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How to choose cleaning fluid for ultrasonic cleaner?
Acid cleaning solutions and bleaching agents should normally be avoided because they can damage stainless steel tanks or cause harm
What about the damage to the power tube of the ultrasonic cleaner?
When the power tube is connected on the main board, the resistance value of both sides of the power tube can be measured by a multimeter. Under normal conditions, it should be around 22 ohms
Is the contact lens ultrasonic cleaner useful?
The eyes in the secretions of some large protein molecules into contact lens care solution, the decomposition of protease protein decomposition after the residue will be on the surface of the lens, so also need some physical forces pulled out, with ultrasound or finger radial clear lens, then rinse with nursing liquid
What about the damage to the ultrasonic cleaner?
Take out insurance to watch, no fracture, with a multimeter through interrupted measurement is disconnected, the replacement of new devices
Can the ultrasonic cleaner clean the stains on the clothes?
Ultrasonic cleaning of hard goods is better, clothes are too soft, absorb shock wave, cavitation effect is too bad, not clean
What are some of the ultrasonic cleaners?
The cleaning speed is fast, the cleaning effect is good, the cleanness is high, the cleanness of the workpiece is consistent, and the surface of the workpiece is not damaged.
Why do ultrasonic cleaners require special cleaning solutions for cleaning?
A cleaning solution contains a variety of ingredients that achieve the best cleaning effect. For example, reducing the surface tension of a liquid can increase the cavitation strength, while an ultrasonic cleaning solution contains a wetting agent or a surfactant component.
What are the characteristics of an ultrasonic cleaner?
With solution heating automatic device, temperature control range: room temperature