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Auto spare parts HT250 casting trailer and truck brake disc brake disc for truck trailer

1.Truck brake disc nodular graphite iron casting.

2.equipped with Disa sand process line.

3.With ISO9001:2000 and ISo/TS16949:2009 certificates

4.OEM Service/Design Service/Buyer Label.

5.OEM Quality Bearing Design( FIT / FORM / FUNCTION )

6.Wide Product Range(Customers' drawing or samples are accepted)

Auto spare parts iron casting HT250 truck brake disc brake disc

uto spare parts HT250 casting iron trailer and truck brake disc

OEM parts Good quality Competitive price 
Excellent part supply system 
ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949

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Q:Yesterday i drove my truck for the first time in six weeks and completley lost my braking ability. The pedal went all the way to the floor and my truck hardly even slowed down as I was going 35. I hit the parking brake and nothing happened either. I coasted to a stop on the shoulder and saw that my ABS light was on. I saw that my brake fluid was well below the add line so i filled it back up. After pressing the brakes again there was almost no difference and the fluid level dropped down again. I eventually realized that if i drove under 10 mph i could stop the truck but i had to depress the pedal all the way down and it would very slowly come to a stop. Im sure i have a leak but to my understanding there are two units controlled by the master cylinder to prevent near total brake loss if you have a leak. Does anyone have any idea where it could be coming from that would render the brakes usless over 10mph? Thanks
losing brake fluid is a definite sign of a leak in your braking system. start by looking under your truck, specifically the inside of your tires and brake backing plates, if you see wetness you probably found your leak. do not do this on a rainy day as water and brake fluid can look alike. also with your truck sitting for 6 weeks, seals at calipers get hard and wheel cylinders if you have rear drum brakes tend to leak after a vehicle has set up for a while
Q:is the e-brake built into the caliper? b/c the associate told me it wasnt and that was another issue outside of the caliper.i need to know how they are connected and if they are connected.
The E-brake is built into the caliper Only on cars with 4 wheel disc brakes. most cars have disc up front and drum brakes on the rear. Like all others, we need MAKE_MODEL_YEAR to answer completely
Q:What is the best quality choice for a performance brake system?
Stock. If you lift it, that means bigger tires; bigger tires equals more gas.
Q:i have 2000 chevy blazer 2 door utility and every time i start my vehicle the ABS and the brake light always appear and stay permanent while the vehicle is on.I just wanna know if this is ok to use even though the light is on and if not will you tell me how to fix it
I had the same problem with my 1999 Olds Bravada which is pretty much the same SUV it ended up being a ABS sensor on RT front wheel I would get it fixed ASAP Evan though you have normal brake operation except ABS they can hook up to computer and find out whats up. It's all computer controlled crap not like the old days where all you really did was change pads or shoes!!!
Q:I have been having trouble shifting out of park.I press on the brakes, lights come on and everything, but I can‘t seem to get it out of park and the brake pedal would get real stiff when I press on it. It used to happen once or twice a week, but now its happening every day. When I press on the brakes I hear a hissing sound which I know is a dead ringer for air in the brakes. Now, my question is this: Since I have air in my brakes, is that the reason why I‘m having trouble putting my car into gear OR could that possibly be a separate unrelated problem? Thanks so much.
A hissing sound when you step on your brakes is a defective brake booster, this should not have any effect of being not able to move the shift selector for the trans from one gear to another. You have a seperate problem.gl
Q:When does an anti-lock braking system start to work?
When the wheel sensors detect that one of the wheels is not spinning, while the others are.
Q:suggest me to replace the brake master cylinder/brake booster with a bigger one.is it work if i do that?Please help.
dont listen to alex. drum brakes use brake shoes.not pads. if you have pads, you have disc brakes. if the brake pedal is squishy/mushy or slowly travels to the floor while holding the pedal with constant pressure you likely have one of the following problems: 1. air in one of the brake lines 2. bad brake booster 3. bad master cylinder if you have abs, it can be a lot of other problems including the ABS unit itself.
Q:My back right Brake/Wheel Cylinder keeps bursting. In the last 6 months I have replaced it 3 times. The last two times being in the last 2 weeks. Each time I‘ve replaced it I‘ve replaced the brake shoe, that was ruined from brake fluid that leaked from the cylinder, the entire Spring kit, and of course the Cylinder itself. And yes, the brakes were bled before replacing each time. Also, the left brake system is never ruined. The shoe,Cylinder,and Spring Kit were all still good each time. Regardless I replaced both sides each time. What could be the problem?
Sounds like your brake drum is the cause. I'll bet dinner that the drum has been machined too much and the maximum inside diameter has been exceeded. Many modern drums can only be turned one time and then must be replaced. Replace both brake drums with new ones and you should be good to go.
Q:Imagine you have a R/C car but in a big scale, where its weight is around 300 lbs. or so. What kind of braking system can be installed? As far as I know, for small R/C car, to brake the car, we can decrease the voltage input. However, for a big car, when it is moving fast, there is a lot of momentum even when the input voltage is shut off. How would it brake?
If the drive motor is a permanent magnet DC motor, you may use regenerative braking, that is shorting the motor terminals after the supply has been removed. Lenz's Law then brings the vehicle to a stop.
Q:Brake light and abs lights are on. Emergency brake pedal has no braking effect when depressed.
The emergency brake cable is adjusted under the floor boards of the left rear passengers seat. You also have something else going on with your ABS braking system as the emergency brake cable adjustment has nothing to do with the ABS system. You didn't bother listing the year make and model of your car so I don't know what type of ABS readers your wheel hubs has! Some readers are mounted through the spindles and read the speed at which the large toothed ring spins on the reverse side of the wheel bearing hub. Some cars have electronic cable that plugs into the back side of the wheel hub bearing. If the ABS reader is bad inside the hub it's necessary to replace the wheel bearing.

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