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if i try to drive straight the steering wheel is turned noticeably to the right and if i hold the steering wheel straight the car goes left,will wheel alignment fix this problem?
NO. Don't judge ''straightness of driving'' by the appearance of your steering wheel. It doesn't matter if the steering wheel is a little tilted from a perfect symmetric appearance. Wheel alignment is necessary if you start to have UNEQUAL wear on your front tyres. Or if your car PULLS to one side while driving, causing you to constantly correct the steering. (this may also be tie rod ends, or suspension problems) Your 306 steering wheel can be removed in 5 minutes, with one bolt, then turned a few degrees, replaced and retightened , All with a 17mm socket spanner. If this makes you feel better. WHOOPS, a 1998 model? maybe you have an airbag that requires more time and attention than I just told you, sorry.
Scientificly, how does the wheel and axle help you do work?
The simple machines are. 1-Lever 2-wheel and axle 3-wedge 4-Pulleys 5-screw 6-nut craacker. ..........................all have same formula..F1 d1=F2 d2... d=distance from fulcrum
or is it just that.plain and simple.a steering wheel.
Yes, I'm afraid it's just plane old wheel, but the person doing all the steering is the helmsman.
Bicycle wheel width and not wide What is the difference? Wide benefits Narrow the benefits?
Mountain bike tires of course wide and good, strong grip, but not suitable for road riding, wind resistance is too big. Sports car, of course, is a narrow road car, road riding a small wind resistance, easier. The width of the tires should be chosen according to the road.
Is the wheel broken or the change?
For security!
How big is the motor wheel?
Where the width refers to the width of the rim, which is commonly known as the wheel width
Bicycle race wheel pressure blue foul
The screenshots really confirm that when the palace leaves the track, Guo Shuang's bicycle wheel is pressed against the blue area for a moment. Because the bike rules are strict, it is forbidden to foul, so the penalty is cruel and ruthless Do follow the rules
Do you know how to built a 3 wheel mousetrap car that goes straight, and far. Any suggestion, or website that show how. Any thing relates to making a 3 wheel mousetrap car. Thanks
What kind of wipers cost $90.00?? I've never paid over $10.00 for a pair. Don't they have Auto Parts Stores, like Auto Zone, Nationwise, NAPA there in Sacramento? Here in Indy, they're about every 1 mile or so apart and they sell replacement wiper blades. And they also sell a product called: RAINX. works pretty good. you have to remember that a dry, dusty area does as much damage to wipers as wear from friction.