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  • We are the biggest  pfofessional butyl inner tube manufacture over the world.

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Q:Capitol tires?
They were low-rent tires. Cheap and worked. But they didn't last forever - I don't recall how long We blew a tire an hour or so north of where I live while she was still charging through college (she finished in less than 2 years) and she blew a tire. Normally, I deal with Big O tires, but there wasn't one in this town. There was a American Car Care Center and their low rent tires were caled Capital. Got two and off we went No problems, but nothing special. The price was right. I am pretty sure the Capitals are the House Brand of this American Car Care Centers just like Big O tires are the Housebrand of Big O. I was unable to discover who manufatures them - But let me guess: Yokahama. Yeah. They do a lot of OEM work.
Q:Toyota Prius tires?
If you are talking about the LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) 15" Goodyear Integrity tires that come stock on the US Prius, you can expect anywhere from 22,000 to 37,000 miles on them. Two very important things play into getting extended mileage. 1) TIRE PRESSURE: The folks that are getting 37,000 miles out the Integrity tires are running them above the OEM suggested door sticker pressures. They are running them at 44 psi front 42 psi back at least. This is above the manufacturer's suggested pressure setting but, they are getting much more mileage. 2) ALIGNMENT: A very high percentage of the people getting 37,000 miles out the Integrity tires had their front end alignment checked very early in the game. Most of them have done this for fuel economy reasons (high mileage fanatics) but, most of them did report the front end being anywhere from slightly to pretty badly out of spec. MPG: The side benefit of paying attention to these two important features is that if you are taking care of both of them like the folks represented above are doing, you will get about 2-5 more miles per gallon in fuel efficiency over the OEM setups. COST: $66.00 each at Tire Rack see Link below
Q:How long is the shelf life of the car tire?
The following five cases need to change the tire: 1, tire wear to wear limit signs must be stopped using (that is, tread depth less than 1.6 mm). 2, tire aging. 3, tread deformation or bead damage tires, lack of air caused by sidewall was damaged rolling tires, chemical corrosion of the tire shall not continue to use. 4, drum tires can not continue to use. 5, other damage if the impact of the use of tire safety shall not continue to use.
Q:Tires Used For Aircraft?
Aircraft tires have to take a lot of shock and are used for short periods of time. Automobile tires have to handle steering and acceleration, aircraft tires don't.
Q:Tire pressure?
1. There is no recommended inflation pressure written anywhere on the tire, only a safety warning regarding the maximum inflation pressure the tire is rated for. 2. ALWAYS inflate tires to the VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS recommendation which is normally found on the Vehicle Information Tag inside the drivers door frame. 3. Tires with a maximum inflation pressure of 44 psi are usually "Standard Load" sized tires which will achieve their maximum load carrying ability at 35 psi. Tires with a max inflation of 51 psi are almost always "Extra Load" sized tires. These can carry more weight than a standard load tire and at a higher pressure - 41 psi. If your vehicle is supposed to have XL tires front and rear and you only have them on one axle you run the danger of overloading your tires, potentially causing a failure. 4. Year/make/model of vehicle? 44 psi is highly unusual for a factory recommended inflation size. I suspect you may be incorrect about what the spec is.
Q:Car tires have no inner tube in the appearance of how to distinguish?
Car tires with or without inner tubes, not only from the appearance of a single view, and sometimes also need from its relevant "logo" to identify the above. This requires not only a certain theoretical knowledge, but also good at applying the theoretical knowledge to the specific physical identification.
Q:Tire question?
Both are pretty much the same, but if you live where there is a lot of snow ,get snow tires.I do 60% or more of my driving on dirt or snow and keep snows on year round. Better traction on dirt and mud too. If most of your driving is on pavement get the snows off in the spring. Use a major brand, there is no such thing as a cheap tire they don't balance well and they don't last. Cheap costs more inthe long run!!!!
Q:Tyre pressure help?no manual?
Kelly, tire pressures are not "by the book" in real life. the numbers stamped on the sidewall of your tire are most often max readings to safely use in them. These numbers are determined by a specific weight of vehicle carrying a specific weight. as an example a pick up truck may have a tire stamped with 55 lbs cold@ 36000 lbs. This means when the truck is parked and checked in the morning it should have no more than 55 lbs with a load in the bed of 3600 lbs. Generally a 5 pound less number works well. 55 lbs at 50 cold. A tire run too low in air will become much hotter when rolling down the road. this is often the reason a tire blows out. The rubber compound gets too hot and ruptures more easily. a well inflated tire mat resist a blow out when it hits a sharp rock in the road and a nearly flat tire will burst from it. But is this all? NO Tires are only the same shape and that's nearly it! A tire size can be found in a model for very light cars, medium weight cars and light trucks. The weight of the car is important to the working of the tire. A lot of weight on a kids bike either blows the tire or flattens it to the rim and breaks the bead. the opposite can occur. to little weight on a tire meant for weight and the side walls don't curl and flex enough. the riders feels every piece of a rough road as does the suspension as it begins to wear out. The federal government sets rules for tire makers because your life depends on the tire being right.
Q:What are the effects of car tires on cars?
Tire is one of the most important components of the car, its role is: to support the full weight of the vehicle, to withstand the load of the car; transfer traction and braking torque to ensure that the wheel and the road adhesion; reduce and absorb the car Driving vibration and impact, to prevent the car parts are subject to severe vibration and early damage to adapt to the high-speed performance of vehicles and reduce the noise when driving to ensure the safety of driving, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy.
Q:How to look at the size of car tires?
Take the amount of things chanting

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