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How to choose cleaning fluid for ultrasonic cleaner?
Acid cleaning solutions and bleaching agents should normally be avoided because they can damage stainless steel tanks or cause harm
What about the damage to the ultrasonic cleaner's transducer?
The internal ceramic of transducer will break because of long-term use, so that it can not work properly.
What are the reasons for not cleaning the ultrasonic cleaner?
When the ultrasonic cleaning machine turns on the power switch, the indicator light is on, but there is no ultrasonic output
How to achieve the best cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaner?
There are many conditions that can determine the final cleaning effect, the most important of which is the selection of the appropriate cleaning solution
What are the range of ultrasonic cleaners?
Machinery industry: rust oil removal; measuring cleaning; mechanical parts degreasing, rust; the engine, carburetor and auto parts cleaning; filter, filter dredge, cleaning and so on.
What problems should we pay attention to when using ultrasonic cleaners?
When cleaning liquid is changed, the ultrasonic cleaning machine should be stopped
What about the damage to the ultrasonic cleaner?
Take out insurance to watch, no fracture, with a multimeter through interrupted measurement is disconnected, the replacement of new devices
What are the characteristics of an ultrasonic cleaner?
Equipped with ultrasonic cleaning timing device, set up within 1~60 minutes