reservoir which is located under the seat. I need to know if I will loose all braking capabilities or just my rear braking.
either way squease hand brake if it works your ok and really just replace brake line not that hard better than riding without brake most bikes ive been on has front master an drear master on eby foot other on handle bar
Q:I have a 2000 Mazda Protege recently my Mechanic Friend next door replaced the Brakes all the way round on the car. Also he put a new Axle Hub on the right rear axel. The problem is that after the car sits overnight and when I first hit the in the morning or only a damp rainy day there is a terrible squeal in the right rear wheel at times it even sounds like metal rubbing on metal. Can anyone tell me what the problem is could it be the new Chinese made Axel Hub that was put on the car ?
Brakes could be to tight , needs to adjust them.

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