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Tyre Flap features: high quality flap, various sizes, timely delivery will satisfy you

Tyre Flap

We are one of the biggest and professional tyre manufacturers in China, manufacturing nearly one thousand sizes of tyres with high-quality and competitive prices

1. Tenslile strength: 7mpa, 8mpa, 10mpa, 13mpa, 14.7mpa

2. Elongation rate: 380% 400% 450% 500%

3. Packing: Weaving bags and cartons

4. Material: Butyl and natutal rubber


26.5-25 23.5-25 20.5-25 17.5-25 1400-24 1600-24 1300-24 1200-24 1100-20 1200-20

900-20 1000-20 900-16 700-16 750-16 825-16 700-15 750-15

Pls check the technical data FOR FLAP

1. Tensile strength: 5MPA, 7MPA, 10MPA

2. Packing: Weaving bag and carton

3. Material: Natural rubber

We can also add an iron piece.

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Q:Tires balanced and rotated??
$36.00 dollars unless you bought they from there and have the lifetime warranty then it would be free.
Q:Where to change the tires?
Costco. They are more helpful and most covering with their warranties. My ruck tire got a nail in the side wall after about 3,000 miles and they replaced the tire at no charge. Plus Sams club is part of wal mart and they are evil (but they have better pizza).
Q:Whether the car tires will sink in the water
Sinking conditions: G is greater than tire F Float Float = G Drain. The Try to increase the volume of multi-inflated
Q:Tires Used For Aircraft?
Just a peek at the problem. Space Shuttle tires are only used ONCE. I have visited the testing facility near here. Vigorous tests.
Q:What are the disadvantages of car tire pressure too high?
Also use it? Common sense of everyone to understand, puncture, fast speed, there may be life-threatening.
Q:What is the meaning of the 91V above the car tires?
91 indicates the load index: The maximum load of the tire is 615 kg. Different load indices represent different maximum loads (usually in pounds or kilograms).
Q:What is the direction of the tire tires?
Anti-hit direction, the foot of the point brake.
Q:What is the gas in the car tires?
Q:Are there any fake car tires?
Car tires are fake.
Q:What is balancing tires?
Good answers from others. When you buy a tire, it goes on a certain rim. That rim has a unique signature. So when the tire goes on, it will run true only a certain way. By adding weights to it in strategic places, that tire matched with that rim will run true. That is what you want. So every time a tire is replaced on a rim, it must be balanced.

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