Auto parts injection molding machine Screw Diameter

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FT-  550     规格表   Specifcatiom


                            MODELUnit           FT- 550
Injection SystemScrew Diametermm323845
Injection Pressurekg/cm222015751180
Max.Shot Weight(PS)g95125180
Max.Shot Weight(PS)OZ3.34.36
Screw Strokemm140
Screw Speed Maxrpm0-200
Nozzle Contact Forcetons3
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm200
Number of Temperacture Control-3
Material Hopper CapacityL20
clamping systemClamping Forcetons55
Platen Sizemm650×490
Distance Between The Baremm500×340
Min.Mold Heightmm200/250
Opeing Strokemm200
Max.Opening Daylightmm400/450
Ejector Forcetons2.5
Ejector Strokemm95
Hydraulic power systemMax.Hydraylic Pressurekg/cm2140
Pump OutputL47
Oil Reservoir CapacityL170
Cooling Water ConsumptionL/hr800-1000
Pump Motor Powerkw11
Barrel Heating Powerkw4.5
Total Weightkw15.5
OthersMachine Weighttons2.2
Machine Dimensioms(L×W×H)m2.1×1.4×2.6
Shipping Weighttons2.6
Shipping Measurement(L×W×H)m2.3×1.7×1.8


Above spec sheet, if design changes without notice!


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Q:Why is the oil filtered out of the oil filter cleaner?
Also depends on the oil pollution, as well as the oil filter machine design and work, oil dirty need more cycle, filter several times
Q:Who knows what the vibration of the oil filter is?
3, the oil filter bearings damaged or to be lubricated. Solution: replace bearings or Wang oil.4, the foundation of the equipment is not strong enough. Solution: Foundation Reinforcement
Q:How to deal with the overload indication of two-stage vacuum oil filter
I don't quite understand. What's the meaning of "filter" or "what's the meaning of it"?
Q:Why does the vacuum oil filter tank foam?
Free gas bubble, general steam turbine lubricating system is generally open or forced circulation type, in a certain degree of exposure in the air, oil churning, mixed with a lot of air, and partly dissolved gas, oil soluble liquid, volume of about 10%. When the vacuum oil filter, vacuum flash tower is vacuum, gas solubility decreased, gas free bubble, but there are some small bubbles exist in the form of oil, with the oil flows in the vacuum oil filter machine, in each link may join the new gas. Finally with the oil movement and arrived in the tank, in the oil phase precipitation, causing bubbles.
Q:How can I get rid of the cooking oil and the sediment filtered out by centrifugal oil filters?.
After filtration of edible oil and sediment, you can add a ladle in the oil filter (number), so as not to export the filtered oil dirty and precipitation.
Q:New vertical centrifugal oil filter operating instructions
4, raw materials, hair oil cleanliness is not the same, clean diesel can be more than one to two times of Qing dynasty.5, vertical centrifugal oil filter, through the production of the brake device, when the power is broken, the drum rotation can not stop the brakes, the need to adjust the brake lever slow brake, otherwise the oil reversal is not clear.6, clean up the oil when the first outer barrel cover three bolts remove out, provided on the cover, the inner barrel cover three bolts remove out, open cover, shovel bucket wall oil.7, with a period of time, the center of the barrel, oil, nylon plate, bolt unloading, and then carry the inner barrel mouth upward pull, after the inner barrel put forward, clean the bottom of the barrel overflow overflow slag, and then on the inner barrel.
Q:Comment: what's the difference between a vacuum oil filter and a centrifugal oil filter?
The difference between the 1, the technical principle: vacuum oil filter mainly adopts vacuum pump, artificial vacuum in the vacuum tank, realize the separation of different heating flash level under vacuum, the use of oil, water, gas, acid and other hydrocarbons; and the centrifugal oil filter machine mainly uses high speed centrifugal machine from to realize oil-water separation and impurity separation principle, and washing machine water shedding of exactly the same, very simple.
Q:Want to produce oil filter, that is to filter the hydraulic oil machine
You do not come to muddy the waters. Now, the industrial transformation and upgrading, Chinese oil filter most of the company will die, not enough strength small manufacturers don't want to die, playing the price war, would not live
Q:How many kinds of transformer oil vacuum oil filters are available?
These four kinds of vacuum oil filter models of each manufacturer have different definitions, here can give some models according to the national standard, high vacuum oil filter - ZJB; double stage vacuum oil filter and oil processing UHV vacuum oil filter called ZJA, regeneration type vacuum oil filter are called ZYB. In these models are based on the vacuum oil filter size and the size of the flow according to distinguish, there are two kinds of common, and how many liters per minute per hour cubic, such as 30L/min, /1H and so on 0.5 square meters
Q:The working principle of centrifugal oil filter
Through the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal force of the drum and the dregs of oil to leave, liquid-solid separation. When the rotary drum stops rotating, the net oil is slid out of the drum to achieve the purpose of filtration. The oil quality is pure, and the experiment can be done on the fire at the time, fried fritters, stir frying dishes, no foam, no overflow pot. In the past we have used filtration equipment such as: frame filter, vacuum filter, pressure filter is called filter medium (media refers to the cloth, filter, filter cloth mesh) because the medium level of large dregs filtration process is filtered out, small particles through the mesh flow to the oil. This is the past, the filtration effect is relative to solve the quality issues, in operation, the crude oil inside the oil to plug the glial mesh after repeatedly opening the replacement of the filter cloth, cleaning cloth and post consumption.

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