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What is the material of the screen protector?
PVC material protection paste is characterized by its own soft texture, and paste convenient, but this material is relatively thick, light is not good, so that the screen looks more hazy.
Notebook screen protective film how to paste?
The laptop screen with a cotton cloth to wipe clean, the screen protective film first tear a corner, the corner of the corner of the screen and stick well, while slowly tear down with the hands of the cotton a little stick down,
What is a screen protector?
play an isolated electromagnetic waves, reduce the role of electromagnetic radiation, but also can reduce the long time to watch the screen to produce a sense of dazzling, can also be used
What are the relevant parameters of the screen protector?
Many protective film products claim that the "99% transmittance", in fact, is impossible to achieve, the highest transmittance of optical glass, the light transmittance was about 97%.
What are the screen protector brands?
· Hong Kong card Deng Shi AR protective film
What are the screen saver tips?
In fact, the static film is still divided into different grades, the price is mainly based on the film grade and size may be.