Metal Bed MB06 From Fortune Global 500 Company

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30000 pc/month
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1. Material: steel tubes

2. Size: single/double/queen/king

3. Finish: powder coating

4. Packing: by standard export brown carton

5.Loadability: 470-685pcs/40HQ



1) Competitive price

2) attractive design

3) comfortable, elegant and durable

4) easy to assemble and maintain

5) OEM service is offered

6) Models can be customized

7) Punctual delivery







Q:Is mattress expensive or bed expensive?
Look what grade you buy, there are high-end. For example, high-grade natural brown sesame mattress sell 5, 6 yuan a thousand yuan, thousand yuan can also buy a nice bed.
Q:I have a double size bed and three normal size pillows with a big heart one i dont know how to make my bed
Start with the sheets. Get the bottom sheet as smooth as possible, with the corners as far under and exactly on line if possible. Top sheet: put the top edge even with the top of the mattress, smooth out and tuck the bottom under. Holding the side (left over) of the sheet out, tuck the edge at the bottomthat hangs towards the floor under the mattress, so that the side parts fall smoothly. Fold the top of the sheet down about 12. Add the comforter or bed spread. Smooth the bottom and make sure that it is an even amount at the bottom. I don't tuck it under, I like it to hang down just about 3 longer than the bottom of the mattress. I use a dust ruffle. Make sure that each side is the same length hanging off. Then place your pillows on the top portion of the the bed, on top of the comforter or bed spread. I like 4 pillows, and us two coordinating colors. Two layers of pillows with the accent pillow in the center, but you can put a pillow on each side with the third pillow in the center and the heart-shaped pillow in front of that. I hope this makes sense!
Q:does the one direction bed set come in queen size? thx!
why the hell do you want a one derection bed set
Q:I found out I have bed bugs could they be in my hair in My clothes and if u can just give general information Thanks
Bed bugs do not get in the hair. The sites will help.
Q:the headboard is for a queen size bed.
The MALM already has a headboard. Problem is it is a hollow core so putting screws in it will be impossible and the existing headboard is an integral part of the bed's frame structure so replacing it could be difficult.
Q:I got aspen bedding, it Saunders all natural, no wood oils, and scent free? Good or bad?
The best bedding is nontoxic, clean and absorbent and gives off little dust. In my research, it appears that Carefresh Natural is the best! I copied this from one of the sites listed in sources below: Which of the following is not an acceptable form of teddy bear hamster substrate/bedding? Pine. Pine bedding carries toxic chemicals on it, and when mixed with urine are released. Pine bedding can cause repertory issues in hamsters. Aspen bedding is non toxic with a low amount of dust or wood oils. Care fresh paper pulp bedding is dust free, biodegradable, and unscented and absorbs 5 x more odor and moisture than the wood shaving beddings. Newspaper pellets are safe and absorbent, but not particularly comfortable for hamsters. Some say that Aspen bedding can be dusty and can cause sneezing. If you are able, consider switching to Carefresh. Best wishes to you and your hamster!
Q:My baby is one month old and I need to know if it is dangerous for her to sleep in my bed? Also what kind of bed should we get her?
Co-sleeping is actually safer than sleeping in a crib if you practice it correctly. Bird flipping has given you some great advice (all I would add to that is to place the mattress on the floor for added safety), and if you want to read up on it further, Dr James McKenna has a fantastic website all about co-sleeping. If you co-sleep, then there's no need to get your child a crib, cot or bassinet, they can go straight from your bed into a single bed. If you still want to co-sleep but are scared of rolling on the baby, or you just need more room in your bed, then the Arm's Reach co-sleeper is great, I'm going to use one with my twins when they're born (although all my other children have just slept in the bed with me).
Q:width of the truck bed size on a Toyota Tundra bed size
This Site Might Help You. RE: Toyota Tundra truck bed size? width of the truck bed size on a Toyota Tundra bed size
Q:who made the bed intruder song and when did they uploaded??? thxxx :D
HES mountain climbing YOUR WINDOW HES SNATCHING YOUR human beings UP! TRYIN' TO RAP E THEM so which you extra helpful hide YO youngsters hide YO spouse, and hide YOU HUSBAND. COS THEIR RAPING everyone obtainable.
Q:Where can I get California King Size bed in a bag bedding that is cute and funky. Also, please don't say ebay (it would be a little weird to get bedding from ebay). Thanks!
I hope these help. I use to have a cal king and it was a pin in the butt to find bedding for it. No online ordering back then!

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