Cheap Price truck tire flap for Egypt market 12.00R24

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Product Description:

1.) Factory directly with  more than 22 years experience

2.) Imported virgin rubber from Thailand,India and Malaysia

3.) 100% inspection piece by piece before shipped out

4.) Long service life

5.) Wide range of sizes

Tyre flap:

flap weight width
9.75-18 2.1kg200mm
1400-24 4.0kg280mm
16/70-20 4.0kg280mm
1400-20 3.5kg280mm
23.5-25 9.5kg500mm
26.5-25 11kg510mm
17.5-25 5.5kg350mm
20.5-25 7.5kg410mm
600-9 1.0kg160mm
650-10 1.1kg160mm
700-9 1.1kg160mm
700-12 1.1kg170mm
825-12 1.2kg175mm

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Q:what is the difference between 205/55zr16 tires and 205/55hr16 tires?
Z tires have a higher speed rating than the H. they tend to hold their form at consistant high speeds 100mph plus for extended time periods
Q:what size rim goes with my size tire?
33 is the diameter of the tire (top to bottom) 12.50 is the width of the tire-12 and a half inches. 17 is the rim size, not sure about the E the wheel width depends on the vehicle, 17X8 would be a safe bet. some trucks and suv's cant go any wider without spacers or a lift kit.
Q:How many kilometers of car tires are guaranteed
Tire quality of the three packs is: half of the pattern above the bubble, degumming, and some manufacturers of tires are also within the scope of three bags, these problems are all replacement, the tires are not wear and tear, Tires are now basically charged with wear and tear.
Q:What does the car tires represent above?
For example: 235 / 70R16 235 is the maximum width of the cross section of the tire is 235 mm, 70 is the flat ratio, R is the representative of the radial tire, 16 on behalf of the tire diameter of 16 inches
Q:is loud tire noise common on cheap tires? I have cheap tires on my ford focus and they are loud. Is that norm?
BFG's are usually pretty good tires. But if you got them from Wal-Mart or something then they're gonna be the worst of the worst. So yes, it could just be that you went too cheap on your tires.
Q:Tire costs?
Stay there, save some money, invite me to move in with you and then we can move to Milan together! :) Kidding of course! But hey, Italia is a place that I've always wanted to go to! My suggestion is to stay and save $ so you have a backup for when you go to a place where you want to go and spend a lot of $ on rent, etc.
Well, 4 season tires would last a bit longer summer tires would handle a bit better since their rubber is a bit softer. Michelin and Pirelli are usually is the brand to go for, they're expensive but are high quality tires here a link
Q:2 different size tires?
no you can,t ! 2 different size tires it will be hard to hold it on the road ! look on the door sticker and use the size the factory calls for clean around the car !
Q:Winter tires for trailers?
Sounds like you have the gain set too high on your electric trailer brake control head, and they locked up. Either that or your trailer tires are bald.
Q:The working steps of the balancing machine for automobile tires
The specific operation steps of the tire balancing machine are as follows: 1. Clear the soil, stone and old balance block on the wheel to be measured. 2. Check the tire pressure as necessary. 3. Select the cone according to the size of the center hole of the rim , Carefully tighten the wheel and tighten it with a large pitch nut. 4. Turn on the wheel balance machine power switch and check that the panel indicating the control unit is indicated correctly. 5. Measure the rim width L, rim diameter D (also from And the A, D, and L values ​​are used to indicate the distance between the rim of the rim and the distance from the chassis, and then use the key or selector knob to align the measured values. 6 Put down the wheel guard, press the start button, wheel rotation, balance test start, automatic acquisition of data. 7 wheel automatically stops or hear "DI" sound After pressing the stop key and manipulate the brake device to stop the wheel, read the wheel inside and outside the unbalanced and unbalanced position from the pointing device. 8 Lift the wheel guard and slowly turn the wheel by hand. The rotation is stopped when the pointing device is instructed (sound, indicator light, brake, display dot matrix or display detection data, etc.). The weight of the side counter is displayed on the inside of the rim or the upper portion (clock 12 o'clock position) of the rim. Inside and outside with separate, balanced block card to be strong. 9 After installing the balance block, it is possible to create a new imbalance, and then re-balance the training until the unbalanced amount of <5g (0.3oz), indicating that the device shows "00" or "OK" to be satisfied. When the amount of imbalance is about 10G or so, if you can move along the rim edge of the balance block a certain angle, will be able to obtain satisfactory results. Practical experience, the faster the balance. 10 end of the test, turn off the power switch.

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