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HI. i take sculpture at my highschool, and we‘re doing ceramics for the first semester, and so far i‘ve gotten really positive feed back and i‘m really happy with what i‘ve done so i was thinking about making some things for christmas presents this yearbut i need help with materials. i know i can get all the tools at the local micheals, but what about clay, glaze and kiln access?any help would be appreciated :] thankyou.
It hasn't been suddenly. It might seem that way if you've only recently been paying attention. People have been selling these gimmick items to suckers for a long, long time.
i‘m looking for a flat iron that isn‘t too expensive, and can also curl and flip hair. ceramic flat irons are a lot more expensive. what is the difference? is it worth it to pay more for a ceramic flat iron? which brands do you recommend?
Ceramic describes the type of metal on the flat iron. Ceramic is much more gentle on hair and will style your hair in significantly less time. Make sure to avoid flat irons that can be used on wet or dry hair. These never work and are made poorly! I use a ceramic HAI flat iron. It was approximately $80 when I purchased it 6 months ago. I haven't had any problems with it yet.
Now there are alumina ceramic knives on the market. What is the difference between this and the zirconia ceramic knives?
Do not buy alumina ceramic knives, the best ceramic knife on the market is zirconia, such as Shandong Jin Ao technology ceramic knife, and Tsinghua University joint research and development, quality is absolutely guaranteed
Do you actually do hands on work or just read about it?
Generally a beginning ceramics course will be almost 100% hands on, though it can vary by institution. A beginning ceramics course will generally include: Basic terminology types of ceramics (both types of clay and objects produced) proper handling and use of ceramics basic techniques for ceramics (wheel throwing, hand building, carving, etc) under glaze bisque firing glazing low and high firing presentation and some other techniques Ceramics to put it simply, is anything involving clay. Anything that uses clay in any form is ceramics, or at least contains ceramics aspects. Any class that involves taking premade ceramic objects and painting them is not really a ceramics course, it's just a light entertainment kind of thing.
I am allergic to metal braces and so my ortho suggested ceramic braces but I have a bonding on my front tooth and I‘m really cautious when it comes to my bonding. And I‘ve read that ceramic braces are really hard to remove plus it can be pretty painul and they have to sand it down or something and I told myself don‘t worry about it And my bonding will be fine but when I heard about how it is to remove ceramic braces I‘m worried even more! My ortho says I‘m allergic to metal cause I had braces before and my gums got all swollen but I don‘t even want ceramic anymore and I was thinking about getting Damon braces but aren‘t they metal to?I feel like I don‘t have anymore options! I‘m really upset about this
The best option would be to talk to your dentist AND orthodontist. They know what to do! If they think your allergic to the metal type, you probably are. I'm allergice to the metal ones too. and i had ceramics. Hope this little bit of info helped!
For our new house i want to know what should i use in Kitchen. Ceramic Tiles or marbles
when its raining or you cant see threw the windsheld.
I have a bearded dragon and he‘s named Optimus Prime. I wanted to make him a replica of Optimus Prime‘s head (from the movie) out of clay and have a pump attached to it and make it a waterfall. And thats how he would get his water, because I feel like that would be really legit. My question is, is that safe? I‘m definitely NOT going to do it if it could hurt him. I will be buying clay and firing it at my school‘s ceramics room. Do I need to get a non-toxic glaze? Or could it still hurt him? I‘ve made ceramics before but never to be drank out of or for an animal. Any information would be helpful!
If you are using ceramic clay and use a food safe glaze (I can't imagine your school has any non-food safe glazes anyway) your bearded dragon should be fine. After all you are drinking out of glazed ceramic mugs all the time. It sounds like a fun idea, have fun making it. You might want to look up pumps, though I would think those small aquarium pumps would be cheap and work fine. You also will have to think about a container the pump sit in and the path the water will be taking, but you should be able to work everything out satisfactorily. good luck.
What type of hair straightener is the best? Ceramic, Tourmaline, ect.And if I bought a ceramic straightener would it make a difference if i bought a high end one vs a bargain one, if they both were at the same temperature when heated?And ONE more thing. Does anyone have a solia flat iron, and if you do , how does it work?
You will learn this basic skill on your basic training course.