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This series of tyre are with Solid matrix, popular pattern, strong adhesion, excellent traction performance and traction trafficability, low heat generation, large load capacity, abrasion resistance and cut resistance.

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Q:What is the cost of replacing the car tires?
If it is not a transport enterprise, the cost is included in the management fee.
Q:How does the car tire model distinguish?
Usually the car tire size logo is *** / ** R ** * part is the number. You can find the tire size information for your vehicle in the vehicle user's manual, the cab door (near the B pillar), the tank cover, the storage box, and the like.
Q:Make up a car tires how much money
Different places where the price is different for us
Q:Is there any crack in the car tires?
If the tires are aging (for example, there are countless small cracks in the tread or the bead of the tread that are about to hurt the carcass), it is necessary to replace the tire in time, no matter how long the tire is used and how much it is worn.
Q:What is the meaning of the 91V above the car tires?
91 indicates the load index: The maximum load of the tire is 615 kg. Different load indices represent different maximum loads (usually in pounds or kilograms).
Q:What is the direction of the tire tires?
In the high-speed driving if a puncture, especially the front wheel burst, absolutely can not hit the brakes. And both hands clenched steering wheel, try to control the direction of the forward, and release the throttle to slow down the car. Wait until the speed is completely down, the steering wheel stops at the roadside safe place, replace the tire, and move forward.
Q:Tire Pressure?
Wow, That guy claims to be ASE Master Certified for 16 years, but doesn't even know how to set tire pressure properly?!? ALWAYS set to the manufacturer recommended tire pressures with the tires cold. Best is in the morning before you have driven the vehicle. You should not drive the vehicle before setting the tire pressure to the manufacturer recommended setting! Check the tires cold, not hot. Set them to the manufacturer's recommended tire pressures that are posted on the tire information sticker on the door jamb. Igonore the tire's markings for pressures, those are for the tire only, and not for the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer spent loads of money to test the vehicle and figure out what the best tire pressure would be for vehicle stability, fuel mileage, tire wear, and ride comfort. Changing from the recommended pressure can result in decreasing the stability of the vehicle, and increased tire wear. Sure, you can get a better ride by lowering the pressure, or increased fuel mileage by increasing the pressure, but is it worth risking losing control of the vehicle and getting into an accident for a lttle extra comfort, or a little bit of extra fuel mileage? Tires are a MAJOR safety component of the vehicle as they're the only thing that keeps the vehicle on the road! DO NOT MESS WITH CHANGING IT! Your life could depend on it! (Not to mention other people's lives!)
Q:What are the common problems with car tires?
Tire pressure not only directly affects the life of the tire, but also closely related to traffic safety, but how much suitable for tire pressure, but there are a lot of argument. In fact, each car has a clear pressure regulations, the standard value of the vehicle tires in the cold state of the measured pressure prevail. But because many of the owners of the tires are hot before the gas, so check the pressure will be higher than the actual value, if at this time by the standard air pressure, the tire may be in the low pressure after the state, so many The refueling store will be slightly higher than the standard value when the owner is filling. But the number of high is entirely determined by the experience, so the lack of accuracy of the value. Therefore, when the tire is hot, try to make the tire in a cold state, the standard pressure should also be measured in the case of tire cooling test. If the owner thinks that the temperature of the tire is high, the pressure of the tire should be slightly lower than the standard value. The reason is that it avoids the risk of tire puncture when the air is inflated and the tire is too high. In fact, almost all of the tire traders will not advocate the owner to do so. Because the tire pressure decreases, the tire and the ground contact area increases, will cause the tire to heat up too fast, but rather easily lead to puncture. In addition, the tire pressure is too low there are many negative effects, such as: the tread on both sides of the normal wear and tear, to increase the amount of sidewall deformation, easy to damage the sidewall and so on.
Q:Does anyone know why a tire is called a tire?
they wanted to call it a pizza but that name was already taken.
Q:Does siping your tires really work?
Does Tire Siping Work

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