Three functions 26mm Hammer

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Product Description:

Model: Z1C-SG-26

Type: two slots two pit
Drilling diameter : 26 Rated  

Speed: 850 (rpm)

Impact rate at rated speed of 4000 (bpm)
Power supply type AC power 1200 (W)        

Maximum drilling diameter 26 (mm)

Technical parameters:
Standard models : Z1C-SG-26 Order number : 2602
Voltage : 110V / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Speed : 800r / min drilling diameter : 26mm

Power : 1200W

General configuration :
Motor: Copper motor casing colors: red + silver glitter
Toolbox Packaging
Packing Size : 45X38X36 Number of units : 3 sets / pieces

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Q:12V lithium rechargeable electric drill what
To see to what place, far less than the impact force of impact drill hammer.Usually, you can buy a multi-functional impact drill.Hammer is not suitable for home, and not in operation.Percussive drills work by rotating and impacting.
Q:How to choose a reliable electric hammer
How to choose a reliable electric hammer, the first is to look at the appearance, now have rocking shaft bearing rod and eccentric hammer structure, general pistol is mostly bearing rod structure swing (such as the BOSCH 24, 26 etc), D shaped handle mostly eccentric structure (such as xilide TE30) swing type, structure is mostly light, but the durability and the impact will be almost, eccentric structure is mostly medium or heavy hammer, the weight will be large, but the impact strength and good durability, quality mainly depends on the shell structure, chuck, motor, impact device, power line, at the beginning of the quality engineering plastic shell structure (a magnesium alloy, steel fiber, etc.), to dismantle the drill chuck conveniently, mounted on the drill after boot test concentricity better, drilling concrete failure, a detachable collet (such as Hilti brand), can not be Split type (such as BOSCH and other brands), detachable collet expensive work requirements, but when the drill fracture can have convenient maintenance, motor brush and brushless brush points, convenient maintenance, high strength and durable brushless but expensive maintenance device, the impact pendulum shaft bearing rod and partial heart hammering type structure, each has advantages and disadvantages, starting motor voice heavy and powerful without noise, power line should be moderate in length, the thickness of the core wire and copper wire to qualified quality square number, power line with anti tensile strength and the line test qualified, the quality is better at the beginning, with the best speed. Constant power output, have anti torsion and vibration damping function (anti torsion is to prevent drill steel rebound damping can reduce the work intensity of wounding), according to the above aspects selected, hammer quality is guaranteed.
Q:Use an electric drill and hammer installed TV rack.
Wall drilling in modern buildings is more suitable for use with percussive drills, so installation of impact drills is recommended when installing a television rack. Suitable for drilling hammer in cement material.
Q:What the hammer price
This. Let's see what you do if you don't live you with what the amount will get a domestic viable, especially if the project will do dry bar every day, then buy xilide although expensive but work fast and not bad the highest price
Q:How to use the correct use of electric hammer
A lot of people in the use of electric hammer, because some operation methods properly, it is easy to cause damage or personal injury tools. When we use the hammer, should also pay attention to some small details, fundamentally eliminate the hazards.
Q:Twist drill, impact drill, electric hammer drill what is the difference? The same?
Hammer is more professional and make concrete hammer are now basically double function can also be used as electric drill
Q:A drill and electric hammer selection problem
It seems that you are love yourself, what principle out of order are nonsense, if the home, buy a hand drill dual-purpose impact drill, don't feel bad money, cheap goods is not good, I chose the BOSCH power tools, a household is more than 200, enough, not like a hammer on my home. Almost what tools are above is another problem you have wise remark of an experienced person, tile, now need the family decoration as beautiful, with percussion drill tile will make sure to buy a dozen flower tiles, tile special drill, still recommend BOSCH, the first electric drill pattern with the tiles penetrated brick tiles (there is absolutely no then, for defects) impact drill with impact mode continue to play, as in the end what effect depends on your level. Electric tools choose BOSCH or MAKITA, not to mention what I worship, when they can catch up with their Chinese level I definitely choose domestic products. In fact, really not expensive.
Q:Electric hammer drill bit and drill what is the difference
Electric hammer drill head is inlaid in the centre of the hard alloy sheet, and the drill body is made of high speed steel.
Q:Turn around the hole hammer reinforced anti torque more vigorously
Although the hammer high speed about 400 rpm, but the reaction is relatively large, if the wall stuck thread steel, do not let go of serious hand off.
Q:What is the difference between diamond and hammer?
The main characteristics of diamond and hammer compared:Accurate size and high construction accuracy;No vibration, no noise, no dust, accord with environmental protection requirement;No damage to the surrounding structure, no need to repair;The utility model has the advantages of small size, flexible use and wide application.

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