three functions 32mm Speed ​​Hammer

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Product Description:

Model: Z1C-SG-32

Type: two slots two pit
Drilling diameter : 32 Rated  

Impact rate at rated speed:4000(bpm)

Speed: 0--800 (rpm)

Power supply type AC power 1480 (W)        

Maximum drilling diameter 32 (mm)

Technical parameters:
Order number : MOD3201 Model : Z1C-SG-32
Voltage : 110-220V Frequency : 50-60Hz
Drilling diameter : 32mm No-load speed : 0-800r / min
Rated Power : 1480W

General Configuration
Motor : Copper wire casing colors: Blue + silver glitter
Packaging: Packaging Accessories Kit : Reference Annex Figure
Packing Size : 45X38X36 Number of units : 3 sets / pieces

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Q:How to distinguish the hammer is a dual purpose, that the use of dual sign.
The dual-purpose charged shovel, shovel will not turn, can only play group, most willing to use the line tick wall, above a knob, the hammer is a special drill
Q:Hammer open hole in the wall or flat impact drill
Impact drill work in a drill chuck adjustment knob, adjustable drills and impact drills in two ways. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It can also drill steel and concrete, but the results are poor.Hammer (hammer) is not the same, it is to use the bottom two sets of motor driven gear structure, a realization of it drill, and another one is to drive the piston, a hydraulic engine stroke, resulting in a strong impact force, along with the drilling results. Power can crack stone and metal
Q:To set how to disassemble the hammer?
Dismounting method the electric hammer drill:The 1 plastic hat fell 1, then 1 cards turned round the shaft, the shaft has 1 shapes, like the middle ring rotor 1, there is a circlip, open with a screwdriver to pry the 1 to 1 words, the circlip can pry open the front remove the.
Q:Two pit two groove chisel head can be used in any Bingsi square pit hammer
Tolerable。 There will be a little bit loose, the premise is simple processing, the corresponding two sides with grinder grinding groove width, let the hammer inside a collet by two ball groove width.
Q:The hammer is used to do what?
Now the electric hammer is a dual impact with can put some things such as the brick shovel off the impact of another cement shovel off the wall is the common drilling holes on the expansion screw to hang things
Q:How to hold the grip hammer drilling technology
So it is in tile above ground drilling, began to remember when the speed must be slow, until the concave hole is above the tile and then gradually increase the speed, it will not open perforated tile.
Q:DOTA hammer and ice eye stack?
The 2 ball is remote method to strengthen law. The lightning hit a ball is not calculated the ice eye effect, but did not play the ball effect when lightning has completely ice eye. For many remote hero is good. The ball combination method such as POM.
Q:Is it useful to hammer reverse function
It is the reverse clockwise and counter clockwise, common in electric drill and electric hammer tool. For example, electric drill, screw, with positive turn, screw and reverse. With a positive reversal for the electric light electric hammer (such as BOSCH products), it is possible to install the adapter operation with the drill chuck, so with a positive reversal. Even if you drill with an alloy drill, you can easily reverse it if you get stuck.
Q:A few a few pit pit hammer is what? What is the use?
Five: refers to the pit slot number is five at the handle of hammer drill hole, three key and two ball groove, used in the five pit on the hammer. This drill is usually used in the heavy hammer.
Q:How will the 26 converted into electric hammer?
26 electric power converted will become larger, the corresponding current will increase, leading to switch easily damaged. The electric switch two group in parallel, to reduce the circulation current.

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