Winda 195/50R15 for Passenger Car Tires EU Standard Semi Steel Radial Tyre Passenger Car Tires

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Asymmetric pattern design provides different zoom function and strong grip. Asymmetric pattern design helps increase sidewall outer contact area to enhance grip for confident maneuvering and tread even wearing during tire turning.


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Q:Different tire sizes on same car.?
usualy the most that will happen is it will help guzzle ur gaswhich the way gas prices are depending where ur at not to smart itll screw you in the long run u think ur getting a deal on the tires but ull end up payin way more in gas
Q:Will these tires work for my Mitsubishi?
Q:Summer Performance Tires?
As an issue of performance, you would not replace one tire. And upgading one tire will not give you any benefit. Your tires are the only thing that actually touch the road. They are the limiting factor in every area of your car's performance. Performance oriented driving is, in the simplest terms, about managing the balance and weight transfer between the four tires. Nothing more nothing less (and the practice is anything but easy). So, if you have four performance tires, you have predictable grip at each corner that will change as the car accelerates (transfer weight and grip to the rear), brakes (transfers weight and grip to the front), or corners (transfers weight and grip to the outside... and conversely to each of these brings less grip opposite). With performance tires, this means that when one wears out, if the others are already worn, then it's time to replace all four (as the new tire will behave significantly different than the other 3)... and that is if all three are the same tire! What you are planning to do would just be to introduce an unpredictable handling element to the car. If your other three tires are mostly new, or you simply cannot get four tires, the best bang for the buck is to get the same tire you already have. As for the TA KDW, it is an ok performance tire. The older TA KD was much superior, but even this tire more than shows it's age and will not keep up with the current generation of high performance tires (which also tend to last longer and provide more comfort at lower noise levels... although these elements will always be compromised in a performance tire).
Q:will low tire pressure cause sliding?
My bet would be at the least 2 things. 1) A tire with much less air pressure would have extra grip 2) Tires with extraordinary air pressures would impact the steadiness of the automobile as good. When a vehicle starts off from a restart the air in the tire could also be bloodless and the strain may be too low for suitable handling. After a number of laps the air in the tires heats (hopefully to the suitable air stress) and your car begins to handle higher. If a tire is inflated to traditional air strain at the establishing of a restart then the tire will warmness up and construct up an excessive amount of pressure inflicting the tire to be rough and slide more. It is all a part of the equations.
Q:What is the right tire pressure for replacement tires on my car?
stick with what the door calls for, the tires recommendation is for a maximum load. you will have a smoother ride and longer life if you stick with the 26 29.
Q:Is there a big difference in regular tires and snow tires?
From what I've learn, the Michelin's are the nice. I've extensively utilized the Conti's, and the RE960AS Pole Positions. The Bridgestones did manage greater within the dry, however were not satisfactory within the rainy or snow. I consider the Michelin's are the nice, however I not ever obtained them since of the price. The brand new drawback of Consumer Reports has a few Michelins most sensible-rated in UHP all-season.
Q:Tire Pressure Question?
The tire pressure ratings molded into the sidewall of a tire are the maximum inflation rating "COLD" of that tire at the maximum weight listed on the sidewall. This DOES NOT reflect what the tire may "run" at in operation on the highway. NEVER exceed the maximum pressure or the load rating listed on the sidewall. Yes the tire is capable of handling more than listed but do you really what to bet your life on how much more? If you require more load capability in your tires you will have to pony up for a better rated tire. Just remember, never exceed the vehicles maximum GVWR no matter what the tires are good for. Good Luck
Q:Studded or Unstudded Winter Tires?
Winter tires are not like All-Season tires. Winter tires have special rubber compounds designed to improve traction, handling and braking in all cold weather conditions, not just ice and snow. Today's winter tires have different compounds and designs that deliver from 25 to 50 percent more traction in snow and ice, and stay pliable in cold weather allowing for more control on dry roads. Using just two on a vehicle creates a traction mismatch that can have serious handling consequences. Using four winter tires ensures optimum traction and control for all vehicle types. The best tire would be the bridgestone blizzak tire and you don't need studs.
Q:this is about tires.?
2/32 or roughly 1.5mm is the legal limit in most places but tires actually lose a significant amount of wet weather traction when they get below 4/32 (3 mm) remaining tread depth as this is the point where many of the smaller tread grooves and sipes begin to disappear. Thus, while it is legal to drive tires that are below 3mm tread depth, safety is impaired.
Q:Soft vs hard compound tyres?
Hard Compound Tires
The company has successfully passed through certificates of ISO9001quality management system,China national C.C.C. and DOT,ECE,G.C.C.,Imetro and etc.Due to an excellent quality and performance of tires.The company's BOTO brand tires is very popular in the country and exported to over 90 countries and regions across the world.

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