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Why use the gods of spear and shield God of love mirror, respectively, on behalf of men and women.
From the feng shui point of view, the mirror is facing the person is certainly not good, because the mirror is not compensated Dan barnyard buns spinning half of the corpse often used, when not with the cloth to cover it, so you do not have to shift Brains.
Evening in the mirror, the light should be placed in what position to see how their own face painting how urgent, anxious. The The
Indeed, you can try to look at the ancient selfish people left the ancient books. If it is really your grandfather, then he read the possession of Tibet to help him salvage it To prove that not into the cycle.
Noon make-up when the careless to the palm of a large mirror broke, and heard that the mirror is broken, is not very good, is there any bad Oh for the stack of scraping elbow water, or what omen? I am more superstitious, ask that to explain, and my heart a little worried .... Thank you! More
Mirror do not know, but jade does have the role of disaster relief. Mirror Well, the legend in ancient times, the mirror as the crown of things, so also do evil spirits, Bao Gong there is a mirror, mirror hanging. The legend of the mirror is also a lot of thought Oh? If you believe in feng shui, then I will give you two .1: auspicious, the new look for a new look .2: big thunder, broken if the mirror has a corner, did not cut the hand. , If there is someone at home is a chicken, living in this home, broken in the evil position, the bit is the room plane map four corners of the two lines of the focus of the line. Then you are busy, put away all the tools at home, such as the kitchen knife to be placed in the knife, scissors, razor, pencil sharpener and so put the drawer, in short, do not put in a conspicuous place. The place to put some round things, the best is the ball, and finally allowed to donate blood, to the merits of the box to put MONEY, as long as the unit when the thunderstorm is nothing. -19: 00. I am blind, you believe to do so.
Do not know what I described clearly? That is, when one day, when you look in the mirror, suddenly feel that the mirror is very strange in their own, as if do not know the same, that is, you feel: "You" is just a soul, set in the body, This shell is not you, as if it has been set in the other body of the shell, "Is living in the body of their own, and sometimes I walk on the road to think if I this soul, this idea is not their own, but in another person who has had many times many times, their own in a daze ... the last flash God back, feel that they should not be now this I want to know what this is a phenomenon! From small to large (I am more than 20 years old) exist on me! There is no similar books can refer to! More
Basil specifically for his body model, painted a delicate, lifelike half-length portrait, immediately caused the social circle of amazing and praise
The mirror of the mirror printed on the white word, that is what process or what the mirror, like the school's mirror written above is the teacher helium helpless with the berry to remember the occasional Fu Lu unforgettable, where can buy. More
Investigate the door and turn on the mirror. Move the mirror to the other mirror and move another mirror to the light to the right side of the door to receive the light. At the office
Feng shui master is not in? The Opposite the family that hung a large mirror, facing my home, I heard not very good, please in addition to the touch of the city of barking Du Duke Sen asked people to demolition, but also how to resolve? The After all, trouble is not very good people. More
Home can not do not know the 21 feng shui taboo
How to get rid of the water stains on the bathroom mirror
See what color mirror you use ah! The Ordinary dressing mirror is about 50-70 yuan / square or so! The But all the mirror grinding costs are the other operator! The Different regions, different prices! The Usually 5-8 yuan / m charge! The There is a color of the lens of the burden of lying on the foot of the lotus poke stabbed the price is not a good estimate!
Where is the big mirror in the room facing, is not it right?
Song: because you fall in love with your singer: Sun Siyi album: beautiful mood