Truck Tyre Flap 10.00-20

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Product Description:

Tire flap

1. Material:rubber

2. Brand:HSY or we can print your name on the tube

3.Certificate: ISO9001:2008

4. Packing:Weaving bag and plastic bag or according to your request

5. Customers: North America, Middle East, South Asia, Africa.

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Q:Car tire burst, car tire repair can also be used? Will it be broken soon?
Please come home to repair the open is not afraid of trouble you open well
Q:A friend told me to say that the road to repair the car tires, learn time is short, a month to learn, and then come out their own engage in what I have done 26, no long-term plan is not a way, I would like to ask you Do not repair tires?
Dismantling repair tires very well learned. But only this one on their own shop may be too little profit point is not good to maintain. It is recommended that one year apprentice at the repair shop understand the knowledge of this industry and the car and learn to repair and dismount tire. This is more reasonable arrangements
Q:importance of keeping recommended tire sizes?
Changing tire size can often improve the ride and performance of a vehicle through the following methods By selecting a tire of the next lower profile, you can significantly improve the ride quality and handling of your vehicle. Plus sizing has become very popular. In this application, the plus size tire is the same height as the original but its sidewalls are shorter. This change delivers improvement in tire response and handling.
Q:i am looking for low profile tires ofr my ford ranger. but i dont know alot about tires. i dont want ruberband tires but i want them low. what size should i get.
225/55/15's or 255/50/15's bf goodrich of course
Q:I bought 4 Brand new tires 2 month ago one of they blew up on me yesterday on Highway i drove about 1000 miles on it if not how much does it cost to fix tire
I'd sue them for selling cheap tires! Tell them you'll sue them if they won't replace it.
Q:i have a giant boulder bike with a 80cc 2-stroke enging on it. i myself weight 230lbs and i ride around 200km a day at 40-50kph. i have a kevlar tire i got at walmart on the back and a slime tube i also got at walmart. my front tire has 3000+km on it and its fine but my last tire was from a bike in my backyard and it only lasted 150km. so how long should i expect to have this new tire last? it was $10 for the tire and $10 for the tube so its not cheap. i ride 100km into the country at 3 am and i dont have a cell phone and there are no houses along these desalite roads so i cant be walking home. what is the average lifespan of a tire on a mountain bike. thanks
My bike store mechanic has instructed me to check my tire pressure at a minimum of once a week. If I am going on a long ride I check my tires for foreign objects, cracks or obvious defects prior to leaving in order to get the most enjoyment out of the ride. I also weigh 230 plus pounds so I switched to a kevlar tire that I have used for over a year with no flats. Put a quality kevlar tire on and enjoy the ride. Remember, quality remains long after price has been forgotten.
Q:Should I change my tires already?
check the tread wear with a penny,u must of heard of that. stick the penny in the tread wear and if u see the head no good. tire should be rotated every 6,000 miles. if u r bey new tire look on the side wall for the treadwear. it will be in number look for anything from 300 and higher.
Q:Interested in starting a tire repair shop that specialize in low cost used tires.
The used tire shop next to my shop knows people at regular tire shops and at dealerships. Also people show up with tires all the time. Its more of a network thing than there being a dealer of used tires. I know he buys them from a few major chains from the employees who sort out the good ones and take them home with them. He usually pays like $8-$15 a tire depending on the size, condition. Then he sells them mounted and balanced for $50-$75 a tire.
Q:Is this tire foldable?
Unless it specifically says fold-able, I would imagine not.
Q:I need new tires for my car. Are used tires a good deal? What are the least exspensive new tires?I don‘t really care about the life span of the tires because this is only going to be short term.My only concern is safety and low cost. What is the lowest cost solution here?
Go for used tires. There are many tire shops that have them. People buy new cars and then get after market tires put on so there is a good supply of used tires that have barely any miles on them for a fraction of the price. They won't sell them unless they have about 80% tread left, but most have more. I bought two Goodyear tires for my car for $70 including install and balance.

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