Three functions ​​38MM Hammer

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Product Description:

Model: Z1C-SG-38

Type: two slots two pit
Drilling diameter : 38 Rated  

Speed: 400 (rpm)

Power supply type AC power 1000 (W)        

Maximum drilling diameter 38 (mm)

Technical parameters:
Standard models : Z1C-SG-38 Order number : 3801
Voltage : 110V / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Speed : 400r / min drilling diameter : 38mm

Power : 1000W

General configuration :
Motor: Copper motor casing colors: black + Hitachi green wrinkle paint
Packaging: metal box packaging Accessories : See attached images
Packing Size : 52X39X33 Number of units : 3 sets / pieces

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Q:Hammer often forget to fill what kind of harm to the hammer
You often forget to hammer hammer life greatly reduced.
Q:Hammer into the ceiling.
According to your choice of expansion bolt determine drilling depth, notice board plastering layer and protective layer basically not what strength, must the drilling structure layer, but the board structure layer thickness is about 10 centimeters, not drilled.
Q:Electric drill, electric hammer, what is the difference? Is the three in one machine good?
Hammer is not the same, it is to use the bottom two sets of motor driven gear structure, a realization of it drill, and another one is to drive the piston, a hydraulic engine stroke, resulting in a strong impact force, along with drilling results. Strength can split rocks into gold.Electric motor drives is to make the swinging of the swing weight do bounce run, make pickaxe have gouge ground effect
Q:How many power drills do you use to drill through the wall?.
Generally through the wall drilling Tsui is 30 cm, 18 mm in diameter, enough wire, and if it is not big enough, you can drill while shaking, the hole expanded a bit, it may be about 30 yuan,
Q:Rivet drill or hammer what hit the wall
Is the rivet rivet riveter, need to punch holes, if the wall is concrete and may need to use a hammer, if the wall is soft point of material, such as brick what, with an electric drill can be, but should pay attention to choose the appropriate drill.
Q:Hammer hammer vicese and BOSCH that good
In the actual operation process, a comparative single hole is not obvious, two machine vibration comparison are acceptable, but in the continuous downward hit 20 holes around, compared to the more obvious, the use of vicese hammer rather than BOSCH feel relaxed.
Q:The relationship between the speed with hammer peening force
I have a small hammer Tielang brand drill hammer dual-use can adjust the speed of my own feeling is low speed when the hammer effect is good, I think you should consult businesses to see how they answer you and you want to use in which they are more professional.
Q:Stir the paint with good or hammer drill
Drilling machine using electric power as power. Is the power tools in the conventional products, but also the largest demand for power tools products. The working principle of electric motor rotor electromagnetic rotary or reciprocating electromagnetic small capacity motor to do work cutting magnetic field operation, operation device driven by the transmission mechanism drives the gear increase bit power, so the drill bit scraping the surface of the object, through the object better
Q:The maximum diameter of the hammer is fixed up? Can I open the hole? How does an electric drill screw in?
Hammer of different sizes have different maximum diameter of the drill bit.
Q:It can be installed ordinary electric hammer drill punch it
No, because the diamond drill bit and drill, impact drill bit ordinary regardless of specifications, size and shape are inconsistent, on the one hand can not install the clamping key is no guarantee of safety and accuracy.

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