Metal Bed MB01 From Fortune Global 500 Company

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1. Material: steel tubes

2. Size: single/double/queen/king

3. Finish: powder coating

4. Packing: by standard export brown carton

5.Loadability: 470-685pcs/40HQ



1) Competitive price

2) attractive design

3) comfortable, elegant and durable

4) easy to assemble and maintain

5) OEM service is offered

6) Models can be customized

7) Punctual delivery







Q:How to prolong the service life of the rib bedstead?
Furniture only after a good maintenance, will have a longer service life, ribs, bedstead is no exception, but most people ignore the maintenance of the ribs bed frame. In order to prolong the service life of the rib bedstead,
Q:Out of curiosity...What is the difference between regular tanning beds and bronzer beds?What exactly are those face tanners (with purple bulbs) in the bed? What's so special about them, and what is the purpose of them versus the regular bulbs in the bed?BTW: no lectures about how the tanning bed is bad or you will get a thumbs down!! THANKS!
I love going tanning!! but the face tanners are supposedly supposed to tan your face but a regular bed does that for me. SO good luck =)
Q:My lower back has been hurting and having a weird uncomfortable feeling that goes around to my sides. Its kinda sore like feels as though my muscles are pulling when I bend over. When I stand it feels like pressure on it but when I apply pressure it feels better. I find it weird. I was in a major car.accident 9 months ago and th back pain just started 2 months ago. I do realize when I sleep on a sodter pillow top mattress I don't have as much pain but when I sleep on my firm hard 8 yr old mattress I have more pain/uncomfortable feeling throughout the day and stifness when I get out of bed. Can this all be the Problem. I'm just afraid its something else and can't really afford healthcare.
Yes, soft bed and hard bed mattress is the difference! ! The so-called hard bed, a set of 6 rings round the spring, is the bed sets may be directly above it! ! Or add a hard brown! Soft beds, the inner sleeve may be 6 rings round spring, pocket spring may also be independent, and can have a few centimeters above the high-density foam, latex or memory foam! Then the above may be inter-thick cotton, this effect is absolutely out of that than the previous one is 6 rings round the soft spring, but the price is much higher absolute, you say it can help people all fall into the trap may be of pure cotton memories! !
Q:What is the width and length of a 1.8 meter bed?
The national standard 2M long, 1.8 meters wide and the data refers to the length of bed diameter, generally after installation with diameter width bed tail plate is 2M. The bed is the same.
Q:So would like a full and a twin pushed together make a queen sized bed?I want a bigger bed but dont want a new bed
Well two twin beds together would create a bed that's wider than a queen but shorter (length wise) than a queen. If you put two twin XL mattresses together you would equal a king. You can't make an exact queen, but you can make a wider bed than a queen with shorter length with two twins. If you put a twin and a full together you would get a bed with again a greater width and a shorter length. A twin and a full together would be much wider (much - like more than a foot longer) than a queen and only five inches shorter than a queen.
Q:What is the difference in size between a Cal King and a Reg King bed?
a california king is 72 wide by 84 long - giving each person about 36 of bed width - which when you are sharing a bed isn't very much. regular king size bed is 76 wide by 80 long - giving you more space to spread out~lol. hubby and i tried both and ended up buying the regular king size bed -which is handy because the dog generally sneaks up in the middle of the night and curls up to sleep!!! lol
Q:I'm going to college in the fall. Need cute bedding. and my favorite color is pink. any good places to buy please?
Wal-Mart okorder /
Q:My walls are lavender and all of my furniture is white. Would having white and lavender bedding be overkill or should I get a different color scheme for bedding?
Try Dark Purple. Just keep the receipt and you can take it back if you don't like it.
Q:Can I use a hammock as a bed?I want to redecorate my room. Any OTHER suggestions for beds? I hate my doubble bed, and want something cool. I am a 16 year old girl. Cool room suggestions would be nice!
No,they are not at all comfortable for long stretches you would probably find yourself on the floor the first time you turned in your sleep.I have what we call a King single bed in Australia.It is longer wider than a normal single bed(I think you Americans call them twin beds,why I'll never know,lol) It is a very comfortable bed doesn't take up as much room as a double.
Q:If you have epilepsy, can you go to tanning beds?
My friend has epilepsy and was told he can do anything except work heavy machinery and drive. He says though, some things he doesn't feel comfortable with, so he wont do them. My opinion, it depends. Is the epilepsy light triggered? Not all epilepsy is. And do you feel comfortable with going to a tanning bed? I think your best bet would be to see your doctor and talk it through with him/her, as he'd know what type of epilepsy you have and would be able to assist ya more with being able to see your notes.

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