Passager Car Radial Tyre 185/65R14 LY166

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Product Description:

Size:185/65R14 LY166

Application:The tyre is used to Passager Car.

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Shark Fin Tread Pattern

2,The six horizontal steps equally distributed can effectively decomposs the pumping noise source,reduce noise,greatly promote the rigidity between the tread pattern blocks and eliminate sundries in the grooce.

3,Split Tyre Shoulder Block Design

4,Small Knurl Design on Side Wall of Groove

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Q:how do i change a tire on a wire beaded tire?
Tires have had wire inner beads since Hector was a pup. It's nit the tire you have to fight its the raised safety bead inside the wheel. You need two tools to dis-mount a tire from a wheel. A tire spoon and a tire iron. If you have aluminum wheels stop before you start. If you attempt to pound under the lip of the wheel you'll scuff or brake the wheel. Take the wheel and tire to a tire shop where they'll break it down safely within 30 seconds.
Q:What is the difference between a car tire and an ordinary car tire model?
Thicker tires should be said that the tire tread is very wide, and the tire bead (outside diameter) and tread distance is very small or the tire looks very flat. In fact, the tire benefits are: to increase the contact area with the ground, the vehicle in the driving speed forklift and other reactions more quickly and smoothly, while the vehicle fuel to rise, the use of such tires are mostly high-end cars or sports car.
Q:Can the car tire burst?
According to what you have described, if there is spare tire to replace the spare tire, if there is no spare tire, it is recommended to call the local trailer service phone, the car dragged to the nearest regular tire retail stores.
Q:proper tire pressure for a mountain bike?
The tire pressure range is printed on the side of the tire.
Q:Tyre Pressures?
cold air is thicker than hot air and therefore more volume is sucked into the combustion chamber. like you get better economy driving on a cold night then on a hot day. the cold air intake is meant to scoop up the air while driving via a cold air intake cut out in the bonnet. but i doubt if you ever see a return on the expence involved but the engine will run cooler and slightly more economical but not much.
Q:What is the tire company of the car company?
Repair tires for tires
Q:Car tires.Performance, High Performance, and Touring tires--What is the difference between them?
Performance tires are specialty tires that customers choose to enhance the look and low speed traction of their vehicles. High Performance tire design extends high speed handling and stability. Touring tires feature enhanced performance blended with excellent ride quality. High Performance tires will have more of a softer tread compounds for better traction with an emphasis on maximum contact patch. The Touring tires give you a better ride comfort and lower noise. Cooper's Zeon ZPT are an excellent value in an H-rated high performance tire design.
Q:Can you plug a motorcycle tire?
Some things just do not go together no matter how hard you try. Just like oil and water do not mix, quality and low price don't either. You have to decide which is more important to you, quality OR low price because you cannot have both. Unfortunately, many people choose low price over quality these days and stores like WalMart are proof of that. Manufacturers with good reputations for quality now produce low end poor quality lines and sell them through major retail outlets. They are not the quality on which they built their reputations but they do it to compete. When it comes to bikes, cheap will cost you more in the long-run than quality. Many bike shops won't even work on bikes from big retail outlets because they are junk and cost more to fix than to buy new.
Q:How to look at the size of car tires?
Tire written above
Q:what is a good snow tire?
Off road tires are not good snow tires, the main thing that makes a snow tire is the composition of the rubber. The rubber is designed to stay pliable in sub zero temperatures and grip snow, ice or cold pavement. Snow tires also have very small snipes these a designed to maximize thread edge area and give you additional ice traction.

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