Winda 195/50R15 for Passenger Car Tires EU Standard Semi Steel Radial Tyre Passenger Car Tires

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1X20'GP pc
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150000 Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Asymmetric pattern design provides different zoom function and strong grip. Asymmetric pattern design helps increase sidewall outer contact area to enhance grip for confident maneuvering and tread even wearing during tire turning.


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Q:change tires get better mileage?
Some auto manufactures put a little cover over a switch next to the shifter that when pressed with a pen, allows you to take the car out of park to move the car without starting it or a dead battery. I'm sure Benz thought of this too.
Q:Need to replace tires but dont know nothing about tires?
Since you'll need to go to a tire store to get new tires and have them mounted and balanced, it might be a good idea to ask the guy there.
Q:Tires on my hyndai genesis were incorrectly rotated (front to back). What can happen to my car?
Nothing will happen to your car. Might make your tires wear unevenly but that's about it.
Q:How much do car tires cost?
Prices range all over the place, but generally you get what you pay for. Walmart has good prices or if money is really tight you can buy a set of used tires! I did once, when money was tight. I bought them at a Tire Kingdom store! They were a set of OEM tires someone replaced on their new car, what a deal! I got them for $25 each, balanced and installed.
Q:used tires quick 10pts best answer?
stick a penny in the tire tread with Lincoln's head on the top. if you can see the top of his head, the tread is bad. don't buy Chinese tires either.
Q:Studded tires without studs?
I ran studded tires in Washington State and Northern Idaho for several years because of the road and weather conditions they get there, but last I heard they were seriously considering making metal studs illegal because of all the road damage they cause. In any case, studs DO help with starting traction when you're sitting on ice, BUT they're NOT a huge amount of help with stopping or going around corners. As always, the best way to get around in winter driving conditions is to SLOW DOWN and be aware of what the road surface is like. A good quality set of winter traction tires is almost as good as studs, and they don't harm the road surfaces.
Q:What is the cost of replacing the car tires?
If it is not a transport enterprise, the cost is included in the management fee.
Q:Air pressure on back tires?
Look at the sticker on the door, or possible in the glove box. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations. The correct pressure is determined by the car, not the tire. The pressure on the sidewall is the MAXIMUM pressure for the tire! Do not inflate to this pressure. Check and Adjust First Thing In The Morning. Set according to the vehicle manufacturer's cold tire pressure(s) recommended on the vehicle's tire placard or in its owner's manual. This must be done before rising ambient temperatures, the sun's radiant heat or even driving short distances temporarily warms the tires.
Q:pregnant and feeling tired?
Its normal by your 30th week you still fell tired but not as much you will actually get a bost of energy every day but if you push your self be pepard to crash. The best thing is if you can take a nap during the day even if you eat something on your lunch break then lay your head down for the rest of your lunch break or lay down in the car with the window down.
Q:who uses bontrager xxx tubular tire?
cs I do. A good tire. I use mine with a Mr Tuffy and have had no road flats in over three years. Soccerref
The company has successfully passed through certificates of ISO9001quality management system,China national C.C.C. and DOT,ECE,G.C.C.,Imetro and etc.Due to an excellent quality and performance of tires.The company's BOTO brand tires is very popular in the country and exported to over 90 countries and regions across the world.

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Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2004
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Main Markets North America,Europe,Asia,Africa,Middle East and South American
Company Certifications ISO9001 international quality system,DOT,ECE,China national CCC

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