Winter Passager Car Radial Tyre 235/45R17 LY988

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Product Description:

Size:235/45R17 LY988

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car in Winter

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Asymmetric pattern design reduce the noise when running

2,The irregular block provides more stability and best grip power while tuming

3,Enhanced rib on the shoulder can avoide the asymmetric wear greatlly

4,Three straight lines in the middle provide the best water drainage and the keystone block pattern an prevent the stone into the pattern.

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Q:About the tire level of the car?
If it is a speed level, please refer to the following: M (130km / h), N (140km / h), P (150km / h), Q (160km / h), R (170km / h) (270km / h), Y (300km / h), Z (greater than 240km / h), H (200km / h), H (210km / h), V (240km / h) H)
Q:New Car Tires?
89's and 90's are differ from each other. while "V" indicates speed. But as per my opinion you need to recheck it again and also verify with car tyre experts like mechanic and car tyre agencies.
Q:Where is the car tire gas?
Of course, is directly hit the tires. Tires and wheels are tightly fitted and do not leak.
Q:Low tire pressure?
Tire Pressure Low
Q:What is the meaning of the car tire size figures?
Tire specifications that the general format is such a 225 / 50R17 94V, the meaning of these numbers and letters are: 225 tread width, the unit is mm, the general tire width between 145-285mm, the interval is 10mm; 50 is flat Ratio, that is, the tire tire height and tread width ratio, 50 represents 50%, the average tire flat ratio of 30% -80%, under normal circumstances, ordinary cars should not use flat ratio> 75% of the tires, luxury Cars and high-performance sports cars recommend flattened <60% of the tires. R is the English Radial acronym, said the tire for the radiation layer structure, 15 is the outer diameter of the rim, the unit is inches. 94V is the tire's maximum load and maximum speed of 94 that the tire's maximum load is 670 kg.V said the tire can withstand the maximum speed is 240 km
Q:What is the meaning of H on car tires?
H represents the highest speed that the tire can withstand
Q:tire repairs?
Tire puncture is almost a daily occurrence. Any sharp object lying on the road can be the reason of it. Objects that are less than 1/ 4 diameter like nails or screws are responsible for a fatal puncture of a tire. If a tire punctures, then it is really necessary to repair it. To minimize the deterioration, drivers always prefer flat tires because if they choose steel belted one then it would be impossible to repair it immediately. If a tire is repaired then it will definitely have some considerations with it. But these considerations can be overlooked if it is repaired successfully by following the right procedure.
Q:How to identify refurbished car tires?
The most common is to observe the color and luster tires, refurbished tire color and gloss are relatively bleak. But also by observing the tread and sidewall overlap parts to identify, refurbished tire tread and sidewall between the overlap as the new tire flat round. Regular new tires after the factory, the tire will be with the outside of the "TWI" or small triangle and other wear logo, and the renovation of the bad tires logo is the paste their own, so the hand to pull the mark, you can identify.
Q:I need to replace the tires on my 97 Porsche 911 C4S; What tire would you recommend?
Pirelli Scorpion off road tires. REAL BIG ONES!
Q:where to change tires?
The correct tire size for your vehicle is P205/65R15 92V. Because your vehicle as the V6 it is highly recommended that you not step down to a tire with a lower service description than 92V (like the more common but inferior 92H or 92T for example) as that will reduce the handling and braking capability of the vehicle. If you want cheap tires then you should not have bought the V6 model with its special tire requirements. Tires I can recommend for this model for someone living in the Chicago area would include: BF Goodrich Traction T/A (mid-priced and long wearing). Michelin MXV4+ (the tire that came on the car when new, not cheap in any way). Continental Extreme Contact (relatively cheap and good in snow but don't wear well). Kuhmo Ecsta ASX (cheapest of the bunch). It is always best to replace all 4 tires at the same time so you have equal traction at the front and rear axles and can maintain a proper tire maintenance schedule. If you must replace only two tires the new tires absolutely should be installed on the REAR AXLE as per industry guidelines. Michelin Tire was recently sued successfully for $34 million because a shop put 2 new tires on the front and the car spun and turned one of the passengers into a quad. If your tire installer does not put them on the rear axle they are quite frankly not knowledgable industry professionals and should not be entrusted with so much as checking your tire pressures.

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