Passager Car Radial Tyre ST175/80R13 LY188

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Product Description:

Size:ST175/80R13 LY188

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car.

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Overloed-using the reinforced polyyester cord on the body

2,Fuel-efficient-ow rolling resistance and anti-wear compound on the tread

3,Drainage-four straight lines in the middle

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Q:Tire size vs on-board computer?
It can affect the computer. It is a possibility, but probably it's not enough of a difference to matter. Your truck's on board computer controls many things that rely on calculations based on the revolution of the wheel. These calculations are based on how often the hub turns, but if you place a larger diameter wheel on the hub, the truck actually goes farther on one revolution of the hub than the computer thinks it does. Systems that may be affected by this are: anti-lock braking system, tire pressure monitor, speedometer and odometer. I am not a fan of changing wheel diameters on vehicles, however it actually is not that big of a deal in most instances.
Q:what is meant by a bad tire?
the belts in tires can separate and make a twist in the tread of the tire. that's normally what they mean by a bad tire. A separated tire will normally be noticeable at a slow speed. If it's on the front the steering wheel will shake. Any slow speed vibration is usually a separated tire and I suspect that's what you have.
Q:Dodge Neon Rims / Tires?
Yep, 17's will fit ( 205/40R17 would be a good size to keep the overall diameter correct ). However, with Neon's, a 15 ( or possibly a 16 ) would be much better to keep the rotational mass down in each corner. The 2.0L engine does not have a lot of torque at, or just above idle, so off the line, the car will feel a lot slower with 17's
Q:what are the best traction car tires?
Traction in snow? Traction off-road? Traction on a dry road? Traction on a wet road? You'll have to be more specific
Q:tires - Harley Davidson - bridgestone spitfire tires or whats good ?
stock 07 softail classic, got 10k from the back Dunlop. Fellow rider recommended Metzler for replacement. have 6k on and looking really good, found it to be a better handling tire. Suggest Mezler for your Sporty. Got mine at Wheelworks in Garden Grove, CA. Cycle Gear another source.
Q:Two questions regarding front tire?
It sounds like you did'nt install the tire correctly ! No part of the tube should be showing ! I'd try removing the whole tire and putting it back on. The problem isn't the tire or the tube.
Q:When looking for tire pressure, (PSI) do you go by the tire or by the sticker on the door jam?
Go with the pressure that the tire manufacturer recommends. The reason is tire manufacturers test their tires for safety and durability based on the tire pressure listed on the tire. The tire pressure listed on the door jam is the tire pressure recommended by the auto manufacturer for a comfortable ride quality. (We all know what happens here with the Ford Explorers right?) Always go by what the tire manufacturer recommends to minimize tire wear, get the safety recommended by the tire manufacturer (they test at that tire pressure) and get maximum fuel efficiency. If you go by the auto manufacturer's recommendation, you may get a better ride, but you risk safety just like the Ford/Firestone fiasco. Ford had under inflated the firestone tires to the point where the soft ride caused excessive heat build up and tread separation.
Q:What is the difference between an external tonic and a tires?
The biggest difference between internal and external complement is the degree of adhesion to the tire.
Q:how big can you go on tires on a 2003 F250?
just remember bigger tyres will change your gearing, if you are 4WDing this might be an issue, also just trying to get up to speed any where will become slower.
Q:How does the car tire model distinguish?
Tire Specifications: Specifications are tire geometric parameters and physical properties of the logo data. Tire specifications are often used in a set of numbers, the previous number indicates the width of the tire section, and the latter number indicates the rim diameter in inches. The middle of the letter or symbol has a special meaning: "x" that high-pressure tire; "R", "Z" said radial tire; "a" that low-pressure tire. Level: level refers to the tire rubber layer of the public layer of the number of layers, and the actual number of ply is not exactly the same, is an important indicator of tire strength. Level with the Chinese logo, such as 12 levels; with the English logo, such as 〃 14P. R 〃 that is 14 layers of pole. Cylindrical material: Some tires are individually marked, such as "nylon" (NYLON), generally marked after the level; the world's tire manufacturers marked in the specifications, the first letter with the Chinese alphabet, such as 9.00-20N, 7.50 -20G and so on, N is nylon, G is steel, M is cotton, and R is rayon. Load and pressure: generally marked the maximum load and the corresponding pressure, the load to "kg" as a unit, the pressure that tire tire pressure, the unit is "kPa." Rim Size: Indicates the rim size that matches the tire. Easy to use, such as "standard rim 5.00F". Balance mark: made of colored rubber mark shape, printed on the sidewall, indicating the lightest tires here, the assembly should be on the valve to ensure the balance of the entire tire. Rolling direction: the tread pattern on the running of the drainage non-slip particularly critical, so the pattern of asymmetric off-road vehicle tires commonly used arrows assembly assembly direction to ensure the design of adhesion, anti-skid and other properties.

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