Passager Car Radial Tyre 165/70R13 LI288

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Product Description:

Size:165/70R13 LI288

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Asymmetric pattern design reduce the noise when running

2,The irregular block provides more stability and best grip power while tuming

3,Enhanced rib on the shoulder can avoide the asymmetric wear greatlly

4,Three straight lines in the middle provide the best water drainage and the keystone block pattern an prevent the stone into the pattern.

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A hybrid vehicle means that the motor vehicle is outfitted with a properly-known gas tank and additionally with a charged battery. If the battery runs down you could swap to the gas tank so which you don't get caught out interior the direction of nowhere, and whilst the gas tank runs out you could swap to the battery. A hybrid something is two issues in one.
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Just one? Absolutely not. Even all four I would say no. A minivan is a fairly big vehicle often used to haul a lot of stuff - like loved ones. A P215/65R15 95S tire has not only a smaller overall diameter than a P215/70R15 97S sized tire resulting in speedometer and odometer inaccuracy and reduced fuel mileage, but it also has a lower load carrying capacity - it can not support as much weight. This could result in overloading the tire and its eventual failure (blowout). If you mix tires of different sizes you can upset the ABS and Traction Control systems on the vehicle if so fitted, cause it to pull and possibly damage the transaxle.
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HI . Tires Front Tire Order Code: QVL Rear Tire Order Code: QVL Spare Tire Order Code: N/A Front Tire Size: P265/70R17 Rear Tire Size: P265/70R17 Spare Tire Size: P265/70R17 Front Tire Capacity: 2304 Rear Tire Capacity: 2004 Spare Tire Capacity: N/A Revolutions/Mile 45 mph - Front: N/A Revolutions/Mile 45 mph - Rear: N/A Revolutions/Mile 45 mph - Spare: N/A Wheels Front Wheel Size: 17 x 7.5 Rear Wheel Size: 17 x 7.5 Spare Wheel Size: 17 x -TBD- Front Wheel Material: Steel Rear Wheel Material: Steel Spare Wheel Material: Steel
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Buy tires online @ Tirerack, and have your mechanic install for you.
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The best way to know what the problem is, is to hook a scan tool to your vehicle to see what sensor or sensors are not working properly. Run a diagnostic on ABS system will driving your vehicle to see what readings you are getting from your sensors. Once you know which ones are not working properly, check wiring and sensor(or sensors) replace sensor or repair wiring. Most sensors are easy to replace which have a wiring harness plug and one mounting bolt. You may have to remove the tire(or tires) to fix your problem. If you remove tires use jack stand to hold vehicle up safely, don't trust the jack to hold it up.

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