Winter Passager Car Radial Tyre 235/45R17 LY988

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Product Description:

Size:235/45R17 LY988

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car in Winter

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Asymmetric pattern design reduce the noise when running

2,The irregular block provides more stability and best grip power while tuming

3,Enhanced rib on the shoulder can avoide the asymmetric wear greatlly

4,Three straight lines in the middle provide the best water drainage and the keystone block pattern an prevent the stone into the pattern.

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Q:How many kilometers of car tires are guaranteed
Tire quality of the three packs is: half of the pattern above the bubble, degumming, and some manufacturers of tires are also within the scope of three bags, these problems are all replacement, the tires are not wear and tear, Tires are now basically charged with wear and tear.
Q:Recycling Tires?
Tyres require significant resources and energy to manufacture. Recovery of some of the resources (such as carbon black, steel, hydrocarbons) and energy can occur through pyrolysis though this requires stringent regulation of emmissions to prevent escape of pollutants, and with current technology will still release CO2. Whole tyres in landfills create instability and allow pockets for potentially explosive methane to pool. some landfills chip the tyres before landfilling. Mountains of stored tyres are a fire hazard. I have seen very successful reuse of tyres as material to construct comfortable outdoor furniture.
Q:What are decent tires?
Goodyear is an excellent brand for tires. I currently have Hankook tires on my 2008 Scion xB and they perform very well for me, considering I'm not grabbing for monster speeds on the highway. You need to look at the trim of the tire, rather, the rating. Z tires give you the most performance. Those are the ones you want, but they're very expensive. R tires are the most common ones. You can find them on most sedans, midsize, coupes, cross-overs, etc. Your car has a sport trim, so you're most likely going to have to get a tire with a better rating than R. They'll work, but they won't work as well if you want longevity out of your tire. As long as you don't drive like an over-caffeinated deranged soccer mom, then you should be fine with Hankook R-type tires.
Q:2000 toyota 4runner and 1997 4runner tire size?
Both years are in the same generation (3rd), but there are several sizes that are common on these utes. Mounted sets of wheels and tires are interchangeable between the two, as long as one is not lifted to accommodate taller tires. 16 wheels are most common on the 3rd gen 4runners in the US. 265/60R16 size tires are usually mounted on them, but many other sizes also fit. 15 wheels are also available and came with 225/75R15 or 31x10.50R15 tires on them. Several other tire sizes are also compatible.
Q:Excessive wear of car tires can cause harm
Since the tire pressure is reduced by about 30% per year in the natural case, it is necessary to ensure that the tire pressure (including the spare tire) must be carried out regularly. Kumho tires and other tire brands often held free testing services, Zhao, director of the proposed owners to the manufacturers to accept professional, comprehensive tire medical examination. In addition, the air pressure maintenance should also pay attention to: tire cooling measurement of air pressure, a day before driving a visual inspection; high speed before driving the tire pressure is usually increased by 10%, reduce heat, improve safety; understanding of the tire sidewall identification of the maximum pressure value, Under the guidance of professionals approved the normal pressure value, to ensure the best performance of the tire to play. To extend the service life of the tire, must ensure the correct use, careful inspection, careful maintenance, but with the life of the most closely related to the quality of the product itself. Therefore, Mr. Zhao suggested that: in the purchase process to choose the strength of the service and thoughtful big brands, these brands of product classification meticulous, targeted and strong. In order to make the tire wear evenly, the front wheel positioning must be carried out correctly. Poor front wheel positioning is often caused by tread feathery wear, front wheel positioning, including the front beam value, the main pin angle and the main pin angle adjustment. The front beam value is too large will lead to tread outside the feathery wear, too large negative front beam will make the tire bumps on the inner shoulder pinch wear, the front beam value is not correct at the same time will cause diagonal direction of scratches or It is very important to have uniform tread wear on the tread edge.
Q:Question about airplane tires?
Tires are replaced when the cords show, some tires allow up to 12 layers of nylon cords to show before requiring replacement. They are usually filled with nitrogen because it is resistant to temperature changes.
Q:RC Tires and RC Wheels?
Didn't know tyres and wheels had a religion!
Q:what does tire inflation mean?
Normal inflation on most cars is 32psi (pounds per square inch)
Q:where are good places to buy tires?
How much thought did you actually put into this question? Not much I would guess. Even though you may think your home town is the centre of the universe.Y/A is read and answered by people all over the world. Please expand your horizons a bit and name the location where you liveyou may not want to travel to Hong Kong or Cape Town to buy and have your tyres fitted.
Q:all out tire wear question?
Do some reaurch on your own and stop asking others to do everything for you.

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