Winda 195/50R15 for Passenger Car Tires EU Standard Semi Steel Radial Tyre Passenger Car Tires

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Asymmetric pattern design provides different zoom function and strong grip. Asymmetric pattern design helps increase sidewall outer contact area to enhance grip for confident maneuvering and tread even wearing during tire turning.


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Q:what is the best tire pressure on a ford tauras 97 with goodyear viva 2 205/65/15
30 to 32 psi
Q:Front tire, rear tire . what is the difference?
On motorcycle tires it can be different tire to tire but usually the difference is tread and the way the direction bands and the way they were designed to take force. Example a front tire is designed for breaking force not acceleration a rear tire is designed for acceleration with slight braking force. That being said i have run many a tire backwards i road race and tracks like little talladaga are mostly lefts so i run the tire the proper direction until it has worn the i spin it around to where the other side as well. This can work but be careful i do this on tires without rain grooves a tire is directional for both the inner bands and the tread a tire is designed to disperse the water as it rolls over it when on backwards this will not happen as well or maybe not at all. Most tires today can be run on either but only under certain circumstances. One example is i had a bike that they no longer made a high performance rear tire in the size i needed so i took a front tire and mounted it backwards this enabled it to receive the force the way the manufacture intended. If a front tire is designed to brake the spin it around and that is acceleration forces. But it will not handle water dissipation as it was designed to do but i used it in fair weather and on a track so that was not a issue good luck.
Q:Why is a wider tire faster then a narrower tire at the same pressure?
Given 2 tires of the same construction, it is about the shape of the contact patch and the amount of deflection of the tire carcass. A wider tire will have a wider, shorter part of the tire tread in contact with the road and the tire carcass will flex less resulting in lower rolling resistance. On rough roads, it is possible to run the tire with less air pressure allowing the tire to conform better to irregularities for both better comfort and lower rolling resistance That is why pro cyclists are using much wider tires at lower pressure for races like Paris Roubaix where they ride over stretches of rough cobblestones. Even on better roads, the trend in the peloton is towards riding tires wider than the 700 x 23 that used to be the standard for road racing.
Q:Is this tire a good tire?
Usede KUMHO tires for years - never a problem
Q:What should i do if my tire pops in the freeway?
Pull over and placed on your spare. unexpected tire failure is frequently brought about the two via a puncture or via carelessness. utilising an below-inflated tire at highway speeds could reason it to overheat and fail. no longer checking your pressures often can consequence in this way of failure.
Q:Tires balanced and rotated??
$36.00 dollars unless you bought they from there and have the lifetime warranty then it would be free.
Q:Correct Tyre Pressure ?? ?
The correct pressure is 37 psi (2.5 barr), which should be written on the side of the tire. As for increasing the pressure for the alloy wheels - I've heard dissenting opinions. (because the correct pressure depends on the exact tire, and not on the vehicle itself, it wouldn't make sense to have it on the door)
Q:Cheaper tires for an 04 chrysler crossfire?
Last I looked (a few months ago) Michelin made the only tire available for these vehicles. I don't think much has changed since then. Welcome to the world of the modern automobile where every car comes with its own unique, expensive, hard to find tire size and take solice in the fact you are not by any means alone in this horrible realization. ASE Certified Automotive Service Advisor working in the tire industry
Q:Honda new tire inflation?
Actually when you change away from the car manufacturer's tire size, you can put whatever pressure you want. Lower pressure for softer ride, slow handling, more pressure for a firmer ride and handling. The pressure on the side of the tire usually says maximum pressure and the manufacturer puts them there so you don't hurt yourself.
Q:Tire size change question?
The previous answerer has no idea how to read tire sizes. In a 235/75R-15 The 235 is the section width in mm. The 75 is the sidewall height in % of section width. The R indicates it's a radial tire. So, to compare the two tires. Current tires are 235mm wide, new ones would be 225mm wide. New tires: 10mm narrower, or about 7/16 narrower. Current tires have a sidewall that's 176.25mm tall, or 6.94. New tires have a sidewall that's 141.94mm tall, or 5.58. The sidewall height will be approximately 1.5 shorter, or in other words the tire will be almost 3 shorter overall and about 1/2 narrower. At highway speeds, this can be a BIG difference in the speedometer, and honestly, just stick with the 235/75-15. A 225/60-15 isn't a truck tire size, not for something as large as a Ramcharger.
The company has successfully passed through certificates of ISO9001quality management system,China national C.C.C. and DOT,ECE,G.C.C.,Imetro and etc.Due to an excellent quality and performance of tires.The company's BOTO brand tires is very popular in the country and exported to over 90 countries and regions across the world.

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