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I would like to be able to wash underwears daily (as opposed to making a pile of them and wash them on weekend -- In either case, I don't have a washing machine), but even though it might sound a trivial task and quick task, it requires many steps, and I hate to do it in the morning.For example, I would like to be able to double rinse after brushing them, but then I need to fill bucket twice(which takes time)..In single rinse, I get obsessed that detergent is sticking in them, which gives me a bad nagging feeling...How to smarten this process?
Simpliest way is to fill the wash basin with warm water and some hand wash detergent and soak the underwear--keep them soaked for half an hour and then let the dirty water drain, fill with fresh water , for rinsing-Do it twice and they will come out clean-In the final rinse if U like fill the basin with warm water, add a little fabric conditioner and within minutes drain that water and rerinse them once
Toilet basin sink because it is not vertical to the ground to drain, so the water pipe is bent, and recently always not water, check the water pipe found no problem, I would like to ask the question in the end where, how to solve, thank you!
Each time the head, to the hair and then clean the water, so you can ensure that the water pipe is not blocked for a long time.
Im confused because some of my other clothes have a symbol with a wash basin and say handwash. There appears to be a picture of a machine on this tag-- should I machine wash, hand wash, or send to the dry cleaners?By the way, if anyone knows what the sign dry means? Does it mean machine dry, or dry cleaner?
OK. Let's go from the far left one. 1, You should wash it in water at 30C degree or below, and low power when you use a washing machine. But it does not mean that you can't hand wash it. You can. 2, You can't use chlorine bleaching agent. 3, You should use less than 120C degree when you iron the cloth. 4, You CAN dry clean it (it does not mean you must). Dry cleaning is washing by organic solvent. We do not do it at home. You should take the cloth to commercial cleaning service. You know it? 5, You should put it flatly when you dry it (no hanging).
Washbasin combination cabinet landing is good or hanging on the wall of the good
This has its own advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has experience hobbies. Wall saving some, easy to clean, but the wall requires high, more variable; floor relative to the atmosphere more noble, more expensive, the foot is not high inconvenience clean.
Wall washbasin sewer installation size is how much
1, washbasin normally off the ground around 85; 2, the water pipe wall row of 30 cm off the ground; 3, down the water pipe row, the normal about 20 from the ground. Bathroom is the toilet, toilet, bath together. Residential bathroom is generally dedicated and public. Dedicated to the main bedroom only; public and public walkway connected by other family members and guests public. According to the layout can be divided into independent type, both use and compromise three. According to the form can be divided into semi-open, open and closed. Currently more popular is to distinguish between wet and dry partition of the semi-open type.
I'm just wondering as someone who has gotten extremely annoyed the past year living in the UK as to why do a lot of british homes still have 2 taps in bathroom/kitchen.I mean I've seen recently renovated flats up for rent with two taps, what's the deal.My problem with it is that it's completely unsanitary, you can't wash your hands with hot water because the hot is scalding and the cold is freezing, doing the left to right can get you burnt as well. Washing your hands with cold water and soap is not that effective at removing all baddies as the hot variety so why the 2 taps?Filling it up sounds stupid again since the basin is a bacterial breeding ground.Just wondering if there are any brits out there who know or want to explain this obsession with this old+stupid system.P.S. Coming from a country considered less developed than the UK, have to say, not even my grandmother has two taps in her house, or has ever had, so maybe the development think skips some areas.
you need a plug in the wash basin to stop the water from running away while you add hot and cold to make it warm,, simple or what!
So I have never been to hand wash my home rinse spray, and today I put the tube out of dig out again, and finally my heart is broken, I was not looking for a decoration workers knocked out the brick
If it is to the sewer may really can not find, you look at the tube is straight or bent ah, if it is straight, it may be directly into the sewer If it is bent, I think you can also find someone to knock out the bricks out But you look at it, if it is really worth moving so many procedures to take it out also line. If it is not worth it, then it is too much trouble
They’re given basins with cold water to wash with; one basin per six girls.
It is not correct. There must be a complete sentence on both sides of a semi-colon. Just replace the semi-colon with a colon. They're given basins with cold water to wash with: one basin per six girls.