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Packaging Details:Usually packed by Neutro packing inside,white/colored carton outside
Delivery Detail:within 30 days after deposit


Japanese car brake pads
1.Good performance of brake pads with long life time
2.No black dust residue
3.Less brake disc wear



Semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic, Non-asbestos.


ISO9001 and TS16949 approved.


-Significantly reduced dust development

-Practically noise-free

-Better rim appearance

-Greater comfort

-No brake judder

-Better environmental protection

-Lower repair costs

-Very safe

4.The price will be sent to you soon after get your OEM or Drawings.

We are trying to do our work better to improve our products so that we can make all of our customers' satisfied. All inquires will be greatly appreciated.


Product Name:  car brake pads
MATERIAL:Semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic, Non-asbestos
Life Timeabove 40000kms
PRODUCT FEATURES:1) High friction coefficient, Low noise,Wear resistant;
2) Good thermal recession and recovery;
3) Good performance of water proof;
4) Friction coefficient:0.25-0.4/0.30-0.40/0.40-0.50/0.50-0.60
5) long life time


1.Inner box Neutral box white good quality the size accords to product size.

2.Can be according to client requirement and use client brand.

picture of brake pad:

Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling

Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling

Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling











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Q:I had my brakes done in July, pads, flush system, etc?
I doubt you bought the wrong fluid as most is now DOT 3. They just said that to cover their butts for not flushing, bleeding, nor properly filling your brake system the first time. That's why they didn't charge you the second time because they already charged you for work they didn't do. They could have killed you and they know it. Never go back to that garage. Check the inside surfaces of all your tires to see if there is any leaked fluid (wet spots) on the tires or ground over the next few days. Also, pop the hood and check to see if the brake fluid level in the master cylinder is not dropping. If either checks show leaking then take you car to a new garage and get the brake system checked. Chances are it OK and that garage did a crappy job.
Q:what different styles of braking systems are used on the hotrods at the show?
They use the same braking system as other cars on the road. But the older cars like 1870 threw 1935 used a cable and rod drum system. That is why alot of hot rodder like my self change over to a newer system.
Q:I want to convert my hyundai elantra 04 rear brake drum into a rotor/disk brakes.?
If you are looking for performance brakes system, you are looking at the entire system in your car, so you need to convert/modify 4 of them at the same time. This can be costly by doing that and I'm not sure if you have already upgraded/modified your engine as of now. Otherwise I wouldn't bother the brake so much if it still has the original engine under the hood.
Q:I got my brakes fixed but theyre still squeaking?
Hard to say, define whole new brake system. Did you have new rotors put in or have the old ones turned true? It is possible you friend did not get all the air bled out of the brake lines. Tell him what is going on, if he is a mechanic he should be able to find the problem. There is something wrong though, new brakes should not squeak if they were properly installed or redone.
Q:Really need help!! If you have ABS on your car the best way to use the brake system is to?
Steady pressure to the pedal. ABS takes care of pumping the brake for you so you don't have to.
Q:New rider, 01 GSXR600- I can hear my brakes scratching? Help ?
One of the advantages of a hydraulic disc brake system is that it's self-adjusting. On the downside, this nicety often makes it hard to determine if the pads are worn without physically inspecting them. One indicator of pad wear is the fluid level in the master cylinder. As the pads wear the caliper piston moves farther out in its bore. Fluid from the master cylinder must then fill the space behind the piston. The first clue that the pads need an eyeballing may be a drop in the brake-fluid level. Typically, brake pads will have some sort of visual indicator to let you know how much life is left. These may be painted strips, slots cut into the pads or a step milled into the pad material. As the pad wears, so do the indicators. When they disappear, it's time to replace the pad. Some manufacturers may specify a minimum thickness for the pad material. In most instances this is somewhere between 2.0 and 1.5mm. The wear indicators are visible without removing the pads from the caliper, though you might need to remove an inspection cover to see them. I'm not sure on the GSXR's. If you wait until you can hear the metal against metal grating of the pads grinding through the rotor, and assuming you get the bike stopped without hitting whatever it is you're trying to avoid, consider the pads and rotors trashed beyond redemption.
Q:2000 Chevy S10 brake problems.?
It is plain and simple you have air in the brake system. Whoever put he brakes and all other parts on and the bicycle mekaniks that bled the brakes had no clue as to what they were doing. You need a brake specialty shop not a dealer. Tell them exactly what was replaced as master cylinder replacement needs special attention when bleeding.
Q:My 2002 Nissan braking system making squeezing noise when the speed is below 30km ,?
probably the brake pads rubbing the rotors. most new pads have a warning system built into them that will make the brakes squeak when they need replaced. if that's the case, you need to replace the pads. if they're not worn out, someone makes a can of de-squeak for brakes. it can be found at most auto parts stores
Q:Brake line diagrams needed?
Brake line diagram? Hydraulic lines or electrical lines for ABS wheel sensors? If you're talking about the hydraulic lines, there is no diagram. They just go from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve to the wheels. Current brake system technology has the L/F and R/R wheels on one master cylinder hydraulic circuit and the R/F and L/R wheels on the other. What problem are you having, exactly? What is it that you can't finish without a brake line diagram?
Q:anitlock brakes and transistors?
There will be a lot of transistors but all hidden inside integrated circuits. There will be a pulse amplifier from each wheel and something that detects lock conditions and compares all the wheels and a servo to deactivate the brakes until lock is released. Are you sure you didn't mean transducer? That would be a more interesting question.

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