three functions 32mm Speed ​​Hammer

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Product Description:

Model: Z1C-SG-32

Type: two slots two pit
Drilling diameter : 32 Rated  

Impact rate at rated speed:4000(bpm)

Speed: 0--800 (rpm)

Power supply type AC power 1480 (W)        

Maximum drilling diameter 32 (mm)

Technical parameters:
Order number : MOD3201 Model : Z1C-SG-32
Voltage : 110-220V Frequency : 50-60Hz
Drilling diameter : 32mm No-load speed : 0-800r / min
Rated Power : 1480W

General Configuration
Motor : Copper wire casing colors: Blue + silver glitter
Packaging: Packaging Accessories Kit : Reference Annex Figure
Packing Size : 45X38X36 Number of units : 3 sets / pieces

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Q:Which brand of good hammer
Electric tool brand or a lot, in fact, the price and quality is uneven, to good quality, imported BOSCH OK, but the price is high, most of the domestic quality are similar to quality and imported BOSCH, like DEWALT, the price is slightly cheaper, domestic ability is good this, two years out, the quality of imported and not much difference, but if the price is much cheaper than imports, the most important is the warranty period of 6 months
Q:Would you please tell me how to choose a hammer?
The five pits are heavy hammer hammer, you this small import all two pit two slot, four pit is Chinese special (do not know why the domestic out of such a standard in the world is not)
Q:Want to buy a hammer, with the decoration of the house, how much more appropriate aperture
Must choose the hammer with speed switch. Touch switch when speed is low, can help smooth the drilling machine (for example, on the surface of ceramic tile on the smooth drilling, can not only prevent the bit slip, also can prevent drilling, rupture) during normal operation can be used to ensure high working efficiency.
Q:What is the difference with electric hammer
Just rely on the electric motor drives the drive gear to increase the strength of the drill bit rotation, do scraping in metal, wood and other forms through the material, it can be said that he is the former hand tools electric drill.
Q:What is the difference between diamond and hammer?
Hammer is a kind of electric drill, mainly used for drilling in concrete, brick and stone on the floor. Professional on the wall, concrete, stone top drilling, and multifunctional electric hammer, adjusted to the proper position with appropriate drill can replace the ordinary electric drill, electric use.
Q:How to change the electric hammer drill chuck?
classificationChuck is divided into: ER chuck, pneumatic chuck, spring collet, engraving machine chuck, tightening chuck, and so on.functionControl the movement of a machine, such as the valve spring in an internal-combustion engine, the control spring in a clutch, etc..Collet chuckAbsorb vibration and impact energy, such as buffer springs in car, train car and vibration absorption spring in coupling.Storage and output of energy as a power, such as clocks, springs, guns, such as springs.Used as a force measuring element, such as a dynamometer, a spring in a spring balance, etc.. The ratio of the load and deformation of a spring is called spring stiffness, and the greater the stiffness, the harder the spring.
Q:DOTA hammer and ice eye stack?
It is a perfect superposition. Because the hammer was hit by chance, maybe you didn't hit it then. Distance can be perfectly superimposed.
Q:How to hold the grip hammer drilling technology
The adjustment to the impact hammer drilling gear installed for drill, switch on the power, press the switch to try whether in punching gear.
Q:The electric CVT is what mean
CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission CVT) technology of CVT technology, it adopts the drive belt and a variable diameter main drivenwheel matched to transmit power, continuous change can realize the transmission ratio, so as to obtain the best matching of transmission and engine condition. The most common CVT are hydraulic mechanical CVT and metal belt continuously variable transmission (VDT-CVT)
Q:Jie Cheng electric hammer drill no hammering force is how things, please the teacher
The main reason is the impact of the rubber ring is a piston and hammer on aging, large cylinder vertical, down mouth, such as hammer to drop the apron is aging, aging aprons can hear the piston and the hammer against each other in the work of the voice, can find the piston and disassemble hammer face shiny, shock can be caused by short seed impact (which can be compared to the impact of new seeds)

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