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What's good for wine l outer box sealing glue?
As long as it's the glue for table tennis bat. Brush it on the board first, then brush it over the sponge
What are the advantages of paper and plastic sealing adhesive?
Excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature, at ambient temperature from -20 to 65 DEG C, does not affect bonding properties
What can be washed and sealed?
With banana water, three, with gasoline, there will be, then wipe it with wet towels several times
How many meters is the sealant 3 centimeters thick?
The method and procedure for calculating the length of the adhesive tape are as follows:1. Use vernier caliper to measure the thickness of the tape, D, and the radius of the inner circle of the tape R.
The toothpaste sealing foil black
Toothpaste products are supposed to need to go through the relevant departments of the state inspection and acceptance of products, is the national standard.
Water sealing adhesive manualAsk for a water manual
(three) packing and storage;1, 25Kg/ plastic barrel or drum packaging.2, each time there is residual glue, it must be sealed storage. In order to avoid drying, skinning and pollution.3, storage period: 6 months. 5, -35 degrees, dry, cool, ventilated, sunscreen place.
What's the tape for the racket?
Personal feeling is not an ordinary tape, because the feeling is not like ordinary tape so hard, should be waterproof, or play grip on the sweat, don't open the
Some time before the semi-automatic state, after sealing the opportunity to roll the paper to the next seal position, and now do not know why, after sealing the machine has been rolled paper, it will not stop, press the stop button can.
The automatic sealing machine has an electronic eye which is specially designed to touch the black cursor on the sealing film