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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

1)precise metal machining parts

2)aluminum machining parts

3)small order availbale

4)material:aluminum,steel,stainless steel

Detailed Parts Description:

*precise metal machining hardware parts

*metal hardware parts in auto,hydralic,medical,vessel,general machinery industries.

*kinds of material available: aluminum alloy, carbon steel,stainless steel,copper,brass,etc

*process available: die casting, gravity casting,stamping,punching,drilling,threading,CNC lathe and machining,turning,etc.

*welcome OEM drawings in pdf,jpeg,tiff,dwg,dxf, igs,step,stp

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Q:The basis of the material and pay off the results of the table is how to fill in the format ah? Thank you more
In general, after the construction plan, Party will invite the surveying and mapping brigade to the construction side of a planning report, the above red line and the construction of red line, mapping team will put these lines will be released
Q:Special requirements of the building materials for special equipment, process lines, etc. can be designated by the design unit What is the description of the wrong?
Article 22 of the Regulations on Quality Management of Construction Projects stipulates that the construction materials, building fittings and equipment used in the design documents shall specify the technical specifications such as specifications, models and performance, and the quality requirements must meet the standards stipulated by the State The In addition to special requirements of the building materials, special equipment, production lines, the design unit shall not specify the production plant, suppliers. It should be expressed as: the special requirements of the building materials for equipment, production lines and other manufacturers, suppliers can be designated by the design unit.
Q:My house decoration, I like gypsum decoration line, and like to use the curtain box. But the use of wooden boxes and gypsum stick to it. Would like to ask, what other materials to create curtains, especially with gypsum connected? More
A lot of home is a ceiling, directly leaving the dark slot as a curtain box, there are wall directly to the location as a curtain box, but the curtain box shallow a little, there are many with the joinery and then brush the same angle paint. Look at your actual situation.
Q:Simple modern decoration TV back wall with what material is good
The background wall can be travertine, tiles, sandstone, relief, wood carving, gold foil, wallpaper, soft package, the side of the silver mirror mirror mirror can also be gypsum board pumping tank latex paint, edge can be used stone lines, , Gypsum lines, titanium, stainless steel. You can search the Internet under the "interior decoration map Daquan" can find a lot about the decoration effect map information, of course, more interior decoration information suggest you to the professional home network reference to understand, hope to help you!
Q:What are the main types of paper gypsum board on the market now? For example, there are pure gypsum board, desulfurization gypsum board, phosphogypsum board, what is the difference between them? The more detailed the better Oh
000 households for compensation, claims up to 2
Q:What is the new way to buy building materials? How can we avoid rebate? To buy decoration materials have no skills?
You buy a more famous brand of ordinary goods on the line
Q:Engage in decoration selected half of the package, engage in the first day of hydropower projects suddenly let us immediately buy the strength of the box because the day will be installed, the results of hurry to buy bad and expensive, that decoration companies should tell us at least one day in advance it is good. Afraid of what must be prepared to let us rush to buy, so would like to ask this half-package what things to buy in advance to get anxious when the current water and electricity has been completed. Other cabinet floor tiles and other large pieces are ready, that is, do not understand the details of the small things added: who knows the details of these things, we have asked all the details of the problem, these little things we do not understand them Did not say more ah
There are some cabinet hardware, the other you can say hello in advance, did not say hello to sign a half package contract, serve your gas
Q:What are the differences between the eight different colors of the wire in the material?
I would like to ask is not a few lines to send the signal is the number of lines to receive the signal, I would like to ask why the 568A or 568B must be the order of the order of the order, each line of material and conductivity is not the same? I directly on both sides of the channel color corresponding to it? Such as both sides are by 1. orange white 2. orange 3. blue and white 4. blue 5. green and white 6. green 7. brown white 8. brown so take it? As long as the two sides are not on the corresponding straight line? Why have to use 568A and 568B color order! More
Q:What kind of material does the general ground wire use? What specifications? Is a cable, high pressure. 10KV.
Diameter HPB10mm galvanized round steel to do the grounding network, bridging, with 4 * 40 galvanized steel lead welding connection grounding.
Q:For the hotel, hospitals, office buildings, residential and other buildings, for the wire tube material selection, there is no relevant specification is clearly what material? Whether it is PVC pipe or galvanized pipe, or other materials, in the unknown. Detailed, I will give more points more
Of course, with PVC pipe, because PVC pipe insulation effect of flame retardant, and inexpensive, is generally no substitute for other materials! The The
We're ISO9001:2000, ISO/TS16949 certified. We received "Excellent Supplier" award in last year by BorgWarner. We do inspection in every stage of production to guarantee quality.We have skillful engineers to give you the best offer and technical solution for your drawings and samples.We warmly welcome your inquiry and visit. All of your inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

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