Environment-friendly Interior Wall Paint

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Product Description:

Product Description:
The paint is durable and won’t peel off easily, which has the function of mould proofing and alkaline resistance. It is made by choosing imported raw materials and the paint film has excellent scrub resistance and can keep as bright as when new for a long time.


Main Features:

Component Silico-modified acrylic resin, titanium, fillings, paint,additives and water Glossiness matting

Theoretical Spreading Rate 10 m2/L(based on the dry film thickness of 35 microns)

Drying Period Surface dry: 1 hour (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Full dry: 2 hours (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Repainting time: 4 hours (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Contrast Ratio >0.95

Weathering Resistance: Good

Security: No Lead or Mercury in the material


How to use Interior Wall Paint:


Construction Tool: Paintbrush, roller or airless sprayer

Dilution: Diluted with clean water

Paintbrush and roller

Firstly: paintbrush 15~20% roller 5~10% Secondly: paintbrush 5~10% roller 5~10%

Wet Film Thickness: Approximately 80 microns (for the first time)

Dry Film Thickness: Approximately 30 microns (for the first time)

Construction Condition: Above 5℃ and under 75% relative humidity

Tool Cleaning: Immediately clean with clean water after use


 Environment-friendly Interior Wall Paint

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Q:The difference between white paint and colored paint
The walls of the latex paint, latex paint every barrel is milky white. The color of the paint is formed with a paste and this is like a cup of white water, and a cup of ink with water. Which, each shop has a high school at the end of the file. Different grades of the price is not the same, you said the scrub resistance of the paint almost around 650
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idk how do u
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Q:What is hand sweeping paint, what to do with what is different from the paint
Paint is applied to the surface of the object can be firmly bonded with the base layer to form a complete and tough protective film of the material can be divided into: oily, synthetic resin, water, powder four stages.
Q:What is polymer mortar?
Cobalt is an aqueous dispersion of macromolecule polymer, after adding cement mortar (polymer cement mortar impermeable anti-cracking anti-cracking mortar waterproof mortar polyacrylate emulsion cement mortar acrylic emulsion cement mortar) The The mortar has excellent adhesion, crack resistance, anti-freezing, anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, anti-chloride ion penetration, wear resistance, aging resistance and other properties, suitable for water conservancy, port engineering, roads, bridges, metallurgy, chemical, industrial and civil Construction and other steel structure and reinforced concrete structure of the anti-seepage, anti-corrosion surface and repair works. Propolis mortar can also be resistant to acid, urea, benzene and other chemical media corrosion, has been included in the national "industrial building anti-corrosion design specifications" GB50046-95 as a chemical corrosion-resistant materials. Compared with the traditional epoxy resin mortar, acrylic mortar shows its superiority, not only low cost, and easy construction. Propylene mortar construction and ordinary mortar similar to the artificial smear, but also mechanical spraying, and suitable for wet surface bonding, non-toxic, and the basic concrete temperature adaptability, resistance to atmospheric aging, life with ordinary cement mortar, to overcome the ring Oxygen mortar often because of its expansion coefficient is greater than the base of concrete and the drawbacks of cracking off.
Q:What is the difference between the ancient paint and the modern paint on the main ingredient?
Different, the general paint contains different harmful substances, and the desert oasis produced environmentally friendly paint is not, it does not contain lead benzene and other harmful substances, is natural, environmentally friendly.
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Paint is a material that can be used in a variety of different construction process coated on the surface of the object to form a strong adhesion, with a certain strength, continuous solid film. The film thus formed is called a coating film, also known as a paint film or a coating. Belonging to organic chemical polymer materials, the formation of the coating belongs to the type of polymer compounds.
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Q:What is the difference between latex paint and whitening?
White powder is also called "Shuangfei powder", the main component is heavy calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate is also referred to as "TSP", usually used to cover leveling, brushing out no latex paint luster, appears coarse particles, now decoration Has been rarely used, the basic was eliminated.

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