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I ran over a bottle of beer. Will that do damage to my car tires?
Depends on what shape the piece of glass looked like. I've had glass puncture cheap tires due to softer rubber. Quality brand tires like Goodyear, Michelin etc. tend to hold up better to glass but really it comes down to what shape the glass was. Look at the tire and look for cuts, or pieces of glass still stuck in them. That's the only way to know.
If I wanted to buy a few used tires, do you think they would last, saya month? Where can you get used tires?
Yes they are worth it, most places will guarantee for a period of time if it should be sold with a small leak. Used tires are especially good when you need to return a leased vehicle but it has worn tires.
175/70R14 i have a 91 Mitsubishi and i need a one used tire where should i go?
You could check craigslist.I just bought 5 brand new rims and tires for 500. A guy bought a new truck and put bigger tires and a lift kit on it.He sold me his factory 17wheels for 500.I was going to buy tires anyway,but I checked craigslist and got a way better deal.
What is the different between car‘s tire and aircraft‘s tire ?--gt; What kind of material is in the cars and aircraft‘s tire?--gt; (cars and aircraft‘s tire), which one can stand higher temp ?--gt;Which one can stand more friction?If the aircraft‘s tire can stand more friction and higher temperature, then what kind of material are needed to became lasting higher temperature and more friction in cars tire ??
like everyone had said there could be a problem with the brakes and I wouldn't take chances of driving with bad brakes. Best way to fix the problem is to take it to a reliable repair shop
car info what does tire inflation mean?
It is the air pressure in the tire, this affects how the car handles and gas mileage. There is a pressure cast into the sidewall, usually 36 PSI MAX. this is NOT the pressure required by the car, the real tire pressure is listed on a sticker on the drivers door frame, Put this much pressure in the tire.
I got all brand new tires. The max PSI writtin on the tire is 51. I put them to between 49 and 50. About a month later maby less, they all dropped down exactly 10 psi. Why? Im from south louisiana and its hot and humid.
The new nature of the tires, road use, a hot climate, or the high pressure. There are a lot of reasons. I would check your car's tire pressure with the owner's manual. I have a 1989 Nissan truck that holds only 35 psi in its tires. But, different tires, made for different vehicles have different tire pressures. Ford tried to make their SUVs more fuel efficient so they increased the tire pressure slightly. That was how they got the nickname Ford Exploders. For an SUV you might want to keep the tire pressure 10% to 15% below max. One good reason for this is that the slightly deflated tires grab the road better. I don't need to worry about that much for my little truck, but you probably have a much larger one.
Need to buy tires
There are a huge amount of websites online to do so. Visit www.tyres247 .uk to see for yourself that they are cheaper then other sites such as blackcircles, mytyres etc.
What tools are needed to repair a car tire?
Grilled machine. Jin Yun tonic film. Cheer, glue. Puyang.