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How is the gray out of the paint?
Black and white, white and more bright, dark and dark. Ask: No! Ask: I tried to ask:! Added: gray, is the so-called dirty color, with a class is not a mixture of color is gray, the more mixed color types, you try? Added: black is in addition to white other than the color of the synthesis, and gray is black plus white added: gray is generally a little bit plus a little black, according to the impact of the environment will be added to the various colors to reconcile. When painting water powder, each tune and a color only draw a few it, so the color change is very important. Add the color of the paint more, the effect is also worse, the lower the purity, the screen will be dirty. Added: too deep, plus plus white ah. The The Ask: no question: should be it!
What type of paint should I use if I am painting scenery on canvas?
Acrylic is fast drying, relatively inexpensive, but also pretty unforgiving. Oils take a long time to dry, are more expensive, but allow more leeway for modification, since they do take so long to dry. I favor oils. I like the texture, and the process of painting itself is more enjoyable. But it's a personal preference. Try a few things out, then go with what feels right to you.
what is milk paint is it more exspensive then normal paint? does it have a strong odor?
Milk okorder I have used it on some historic restoration projects. I probably would use a more modern product unless there was a real reason that milk paint was required.
Giraffe paint and bauhinia paint which brand is good
They belong to the same grade, in the paint industry is second-tier brand.
What is the difference between a ternary polymer battery and a polymer lithium battery?
In fact, lithium is divided into soft and hard packaging. Soft shell is the shell is soft, take a nail a trace there. Hard packs are those aluminum shell, the shell is very hard. They all have their own advantages. See product selection. Lithium polymer battery, ternary battery, manganese acid and lithium iron phosphate battery is said that the internal components of the battery only. Add chemical substances as required to change some of the characteristics of the battery. Such as voltage, temperature resistance. The cylinder is round like nickel-hydrogen, but the voltage is 3.7V.
What is the difference between dye printing and paint printing?
Simply put, that is, dye printing can be translucent, paint printing is opaque.
18650 battery charge Po and polymer lithium battery charge treasure that kind of good OKorder there are two kinds
In fact, in accordance with the words is easy to use the polymer lithium battery charge Po more useful, at least I used to feel very good ah! But the 18650 is more common, relatively speaking, more people use, this way you would like to see you prefer to which kind of Oh! But the individual or recommend you buy polymer lithium battery, more durable ah! Of course, if you think it is difficult to choose, you can about my name, which should have what you want!
What are the general steps for putting putty and latex paint?
First of all to try to clean up the flatness of the wall, sweep away the dust. Big pit big depression to fill with plaster, until the gypsum dry and then began to putty, the general walls need to scratch two putty, such as the wall flatness is not good, is to scrap three times. To be putty after the polished wall is: the use of 360 # sandpaper long polished, forced evenly, preferably with a kilowatts of light according to polished, to avoid potholes, slits, edges ignored. Once again, after forming a good feather duster to sweep dust. You can spray the paint on the wall latex. Adjust the paint after the general spray twice, but three times the best Oh! So hard, buy scrubbing degree will be very good!