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product description:

This series of tyre are with Solid matrix, popular pattern, strong adhesion, excellent traction performance and traction trafficability, low heat generation, large load capacity, abrasion resistance and cut resistance.

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Q:What is considered a bad tire?
What's the difference between a duck?
Q:What should I go by for filling up my tires?
If the wheels are the stock width I've always had good luck adding the *maximum tire pressure and the *manufactures sticker and dividing the two pressures in half. Try the divided pressure. It really works nice if you inflate the tires with nitrogen. They will not gain as much pressure when hot or loose as much when cold.
Q:how to dispose of used tires?
That's about all you can do is change the fluid and filter. A major tune-up would also help (That's when all fluids, filters and spark plugs are changed). If you engine is running smooth it helps take a load off the transmission
Q:Detailed specifications for car tires.
Detailed specifications for car tires Detailed explanation: International standard tire code, expressed in millimeters as a percentage of section width and flatness ratio. Followed by: tire type code, rim diameter (inches), load index (permit bearing quality code), permit vehicle speed code.
Q:why are all tires black?
All tire manufacturers add carbon black to their tires to protect them from harmful UV radiation, which gives them the characteristic black color.
Q:Question about changing tires?
Generally it costs $10.00 a tire for mount and balance. And I wouldn't pay more than $70.00 for a front end alignment but does your car need an alignment? You will also have a small tire disposal fee for your old tires. Sounds like they are trying to take advantage of you. I presonally have found Sams club the cheapest place to purchase tires.
Q:how big can you go on tires on a 2003 F250?
just remember bigger tyres will change your gearing, if you are 4WDing this might be an issue, also just trying to get up to speed any where will become slower.
Q:How long is the life of the car tires?
Depends on the situation. The The Driving mileage, mainly to see your tread wear situation, the tire has a scale line, forget what is called. The Can not be exceeded, is to look at the tire replacement. The The Some tires should pay attention to the problem of rubber aging, to check. The
Q:Tire Question.?
Well even though they had tire issues Indy i dont think there will be any issues at Pocono. Exspecially if you look back at the last race there. And no i dont no the thickness.
Q:Any difference between American tire size vs Europe tire size?
I think Just Tires have got this wrong. They should not have fitted tyres that were the wrong specification for the car. They should have a set of tables for every make and model of car, indicating correct tyre size, speed rating, etc. They should also have the experience to know when they're fitting tyres of the wrong speed rating. However, proving that might be difficult. They could say that they fitted the tyres you asked for and hence they're not responsible. I suggest that instead of all guns blazing you try to come to a reasonable compromise with the manager, where they upgrade the car's tyres for a price you both can live with. If they're not willing to compromise then you need to contact the local trading standards department.

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