soft8, modular wheel, steel rim chrome Steel Wheel 15inch, 16inch, 17inch car wheel

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1,auto wheel rim 
2,saving energy 
3, Our car alloy wheel has great competitive strength 
4, low price 
5, Standard:TS16949/IS2


 BK409 auto wheel rim for a car

1,auto wheel rim

2,saving energy 
3, Our car alloy wheel has great competitive strength

4, low price

5, Standard:TS16949/IS2002,VIA,.TSE and GMC

13X6.0 +30 100-114.3 4H

  • .

  • My company produces and exports alloy wheel s for years with good quality and competitive prices. We offer the quality customize wheel for aftermarket as well replica wheels. We have the size range from 12 inches to 24inches. We can make the wheels as chrome or paint finish. We promise the prompt delivery and reasonable price. We have the capacity of 15,0000pcs per month . So we can meet the quantity you want. Welcome anybody who want to deal these products to contact us.Up to now, we have enjoyed good popularity all over the world.

  • 1.Competition of strength comes from the first class equipment

  • 2.Hold the flag of continuous improvement we will make the product to satisfy the customer

  • 3.Targe, endows us the strength support for realizing the higher ideal,from this moment we shall be of one mind and seek more higher better quality and more excellent credit and to realize the perfection in the unceasing creation

  • Forged T6061 Aluminum Rim & Disk to strengthen the surface density of the wheel and to minimize into lighter weight 

  • Three Piece Forged Wheels

    • T6061 Forged Aluminum Rim & Disk

    • ISO/TS16949 Certification

    • Finite Element Analysis passed

    • Customization choices of design and finish

    • TPMS perfectly compatibal

    • Special sealing technology to avoid air leakage

    • Titanium bolts optional

    • Flat / Concave / Deep Concave / Super Concave of center disk

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Q:How does the precession of the wheeled gyroscope produce?
When the wheels of the wheel gyroscope around the rotation axis angular velocity W high-speed rotation, the angular momentum L = JW. If the fulcrum is not in the center of gravity of the system, the system will be neutral M = r * mg role, from the angular momentum theorem M = Dl / Dt know, the wheel rotation axis will be on the vertical axis of the precession, the rate of increase in speed = mgr / j. The direction is determined by the direction of L, M
Q:Wheel strength and spokes relationship?
its right on the engine plate and cal horse power a h p 100
Q:Recently, the history of the wheel is not a bit faster? The question is in mid-July 2017.
Now there are nuclear weapons constraints, we still restrained, can only do some small economic action. Look at the next step which first die, green, the Middle East, extreme right, n sea.
Q:Replacement spinning wheel drive band?
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Q:The role of the wheel
The role of the car wheels are: to bear the quality of the whole car and pass traction, braking force, driving torque, braking torque; ease, absorb due to uneven road generated by the impact and vibration; improve the adhesion of the wheel and the ground.
Q:Car steering wheel and how to master the specific car to do?
The general novice in the start and the brake is easy to turn off; as long as the manual transmission models, should be in accordance with the following way; start, mainly in the semi-linked clutch (that is, just put the moment of clutch), must be slow, or But if the grasp is not, you can start the car and then put the hand brake; but then the throttle even bigger, because to overcome the friction of the handbrake; general Is not recommended; or skilled after the change over; car brake points not only in the downhill, at any time should be: 1, first step on the brakes; do not step on the end (if stepped on the car in the end off); 2, 3, after the clutch is disconnected, the brakes; the most critical point, step on the clutch Although the time is on the brakes, but before the brakes in the end (that is, first off) ; That is to ensure that the braking distance, but also to ensure that will not turn off; term is called: after the first hair.
Q:24 inch mountain bike wheel with the number of inch frame?
24 inch wheels with 13 or 14 inch racks
Q:Can a motorcycle wheel be green on a green card?
Unless the original is the case or else can not
Q:Why the wheel with the ABS brake system is locked
Road slippery may be a vehicle lock, there may be a failure in the ABS!
Q:Crittertail vs.Silent wheel?
i once got a silent wheel attached to the bar of the cage and problem is that my chubby hamster was weighing it down to touch the bar and it makes a lot of noises too even without touching the bar, i also tested with the stand on the silent wheel and even worse!!! it kept bending down and make more squeaks than before. i think it would work for smaller pets that aren't heavy. my friend who has those grid wire wheels1s make the least noise cuz it is very sturdy and can't touch the side of the cage.

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