tempered glass tea table

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materialtempered glass+stainless tube with mdf decoration
finish;tempered glass clear+ frost
glass thickness8*5 mm
carton 1 size:1140*640*50mm
carton 2 size: 585*372*117mm

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Established in 2009 Bazhou city hefeng furniture is located in the triangle zone of Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei, covering an area of 30,000 square meters.
Hefeng is principally involved in making and producing metal and glass furniture, especially for metal bed, glass coffee table, glass TV stand and dining sets. Beside our own products, we do accept any new product development provided by our customers, which will be exclusive for their own market.
Therefore Hefeng has concluded many transactions with different clients spread over Western Europe, North and South American, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. Relying on strong production ability, professional skill, and competitive price, Hefeng has won great reputation in the global market.
Hefeng has its own factory and a large staff of 190 people, equipped with professional designer and skillful sales. Honesty, Innovation and Efficiency are our attitude.
Hefeng has constantly updated and improved itself both in skill, quality and production output and finally got the Authoritative Certification of I S O 9 0 0 1, BV, SGS and ITS.
We wish to extend our most sincere service to more customers from worldwide market. Please feel free to contact us if you are interest in our company and products. We assure you that you will have the fullest co-operation from us to meet your satisfaction. To choose Hefeng, just to choose success to your company

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Q:Which is better? Bed against the wall or bed in the center?
Bed against the wall, preferably in a corner it will open up your room, and make you feel secure when you go to sleep.
Q:Babies and toddle beds?
2 months is way too young. try getting one of those baby sleep positioner things and put her in the bassinet the side pillows will make her think she is surrounded by you. they even come with warmers to give of the felling of body heat and soft scents that will lure her to sleep.
Q:Bedroom furniture: how to choose the bedstead? Material of bedstead
4 defects of bad wood: split, scarring, bug, mildew, to all the details to view the bed at the time of purchase, purchase to ensure that no defective bed.
Q:pine bedding for guinea pigs?
Pine bedding and ESPECIALLY cedar bedding have aromatic hydrocarbon (oils) that may be linked to pet health problems. I would not recommend it for guinea pigs. Try a product called Carefresh. It is not made of pine or cedar.
Q:It's time you went to bed,please?
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Q:How can the wood flea be destroyed at home?
There are indications of bed bugs, bugs fecal trace blood, live bugs, combined with visual method to check suspicious habitat by needle pricking method (Brown shed, bedstead, rail, wall cracks, chairs, sofa and other objects) against bug indications, serious violations can smell the stink bugs and places.
Q:Hamster bedding question?
Yes, I think it is safe. Maybe the only thing that would happen is it might rub onto your hamster, and change your hamsters hair colour a bit? I'm not 100% sure that will happen, but it's a possibility. But just make sure to stay away from cedar or pine bedding, which is harmful to your hamster. Hope I helped! (:
Q:Bed bug bites like mosquito bites?
Bedbug bites resemble mosquito bites in that they do itch and produce a swollen bump on the skin. If you want to determine if you have bedbugs try checking the seams in your mattress. You need to also check the cushions of your couch and its seams as well. Identifying bedbugs isn't that difficult. Try looking for an insect that is about 1/4th of an inch long and has a flattened red body. Most likely you have been bitten by mosquitos.
Q:Bunk beds or toddler beds?
Get the bunk beds---but have them both on the floor as twin beds. I wouldn't worry about them sleeping on the top bunk as much as I would worry about them playing on the ladder, learning to climb the outside of the bunk bed instead of the ladder, jumping or swinging down off the top and getting hung up on the top railing, etc. I am NOT saying that bunk beds are a bad idea for young kids---just that kids like to do inappropriate things with them. It sounds like in your circumstances the novelty of the bunk beds is not going to wear off for a long time---so they will be more inclined to do unsafe stuff on them. Keep the bunks on the floor and in a couple of years you can put them up.
Q:Cot to bed?
He should go from crib to cot when he has started getting up by climbing over the crib sides. Cots (toddler beds) should be used as they're generally closer to the floor than regular beds, in case he falls out. They're not all that expensive. Regular bed maybe around 3 or 4, when he's filling up the cot pretty well.

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