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What is the meaning of the car wheel? For example, 255/55 R18; behind the R18 is the diameter of it, is the whole tire or wheel hub?
Tire type and specification: International standard tire code, expressed in millimeters as a percentage of section height and flatness, followed by: tire type code, rim diameter (inch), load index (permitting bearing quality code), promise With speed code. For example: 175 / 70R 14 77H 175 represents the tire width is 175MM, 70 means that the flatness of the tire cross section is 70%, that is, the cross section height is 70% of the width, the rim diameter is 14 inches, the load index 77, the allowable vehicle speed is H level
okay i had one of my wheel bearings changed about 3-4 weeks ago but now i hear that humming sound again when i accelerate,also a shaky feeling when im idle like at a red light, can the shaking be from the wheel bearings and what else can a bad wheel bearing cause, i have a 2001 pontiac bonneville sle with 65,000 miles on it.
A bad wheel bearing won't affect the car when it's not moving, so the shaking at a stop is something else.
The number of front gear teeth of an ordinary bicycle, the number of gear teeth and the radius of the wheel
They can be linked with the gear ratio: transmission ratio = front wheel number z before / rear wheel number z = front wheel radius r front / rear wheel radius r after.
If I have 10,000, I was the first to upgrade the bike wheel or power meter, the bike is a large c of the money?
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I took my car (1995 Honda Civic) to a mechanic to fix the front passenger side wheel bearing. After replacing the wheel bearing, the loud noise in the car continued. He did inform me that the old wheel bearing that was taken out was damaged, and was correct about it needing to be replaced. He further inspected the car and concluded that it was the transmission bearing on the same side. So I have some questions; Is there a such thing as a transmission bearing? Would a damaged transmission bearing cause damage to the wheel bearing as well? Also, my front two tires are bald, could this be causing the noise? And would it be efficient to switch the front two tires with the two rear?
The wheel bearing has nothing to do with the transmission. When you need a wheel bearing, it is because you abused the steering system to the point of damaging it, hard turning, pot-holes, curb riding. Transmission has a throw out bearing, a rear main seal.
me and my friend are building our own longboards, i was wondering which kind of wheels are the best, theres the ones that look like normal skate wheels and the ones that are unique to longboards and sector 9 usually uses them. pros and cons please.also: which company has highest quality for about 50 bucks and where can i buy them?Thanks
it depends on if you want slide wheels or carving wheels slide wheel are usually 85 durometer and up check out gravity longboard for those and carve wheels go to sector9s website
What kind of wheels will fry?
Unreasonable tire pressure, tire temperature
I am looking at the Dodge Journeys but I am not sure what the difference between aluminum wheels and aluminum chrome clad wheels are. Is it worth getting the clad wheels for $500?
Hey Dani, the difference is purely cosmetic, clad wheels are chrome plated wheels. Is it worth 500 bucks that depends on you, I personally do perfer chrome, it looks great, is easier to clean than machined aluminum, the bad side is the chrome can flake off from curb damage,road debris, and impacts. Before you buy look at both types on the vehicle , I think youll agree, chrome rules, dont forget the car dealers are anxious to sell so see if they will throw in the chrome as a perkgood luck.