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Wheels and rims, treads, tire bell, is within the tire profile support the barrel of the tire mounted on the shaft, the center of metal parts. Wheels according to different diameter, width, forming method and material are varied.

Wheel hub is introduced

Within the tire itself is software, tire profile support the barrel of the tire, the center is mounted on the shaft parts is called "wheel".

The diameter of the same, but the width is not the same, has the opposite, but the two data are different wheel, suitable for different tyres. Someone think original tires are senior enough, want to upgrade, tend to be widened, the reduction of flat change ratio, increase the diameter, material, at this time, if must change the wheel hub, is called modified hub.

Car wheel hub bearing in the past the most were using single row tapered roller or ball bearing in pairs. With the development of technology, cars are already widely used car wheel hub unit. The use of the wheel hub bearing unit and usage is growing, has developed the third generation: the first generation consists of double row angular contact bearings. Roll out the second generation of road have a fixed flange is used to bearing, can be simple to bearing sleeve on the shaft with a nut. Make car maintenance becomes easy. The third generation wheel hub bearing unit is adopted the bearing unit and the holding brake system. Wheel hub unit designed to have the flange and the outer flange, the flange bolts fixed on the driven shaft, the bearing outer flange be installed together.

2 wheel type

Hub and wheel rim. According to the characteristics and requirements of different models, the wheel hub surface treatment would take a different approach, can be roughly divided into the lacquer that bake and electricity

Wheel hub two plating.

Ordinary car wheel hub in the consideration on the appearance of small, good heat dissipation is a basic requirement, technology adopted in the basic treatment of the lacquer that bake, namely first spray and electric baking, cost is economic and the colour is beautiful, keep long time, even if scrappage, the color of the wheel hub remains unchanged. Many popular car wheel hub surface treatment process is the lacquer that bake, such as santana 2000, xiali criteria, bigchina info-net, southeast lancer or Honda Odyssey. Some fashionable avant-courier, movement is the lacquer that bake techniques used the color wheel. This kind of wheel hub moderate price, complete specifications.

Plating wheel, electroplating, water electroplating and pure silver plating type, etc. Electroplating silver plating and water wheel, though bright color and vivid, but keep time is shorter, so the price is relatively cheap, for many young people like the pursuit of novelty, the market price is in 300 yuan - 500 yuan between. Pure plating wheel hub, such as Shanghai gm buick model of original factory production of form a complete set of is pure plating wheel, hold time long color, is premium. High-grade cars such as arose, audi choose pure plating wheel, more cost about RMB 800-900.

Wheel hub classification

The editor

Wheel according to the material can be divided into two broad categories: steel wheel, alloy wheels.

On the market at present the original wheel according to the material can be divided into steel wheel and alloy wheels, both have pros and cons of each.

Steel wheel hub of the main advantages is the manufacturing process is simple, the cost is relatively low, and metal fatigue resistance ability is very strong, also is our common cheap and sturdy. But the shortcomings of your steel wheels are relatively prominent is ugly (can say nothing to speak of appearance), heavy weight (the same wheel steel quality are much heavier than aluminum alloy material), big inertia resistance, heat dissipation is more bad, and very easy to rust.

And relatively, material alloy wheels can compensate for this problem, lighter weight, small inertia resistance, production of high precision, rotating at high speed when the deformation of small, small inertia resistance, is conducive to improve the performance of the car straight reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing the fuel consumption. Alloy thermal conductivity is about three times that of steel material, good heat dissipation, for the vehicle brake system, tires and braking system of the thermal decay can play a role. Factory car alloy wheels are on the market at present is given priority to with aluminium alloy, of course, a lot of modified wheel in order to achieve certain special requirements and visual ascension will choose chrome, titanium and other elements as basic material. However, compared to steel quality, and the wheel, the alloy wheels prices a lot more expensive, so often in a lot of mid-range levels of the original car, steel wheel match models appear in low, and alloy wheels is high match the standard model.

Q:What is the principle of wheel speed sensor?
Wheel speed sensor and the general principle of the same AC motor. Permanent magnets produce a certain intensity of the magnetic field, the ring gear in the magnetic field rotation, the tooth ring tooth tip and the gap between the electrode to a certain rate of change, so that the ring and the electrode composition of the magnetic circuit in the magnetic resistance Variety. As a result, the magnetic flux is periodically increased or decreased, and the induced voltage is proportional to the increase or decrease of the magnetic flux at both ends of the coil at both ends of the coil. The magnetic field strength into voltage, magnetoresistance into resistance, magnetic flux into the current, analogy Ohm's law its working principle is easy to understand. Therefore, the induced voltage is proportional to the wheel speed.
Q:i was wondering how does back in the day how water wheel work with no electricity ,what did they used in order to make the wheel run by itself
er.water! By definition a water wheel is a wheel powered by water. They used to build them over streams, small rivers and other fast-moving water.
Q:Is the wheel broken or the change?
For security!
Q:Why can the steering wheel can easily change the direction of the wheel, where to enlarge the force?
Steering gear, also known as the direction of the machine, most of the existing car help, hydraulic power through the hydraulic pump, EPS power through the motor
Q:Can someone tell me how I can make a 3 wheeled go kart using a lawn mower or scorer engine.
build the frame, attach wheels, attach seat, use engine to power the rear wheels, use front wheel to steer. if you want more stable system, use two wheels in front and one in back. this thing can take some crazy turns without rolling over. ideally you would put the engine in front to drive both front wheels and use the front wheels to steer but this is kinda complicated.
Q:won‘t turn when just pushed forward. It will turn when lawnmower pulled backwards. What do I do to fix this?
Remove the wheel that will not turn by removing the nut on the wheel. Inside the wheel, if it is a front wheel drive, you will find a stick , stone or some other obstruction that is getting between the drive gear and the plastic gear teeth in the wheel. Remove the obstruction and reinstall the wheel. If it is not a drive wheel about the only thing that would keep it from turning would be a stick or other object jambed between the mower and the wheel.
Q:I Just found some wheels in my backyard that my pops left me, but i'm not too sure of the name. They look exactially like the Spinergy REV-X Wheels, but my wheels have 6 spokes instead of the REV-X 4 Spokes. Can someone help me identify these ? And how much does a wheel run now a days ? Thanks !
I have 4 spokes on my racing wheels (triathlon). I'm pretty sure the 6 spoke version was for MTB's. Don't recall their model terminology, as those wheels are about 10 years old and probably went for $500-700 at the time. Obviously pops was fairly serious about his cycling.
Q:i have a few questions about how the size of a skate board wheel affects the speed of the skateboard.what are the advantages of a large wheel?what are the advantages of a small wheel?how is friction realated to skateboard wheels?how does the size affect the amount of friction in a skateboard wheel?Why do large wheels absorb more of the bumps on a rough surface? and if you have any sources of were u got themthank you!!
larger wheels mean more momentum, so you can keep going longer between pushes. smaller wheels mean less force is required to accelerate the skateboard, and so would be better for tricks or other quick changes in velocity. friction is proportional to the force on the bearings and the total area of the bearing interface. in reality, it is also affected by velocity (ideally, as long as the velocity is nonzero the friction is constant) the frictional torque placed on the wheels will be the same, as long as the bearings are the same size. for a larger wheel, however, the linear momentum of the rider and board will have a much higher torque on the wheels than for smaller ones. so friction will have less of an impact on linear momentum for larger wheels. large wheels absorb more bumps on a rough surface because the wheels have a smaller curvature (the edge is straighter). this prevents the wheels from falling very deep into cracks, and instead just riding on top of the bumps. (imagine a marble rolling on top of a keyboard, then a tennis ball. the marble almost can fall between the keys, but the tennis ball barely notices them as it rolls)
Q:My steering wheel shakes when I brake at varying speeds. My rear tires are in fact worn out unevenly. I recently replaced all of my brake pads and they said the rotors were fine. Could it be wheel alignment? I have a 2005 altima.
If it were a wheel alignment issue, the car should wobble at high speeds too. The rotors may need to be turned/resurfaced because you may not have changed the brake pads in time and thus it damaged the rotors. How recently did you change the pads? It could also be that the pads are worn out again, it depends on how often you use the brakes.
Q:I‘m rolling a wooden toy car down a hill. What‘s the best kind of wheel to make it go fastest?A big or small wheel? Thin or fat? Heavy or light?
smaller, lighter wheels the larger and more massive the wheel, the more rotational inertia the car will have and the greater fraction of energy will go into rolling as opposed to going into translating, meaning motion down the hill if you are familiar with the concept of moment of inertia, the larger more massive wheels will have a greater moment of inertia, and their cars will have a slower straight ahead speed of course, there are other constraints.if the wheels are too light they might not support the weight of the car, so you can't have microscopically small wheels, but you want to keep them as small in radius and light as possible

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