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I am taking my road test for my motorcycle license soon and had a few questions about the test. I am wondering what I am expected to do? when and how do I signal? Do I have to signal with my hands and blinkers?Do I signal during a figure 8? Do I signal during A circle?Any other advice would be great I don‘t know anyone with there license so I am a bit confused.Any and all advice would be great.Thanks!
The entire test was some left circles, followed by right circles followed by a couple of figure 8s. Then I exited the parking lot, made a full stop at a sign, turned left 2 blocks to another left did a u-turn in parking lot and came back the same way. When entering the street, come to a full stop and look both ways before going. When you stop, put your right foot on the rear brake Have all your paperwork in order. Its pretty easy.
how do you bleed brake lines on motorcycles?
fill master with fluid open bleed valve on caliper pull lever in half way tie with string gravity will let the fluid flow from the master to the open bleed valve. ( a hose attached to the valve will allow you to collect it) I just catch it in a container throw old fluid keep topping the master cylinder up as it flows through when you get a clear stream at the bleed valve with no air bubbles lock off the bleed valve top up master cylinder untie lever. should now have brakes
I recently locked up my front brakes on my motorcycle. Causing it to skid for about 25 feet. Do i need to replace the tire?
no just look at the condition of the tire how did you mange to control the bike?
i learned that u can brake w/o gear changes in emergencies but do ppl brake like that all the time or only for emergencies? and do u always press the clutch when u brake?
Personally I downshift a LOT, but when I need to Emergency brake I always pull the Clutch in to Disengage the Engine. However most motorcycles have motor drag when you let off the throttle which has a slowing effect. In the state of and Emergency I suggest applying both brakes and Downshifting.
Rainy day brake useless, the faster the brake, is not the wrong brake pads?
Rainy day slip, the car will automatically start ABS anti-lock car kill system. Good car ah
are motorcycle titles linked to the frame or engine?
So.your clutch lever is lower than your brake lever? Well.when you removed the clutch lever, did you loosen the housing? The housing of it clamps around the handle bar. You loosen it and turn it to where you want it, so that the lever is comfortable.
Given that the brakes impart to the motorcycle a constant negative acceleration a and that the haywagon is moving with speed v1in the same direction as the motorcycle, show that the motorcyclist can avoid collision only if he is traveling at a speed less than v1+ sq.rt (2 lals).
Solve to see what velocity he'll have to be going to just hit the wagon as he comes to a stop. If he's going at velocity v0 and the time it takes him to come to a stop is t, then he will travel a distance x given by x v0 * t + (1/2) * a * t^2 During that time, the wagon will travel a distance d v1 * t So if the total distance the motorcyclist travels, x, is equal to s + (v1 * t), the two will end up in the same spot. x v0 * t + (1/2) * a * t^2 s + v1 * t (call this equation 1) v0 * t + (1/2) * a * t^2 - s - (v1 * t) 0 Now gather all the terms involving similar terms of t: (1/2 * a) t^2 + (v0 - v1) t - s 0 This is a quadratic equation of the standard form Ax^2 + Bx + C, where A (1/2) * a B (v0 - v1) C -s Plug and chug through the quadratic equation to solve for t ,the length of time it will take the motorcyclist to stop, in terms of a,v0, v1, and s. You should get a positive and negative value for t; only the positive one is valid for this problem. Plug the value of t back into equation1 above, only change the sign to a sign. Lots of algebra involved, but you should end up with the right answer.
I have a Hyosung gt250r and recently broke my brake handle, do they sell universal brake handles?
No they are not universal. They are model specific.